DIY: Basic Masquerade Mask

Since this weeks video is such a technically ‘simple’ tutorial I though I would also show you the easiest way in the world to decorate your mask at the same time.

 If you just want something simple and quick to make this is the perfect mask

Obviously you have to start out with a plain mask (DIY video bellow). After that take any clear nail varnish, any brand will do, and cover the whole mask in it.

This part is very important because if you don’t have a clear nail varnish, or rather any kind of nail varnish under it, the crackle polish won’t crack.

You could paint the mask black and use a gold or white crackle varnish?

For this mask I used the Barry M crackle paint, I haven’t used that nail varnish for months because it got insanely gloopy barely a month after I had bought it so this was the perfect way to use it up.

I will be using this masquerade mask technique for a lot of future tutorials. So though it might seem like a bit of a borring thing to cover, I’d rather cover the basics in one video and have people reference that rather than show the whole process in each video.

Also, even though I’ve only shown how to make a typical mask you can just as easily make a full-face mask too using the exact same method I’ve shown you in the video bellow.

I will be doing a few different variations on how to make a basic masquerade mask, but for the moment here is the simplest version.

Hope you like the tutorial! :D 

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  1. KouzukeRan says

    Great idea!! but umm do you have any idea how to do this without a face cast???

    Most people wouldn’t have one. and I don’t trust my siblings or my friends enough to make a mold of my face…


  2. Laura V says

    Great idea! Though I don’t think it will work without a face cast :(

    A year ago I made some masks myself, and I used a different technique. I used plaster wrap (do you spell it like that? ;-) )and put it right on my face where I wanted the mask to come. For interested people, look up the Threadbanger video on youtube (Threadbanger DIY masquerade mask) :)

  3. ballettshoe says

    I’d love to do this but I don’t have a face cast, and I tried doing a mask on top of a mask tha<t covers your whole face, but my face is pretty small, whereas the face masks are always pretty broad, so the mask I did looked really weird on my face :(

  4. Jacqueline says

    I was so dissapointed I didn’t find your mask series sooner because I recently went to a masquerade ball with my freinds and made my mask. I still like mine, but yours are so much better, I wish I had been able to do one of them instead.

    And for the commenters wondering if you can do this without a cast, has anyone tried using the full face plain masks you can get at a hobby store in place of one? It wouldn’t be your exact shape, but it might be close.

  5. Annabel says

    Please help come up with an idea for my friends Alice in Wonderland dressing up wedding. I don’t want to go as the usual.

    Thank you

    Annabel x