The Best Suncream Ever?

(Disclaimer: The SPF 10 was sent to me by MelanSol)

I’m no good with the sun, as much as I love it, and as rare as it is to get any sun in England, I got my dad’s skin instead of my mums and my skin just does not agree with it, I always get burnt and end up looking like a lobster.

Part of me should be quite impressed with myself because getting sun burn in England is an achievement in itself. I actually took these pictures over 6 months ago after I’d come back from holiday in August (2012). There didn’t seem much point in blogging about a sun cream with winter coming up, so I decided to wait till now to write about it. 

Since the weather is finally getting nicer now seemed like the perfect time to blog about suncream

I came across this brand around 2 years ago. I’ve tried quite a lot of sun cream brands, but I always end up not using them because there is something in them that always irritates my skin like crazy and makes me break out like mad.

The big selling point at least for me, personally, was that this this is a natural suncream. I’m convinced that the reason most regular sun creams make be break out is because of the sheer amount of chemical crap in them, not to mention the safe for eyes and lips part.


  • Cruelty Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Reef Safe
  • Biodegradable
  • Made in the USA
  • Safe for application around eyes and on lips

In the past when ever I’d put regular brands of sun cream remotely near my eyes they’d always gotten swollen and irritated, I have had absolutely no problem with this cream.

Also if something is not “safe” to put around the eyes or lips I’d rather not slather it all over my face. The eyes and the lips are some of the first places that are likely to wrinkle and be severely damaged by sunburn, so why not protect them along with the rest of the face?

How long did it take to arrive?

It was shockingly fast to arrive! Normally I have some quite bad experiences when I order products from the States but I this arrived in exactly a week. I’ve bought things in England which have taken longer to arrive so I was very impressed, and I was really happy that I didn’t get slapped with Import tax, but I might have just been lucky.

The consistency reminds me a bit of the Skin 79 BB creams a bit (if any of you have tried it you know what I mean). It has quite an odd light beige/yellowy colour, once you’ve blended it in it leaves a slight white tinge which disappears after about 20 minutes.

I really got to try this out thoroughly when I was on holiday

Everywhere that I applied it held up marvelously, except like a genius I missed a small spot on my forehead and got horrifically burnt, and by horrifically I mean sunstroke, blisters the whole nasty package. Memo to self…next time cover every little spot and wear a hat!

The packaging is not exactly the most glamorous packaging ever but to be honest in this case I’m not really bothered, I’m just happy I’ve finally found a sun cream which I didn’t react to.

When I bought these I got the SPF 30, 20. I’d written to MelanSol asking if their products were cruelty free and they were kind enough to offer sending me the SPF 10. Normally I use the SPF 10 if I’m going outside and for England that protects my skin just fine, but the 30 holds up perfectly in more extreme sunny conditions and quite a few times I’ve used it as moisturiser as well.

You can get this product HERE

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  1. Fie says

    Excellent! I had a horrible run-in with some tar-like sunblock when I went to Australia in March. You had to literally drag it across your skin! And it left my sensitive pale skin chalk-white and sticky. Just awful. Think I might give this a try. :)

  2. Liz says

    Oh I need this! I burn within 30 minutes of going outside during the summer. Did you use this in the water?

    • Klaire says

      Yes I did. I was in and out of the water quite a lot so I re-applied it every 20 minutes and it held up fine :)

  3. Leanda Mangan says

    You’re lucky that you only have to use SPF10. Here in Australia, especially in Summer; SPF50+ is an essential. I have strong Irish and Scottish heritages, so I have nice pale skin. 10 minutes in the sun and I’m burnt with no sunscreen.

  4. Teresa says

    It can also be purchased through Amazon. And I’m definitely going to want this! Like you, Klaire, I’m very sun sensitive, burn easily, then don’t tan at all. And in Louisiana, USA, that can be a bit of a problem. :)

  5. Ryou says

    I have a feeling you might be sensitive to chemical absorbers in sunscreens. From what I’ve researched so far, chemical absorbers in sunscreens generally don’t agree with very sensitive skin, especially around the eyes (worse if it has fragrance). On the plus side, they photograph well and is preferred for, say, weddings. This doesn’t mean they’re bad, it just means you react negatively to them — Doesn’t mean everyone would.

    On the other hand, physical blockers (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide) are great for sensitive skin, definitely safe to use around the eyes, but they tend to leave a white cast and flash back in photos.

    I Googled real quick and found that MelanSol SPF 20 has 12% zinc oxide as the sole active ingredient, while the SPF 30 has 10% titanium dioxide. The rest of the ingredients look okay, although the lemon and lavender oil could also be potential irritant, but if you don’t react to them, there’s no need to worry about them really.

    Remember that companies can put whatever marketing buzzwords they want on the label as long as they get the regulated parts right, so I’ve made it a habit to read labels nowadays.

    Sorry for the novella, hope that helps somewhat. :)

  6. Sanne says

    Ohh this speaks to me :) I’d love a natural sunscreen, I’m gong to do some research.

  7. Emily Deans says

    This product sounds just perfect for my skin and I love the fact that it’s not animal tested, however, where did you buy it from? Im on the website but Im not sure which retailer to use? Can you help me out? Thanks :D