Tutorial Props Haul: Rattan Brushes

I think it was last summer I did a Geisha tutorial. The idea behind the tutorial is I wanted to do something authentic. Not ‘inspired’ by but an accurate tutorial showing how to do Geisha makeup. Unfortunantly at the time I didn’t have my own place and the only lighting was natural daylight which anyone who lives in England knows can be extremely erratic.

Now I have better lighting and a bit more knowledge on Geisha makeup I’m planning on re-doing the tutorial

It will be a while till I have all the tutorial props I’ll need for this tutorial but yesterday the first tutorial props arrived! :D I’d heard makeup artist like Rae Morris rave about these kinds of makeup brushes and she really wasn’t kidding about how soft they are! It really is like a cotton ball on your face.

I’m almost tempted to purchase the Nars Yachiyo Kabuki brush and do a comparison since this brush cost me £3.69 while the NARS version is just under £40 and both of these brushes are really good quality so I doubt there would be much of a difference in quality, just a huge difference in price! The white brush is shaped better for blush and the black brush has the perfect shape for contouring.

Not entirely sure when the re-make of this tutorial will be up but probably some time in the summer by which time I’ll have hopefully finished/started painting the background and gotten together all the props to do this look justice.

You can get these brushes HERE

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  1. Vivian says

    I’m so looking forward to this, my obsession with oriental culture first started when I was a little girl and I saw Mulan. Now my bedroom is decked out in elaborate artwork from all sorts of different Asian countries, and I absolutely LOVE all things geisha. It’s such elegant beauty, so I will be anxiously waiting for your re-do!

  2. Federica says

    WOW! What a fantastic idea!! I can’t wait to see this tutorial! I find the Geisha makeup so fascinating, and I’m sure you’ll do a brilliant job!

  3. Mai says

    They’re BEAUTIFUL! I want some… But I don’t wear foundation OR blush… *pout*
    I love watching you do your makeup and living vicariously hahahha

  4. Lili says

    Do you think you’d be able to find synthetic hair brushes that would be comparable to these? They sound amazing but I’d feel really uncomfortable buying goat hair :(

  5. Xin Yu says

    Can’t wait for the revamped tutorial to be up! Geishas interest me and it’s such a great Japanese art ^^

    The brushes look gorgeous to me

  6. Deniz says

    I immediately bought one. If the quality is as you say, that’s an amazing find. Sadly, the white one was sold out, but I’m grateful you pointed out these brushes to us.

  7. Astrid says

    Sorry if this is random but have you tried bodyshop makeup and if so what do you think?

  8. Sanne says

    Wow they look so fluffy and nice <3 totally something for me, i like the shape of them.

    • Klaire says

      Yup I’ve heard about those but I ended up not getting them just because they are crazy expensive.

      I want my videos to be authentic but I also want them to be affordable so I went for these brushes instead :)