Review: Sigma Flare Palette

I’d been thinking of trying out the Sigma makeup for a while now and since I was getting some Kabuki Brushes for a few small giveaways I though I’d finally stop thinking about it and just get it.

Sigma currently sell three palettes like this. Flare, Dare and Bare

In the end I opted for Fare since it had a nice balance of neutral and bright colours which I would get more use out of. I kind of wish they hadn’t included two such similar colours (Publicize and Beware) and instead included a good old matt black eyeshadow. Would have really made this the ideal travel palette for me. Colour and neutrals all in one place.

Before I talk about the actual eyeshadow I just have to take a moment to talk about the packaging. I think it’s quite obvious that Sigma were going for an Urbay Decay like palette, but on the packadging front for this palette I really think they could have done so much better! UD are well know for their beautiful and artistic packaging, if you’re going to try compete with them you have to either match or surpass their standard.

I think it’s quite obvious that Sigma were going for an Urbay Decay-like palette

This pallet feels like an attempted Mondrian painting that was just slapped onto UD-like palette. They could have done away with over half the packaging and made this a lot more travel-friendly and lighter. The actual eyeshadow pans are quite small compared to rest of the palette and it felt like Sigma where just trying to bulk it up to look like you’re getting more than you are.

I’ve tried the premium kit and the regular kit from Sigma and I’m sure that these brushes are weaker and shed a little more, but saying that they are perfectly useable. All my ranting about the packaging was probably a bad way to start so let’s move onto the actual eyeshadows.


  • Cruelty-free
  • $39 (if you get it directly from Sigma)
  • £34.95 (if you get it from Cocktail Cosmetics)
  • Expect to get hit by a £16 import tax if you get this from the US
This palett is a combination of mate shades and satin shades, and they really do feel like satin, especially when you apply them.

(all swatches applied with one swipe)

If you layer something enough you can made anything look pigmented but one good swipe, I feel, shows the pigmentation a lot more accurately. Overall I was impressed with the quality of the eyeshadows. Allure is a little weaker than the other colours but it was just a case of layering it a little more.

But how pigmented are the eyeshadows?

One colour I really liked was Crush. A really interesting brown colour which has flecks of metalic green in it. I really can’t fault these eyeshadows much, do they beat sugarpill? No. Are they good quality? Yes.

(no primer was used for the swatches)

Yes I know I compare all eyeshadows to Sugarpill (but that’s just because they are the best I have ever tried). These eyeshadows do have a slighly powdery texture and you can get a bit of fallout, if you apply this strait to the eyelid without a primer and you have dry lids the colours are going to look quite muted.

I still really wish they had included a matt back eyeshadow in this palette

I think if I had to rate this pallet out of six stars I would class it at a 4.8. Good quality eyeshadows but small pans for what you’re paying and you all know my thoughts on the packaging. If you’re getting this from the US the fact you don’t have to pay import tax is a huge factor. For the UK it ends up being more expensive than an Urban decay pallet.

So…long story short. A nice selection of good quality eyeshadows but unremarkable packaging at a price for which (in the UK) if you bought it from Sigma directly you could save a few pounds by just getting an Urban Decay palette. Though you could get it from the UK (Cocktail Cosmetics) and save yourself the import tax, I still feel that Sigma had really priced themselves out of the competition on this one.

You can get this pallet here (US) here (UK)

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  1. says

    Looks gorgeous on the swatches! :) I really think they should do another palette in the series that should be called “Rare”. They could have shadows in very unusual colors in that one. :)

  2. says

    If I had to choose a Sigma palete to get, it would probably be this one.
    I would probably get it from either Cloud10 or RadaBeauty (I’m European, but not from the UK).
    I really love the purple’s and the green *-*

  3. says

    Beautiful Palette! But I can’t afford it! :(
    I don’t want to interfere, but, well, I’m still new at this, but why don’t u get more affordable palletes? I saw a loys of reviews of expensive makeup that are horrible! I only buy affordable stuff and I always test them first or read a review about them!
    I know you know about Kiko cosmetics!
    They are awesome! Real good on everything but there are more…
    – Essence (i don’t know if it’s sold in England)
    – Catrice (same thing)
    – …
    But I agree with you and you buy elf, etc!

    Here it goes my advice! :)
    This brands are real good and real affordable! ;)