DIY: Canopic Jar

I’ve always wanted to own one of these! When I was little my three big obsessions were American Indian, Chinese and Egyptian culture. I read every book I could get on Egyptian mythology and am still utterly obsessed with the art of it so I though it would show you how to make a canopic jar (except this one is to keep cotton pads and not organs).

What I used:

For the sculpting tools there are two different sets I use. One which is actually meant for cake decorating and another which is a stainless steel set meant for sculpting. Mind you if you don’t have (or don’t want to get) any of those tools a spoon will also work quite well.

Hope you like the tutorial! :D


  1. Shyanne says

    My computer doesn’t seem to play the canopic jar. Instead, it shows all the other recent DIY videos you’ve done as a playlist, not including the canopic jar.

  2. Kate says

    This is outstanding! I’ve loved Egyptian history since I was a girl too, so much so that I studied ancient history at uni and am going for a Master’s as well! You should really consider selling these on Etsy. You’d make a killing. Those of us who are….less creatively inclined (to put it nicely) would snatch these up left and right from you! Great job, Klaire! xx Kate

  3. Alice M says

    Hey Klaire, I loved the video, been obsessed with Ancient Egypt since I was a kid too, it’s all so cool and interesting. :) The audio seemed a bit off in places on the video though, I got a weird crackly sound on one of your spoken bits and sometimes the music seemed too loud or to cut in too suddenly. But I till love the idea, would like to try it myself. :)

  4. Mai says

    I love the jar, gotta say though, I prefer it before the top was painted… Simple and chic.
    Also Klaire, for some reason the email I get to notify me of this upload arrived way way after the upload. Is this normal?

  5. BlueWitch says

    Hi Klaire,

    I was wondering if you knew about Purple Teadrop:(

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    I would appreciate it ever so much if you could sign this petition and urge other people to do so as well.

    I hate to bother you but I feel like this is a worthwhile campaign and I know you have a big heart.

    Thank you so much <3

  6. martha says

    this is now my favorite diy :’)
    i absolutely adore Egyptian mythology and also cant get enough of buying books
    could you do a Greek mythology inspired too? please klaire?

  7. Aprille says

    I loved World History and ancient history myself. I think for your next jar you should try to make one using the idea from one of the soldiers from the Terracotta Army. Then maybe something from Greek or Roman mythology.

  8. Nada says

    This is awesome! Klaire,you should do one inspired by Islamic art! with geometrical patterns, it would look so nice!