DIY: Fire Masquerade

Thought it’s quite similar to my Ice Queen mask there are a few differences to this mask that make it look quite different, also if you use different cloours (let’s say green?) you could make masquerade masks for several different elements, fire, water, earth exc. using exactly the same techniques.

What I used:

  • Glue Gun
  • Rhinestones (red, yellow & orange)
  • Face Cast
  • Black Spray Paint
  • Red, Yellow and Orange nail varnish
 After this tutorial I’m working on more of a traditionally made masquerade series, the first 7 of which will be based on my seven deadly sins series which I can’t wait to show you! :D

 Hope you like the tutorial :) 

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  1. Olivia Brown says

    I really need to try this! I just need a face cast. It looks quite fun! When you showed the wet spray paint it looked silver and metallic. Metallic would be a nice idea, actually. I’m still debating weather i like this one or the ice queen one better. You should try a lace affect with the hot glue or do a simple mask but make it covered in the string, web-like glue texture. If you get what i mean? Haha, anyway i really like this design! :D

  2. Ann says

    I absolutely love what you do and it’s so original. I can’t wait to try out my glue gun for a completly different reason from why I bought it.
    Thank you,
    Ann xx

  3. Athene says

    I going to do a queen of ______ tutorial in elements on my channel and make masks like these and of course I’m going to give you credit for inspiring it.