Review: Superdrug Superfruits Exfoliating Mask

Recently I finally finished all the sheet masks I’d bought during the last few months of Uni last year, so obviously the logical thing to do when that happens is so go out and get another year’s supply of face masks.

“Raspberry, Cranberry and Blueberry fruit extracts deeply purifies pores and smoothes skin”

I had already tried Superdrug’s Cucumber Cooling Mask before and loved it so I took the opportunity to get all the face masks Superdrug currently offer so I could review them all on by one.

The annoying thing is when I was doing my research I realised the only one I didn’t have was the yogourt and honey version, but since I already have a DIY Face Mask for that I don’t feel like I’m missing out so much.


  • 99p
  • Cruelty-free 
  • BVUA Approved
  • Make in the UK 
  • Paraben Free 

Oh my gosh this face mask smells SO good! Like raspberry yogurt with a few sweets thrown in. The texture is pretty amazing as well. Sometime exfoliating masks have granules that could have been the gizzard stones of a t-rex (or crushed glass) but this one has really fine granules that softy exfoliate your skin.

Absolutely loved this one! The smell is just amazing! The smell lingers on your skin for around 3 hours, the tiny exfoliation granules are just perfect. Not too rough to grate your skin, but just fine enough for you to really be able to scrub your face, especially those pesky ares like around the nose.  Left my face feeling thoroughly cleansed and brighter and, even though it’s only meant for one application I’ve got 3 uses out of this packet. 

You can buy this mask in Superdrug or HERE

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  1. WandaLoca... says

    Nice!! i want to try it :D… and you have reason about the granules, usually are huge and hurt when you exfoliate specialy in the nose zone… A good review Klaire <3 u!!!! ^^…

  2. Laaaura says

    Great review! I have dry quite sensitive skin, and whenever i look at masks like these in packets they seem to be aimed at more oily skin types. Are there any moisturising face masks I can buy, you know like a deep conditioning hair treatment? Love your blog, hope you’re feeling better :)

  3. Sanne S says

    Sounds so nice! But it could be possible to DIY this since I don’t have superdrug in Holland, right?