TAD: Lace Face Masks

(*TAD= The Art Diaries)

I didn’t take photos from the first mask I did so I’ll just be showing how I made the second mask. If you wanted to make you own mask it’s really, REALLY easy and the following steps will show how to do it.

“The sketching stage will take about 2 hours”

First thing I did is sketch out the left side of the mask. This mask I wanted to be based on Mehindi designs, where as the last one was based on one of my favorite butterfly patterns from a Chinese patten book.

To get the right side exactly the same I took tracing paper and flipped the design over. Once I’d done that I made a few changed to the center of the design, added a few more flowers and more twirls.

What I used:

Once I’d finished drawing the mask and was sure I’d gotten all the details I wanted I started to cut it out. Just a small warning, if you’re doing this part it will take a while, (AND BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR FINGERS!)

I think in total for me it took about 3 hours to cut it out, so if you’re doing this you might want to consider having a few films lined up. Oh and one tip, take your time! It’s so easy for your hand to slip and to cut through a pattern you’ve just spent the last hour painstakingly cutting out.

Don’t try and cut this out in one stroke. It’s better to cut it in little strokes since that way the knife is less likely to slip.

To make this easier for anyone who wanted to make these I’ve put some downloadable templates bellow. They’re so simple to use, just download, print on the paper you want, cut it out and decorate it. Also I’ve made a DIY video bellow showing you a few ways to decorate your maks and wear them.

Hope you like the video :)  

You can download the template for both masks Here

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  1. LauraO says

    Klaire, the masks are really beautiful thank you for sharing them, I’m going to try them :)

  2. Ki says

    What paper size should I print this on? A4? Sorry I left the same comment on your Youtube =(

  3. says

    These are so pretty :D Now I’m just sad, that our last dress-up-hollyday (Fastelavn) is already ower, as well as halloween. I need to find another excuse for wearing these :P

    • Lyra says

      Aww, if your a Dane (I kinda guess, when you mention Fastelavn xD) there’s always SVS-con and maybe you could throw a costume party. :3

  4. says

    Allo ~ Remmie Here!
    Just wanted to inform you that I love your posts and you have won a Liebster Blogger Award ~<3
    This is a good way to meet other fellow bloggers and share. Please follow my link if you would like to accept and find out more.

    Thank You ~ <3

  5. says

    The masks look really beautiful, would really like to give this a try soon.
    Making a post and a video like this must take a lot of time, so thank you for sharing and showing the whole process! :)

  6. Rahaf says

    How can I cut it? With an X-ACTO knife because I don’t have one… But they are fabulous!