Review: Napiers Red Lip Tint

Disclaimer: Item provided for review.

I think most of you know how much I love lip stains, my favorite being The Body Shop Lip Stain, so today I’ll be reviewing this really cute lip stain from Napiers. 


  • £5
  • 15 ml
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Supossedly gives a red tint to the lips
The packaging of this one is very similar to the Lush Lip Tints, but while the Lush one is extremely pigmented but a little drying, this one is moisturising but with practially no tint to it which was very disapointing.

To be honest plain old vasaline is just as effective as this, not to mention you get more for less. It has a lighter consistency than vasaline but for me it just sat on my lips, didn’t moisturise and disappeared after 20 minutes. Cute packaging, but expensive for being not much more than Vasaline. Dissapointing :(

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  1. Alpaca says

    Just seeing this, I suppose u may like the dear darling tint from a Korean brand call Etude house, which is sufficiently pigmented, not overly drying and extraordinaryly cheap for costing 40 hkd, which is abt 5 USD or less than 3 pounds. I love it n I kinda hope that u know abt such a lovely product as well ^^

  2. Astrid says

    according to some research i did vaseline isnt really good for the skin in the long run…

      • Astrid says

        Basically it disturbs your skins natural balance so you will get addicted to moisturizers. It also prevents your skin from releasing toxins through the skin so they are trapped in your body. It doesnt really help your skin in any way since it contains no vitamins or nourishment. It is also believed to increase blackheads, breakouts and speed up aging. And obviously it is not eco friendly

        • Maxie says

          Wow, that is new for me. I thought that it didn’t do any thing for your skin. But it even worsened the skin.

  3. Emilie says

    I really don’t know why but the only thing I could think about while reading this, was that Napier was the Joker’s name in a Batman film. . oh well, wont be trying this one either way I think.