And another giveaway! :D I’m trying to do more small giveaways over the next few more months, hopefully once a month (or two) but this is the first one. I tried to pick colours that were a combination of subtle and daring so that who ever wins will have a colour which they like.


  • ONE comment per person
  • Giveaway is international as always
  • Giveaway ends on 8th of March

Question? Can you think of ways I can improve my videos?


  1. Lauren says

    Thanks so much for the give away Klaire! Your a huge inspiration to me and loads of other people! >.< <3

  2. mimi says

    thank you klaire! :)
    hmm. a way to improve your videos? hmmmm. well, i was thinking that maybe you could add subtitles to your videos. i’m not really good with the english language, so i’m having a bit of trouble understanding some of the words you’re speaking. i think people like me (who can’t understand english much) will be very happy to be able to understand your words :)

  3. Nurul Aisyah Lim says

    I’ve just discovered you yesterday and I love love love watching your videos. I think you’re brilliant and incredibly talented. I doubt I could ever do what you do but just watching your tutorials gives me such joy. Thank you so much for doing this giveaway! And good luck to those who are entering! :D

  4. michelle says

    I think your videos are fanstastic , but if you would like to improve something I guess do more hair tutorials , diys , and maybe fashion stuff.

  5. Nicole P says

    thank you so much for the giveaway. your videos are so creative and inspiring. i don’t really have any complaints on your videos so… :)

  6. Katie Smith says

    I cannot think of anything to say for this comment sooo… thanks for being really cool and amazing at make-up (I nearly wrote male-up :D)…

  7. Melanie says

    hey, actually you make up vidieos are great, please don’t change them! I’d more DIYs or drawing videos!
    and thank you for this giveaway :)

  8. Caroline says

    Pick a day to upload on. Be consistent and upload on that day every week. Update your Facebook and link tutorials. A bit of everything? Wearable looks, art projects, DIYS, Halloween/dress up tutorials etc. But I honestly think what you’re doing right now is peerfectly fine! I really liked the tears tutorial and the face cast. Hope this helps! :)

  9. says

    I have a really hard time thinking of ways for you to improve your videos because I love them just the way they are. I love your “artsy” make up tutorials and you always explain everything very well. Maybe you could do some more wearable looks sometimes? I really like your different eye-liner designs, they always have a beautiful twist to them! =)

  10. Emma says

    I Love all of your videos and pls put up more of yours art. like the backgrounds and the mask you done. I would love that.

  11. Cassidy says

    I think your videos are perfect. The thought and effort you put into every video is amazing! I especially love your song choices, I have discovered some really good new sounds. Your videos are not only amazing, but inspirational and I hope other people feel the same way. Keep up the good work! :)

  12. Jade says

    Hi Klaire! I love your videos so much and thank you so much for this give away! A way to improve your videos is to add subtitles or c.c on your videos! That’s all! Please never stop making videos! <3

  13. Paige says

    I know a lot of people have probably said this, but it’s true. There’s not a single thing I can thing of to improve your videos. They’re perfect, like you! <3

  14. Paige says

    Thank you for doing another giveaway! I’ve been sitting here trying to think of ways for you to improve your videos and I can’t think of anything, to be honest. Maybe do some favorites videos or something? I have no idea, I love everything you do as is! :)

  15. Michelle says

    Thank you so much for this give away, Klaire :) You’re a beautiful person in every way and never let that creativity of yours die!

  16. Elena says

    Thank you for my chance of winning :) I hope I get something from you, you always do great tutorials :)

  17. syazzwani says

    Yeyyy! more giveaways. i think u can improve ur videos by making its a bit louder . because i always find i cant hear u even I’m using highest volume. Anyway, love ur videos. ^_^

  18. Snovia says

    I’m so excited for this giveaway. I really love your videos and have no ideas on any improvements. You do great already! :)

  19. says

    I idolize you Klaire bear! :D

    Ways you can improve your videos? Hmmm.
    I believe there’s nothing more to improve! You are the most elegantly creative person I know!

  20. says

    Hi Klaire, I love you videos, and I don’t see much to improve, other than posting videos more often! Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  21. Tiina Savolainen says

    It’s really nice of you to do these giveaways. Because there are some people who can’t afford stuff like that and you give them a chance to get new things.
    Thank you for your for that. (=

  22. Lewina says

    Hi :)) I don’t really have any idea’s for improvement.. Maybe more of you unique make-up tutorials other then the diy as it’s really hard to get anywhere as good as you with them :)

  23. Nia Weston says

    Thank you for the chance in this giveaway and about the question I myself really can’t see anything wrong in the videos so I wouldn’t know what you need to improve =^.^=

  24. Iris says

    I honestly have no idea how you could improve your videos. They are such a good quality already, and I really enjoy watching them!

  25. Linda says

    Hi Klaire:-)
    Thank you for this giveaway:-) And for making it international for all of your international followers! A way to improve your videos, hmm.. Maybe film your videos in more of a daylight kind of light, because everything looks so amazingly flaweless when you do it in your video, I get the feeling I can never recreate that! Seeing it how it looks in daylight makes it more realistic maybe? No offence! Hope you know what I mean:-) x

  26. Irene Pérez Amorós says

    I think your videos are fanstastic , but if you would like to improve something I guess do more diys.thanks

  27. Emily says

    Thank you so much for another giveaway. Your an amazing artist and inspire many other people (including me) to be all that they can be to :)

  28. JordanLea says

    I kinda suck at making comments but just want to say your really talented and I look forward to all your future videos :) and thanks for all the fun giveaways

  29. Emily says

    Love your videos especially your extreme looks. I always think you’re so creative and I look forward to your newest videos each week :) xx

  30. Alexandra says

    I can’t think of much how you could improve your videos. Maybe consider different eye shapes more often. It ist really difficult to do a makeup-look if the eyeshape is a totally different one. Also the skintone does matter. Maybe suggest colours that suit other skintones if the ones you use do not suit those skintones?

  31. Annie Dam says

    I don’t know how you can improve as you’re talented, helpful and clear! I guess you van improve by uploading more videosthat are DIYs, hair tutorials or more artwork tutorials! :)

  32. Judy says

    Thank you for these smaller international giveaways so more people can win (: Would love to try out Illamasqua products for the first time!

  33. Zsuzsanna David says

    First of all, thank you for the giveaway :) Secondly, I think your videos are great, especially your tutorials and diy-s, however these “announcement” kind of videos (like this one) look a little bit effortless and also it would be so lovely if you could look into the camera :) we watch your videos because we want to see you :) and if you’re looking straight to the camera, it feels like you’re really talking to us :) it’s just a little touch, but it would make this video much better :)
    btw I like your glasses :)

  34. Sonia says

    I looove the whole idea of Illamasqua and have been checking them out for a long time but I can’t afford it… Would be lovely to win! :)
    BTW I think you are the most creative youtube artist!

  35. Leen says

    Hi klaire!
    I absolutely love your video’s, I don’t really have a suggestion to make them better :s greets!

  36. Breanna. H says

    Please enter me. :)

    I’d like to see more visual effects tutorials. Not just blood and gore stuff but maybe scale effects (in more detail then medusa) and cracked doll face?

    Would you consider experimenting with UV make up?

    Thank you for all your tutorials and your generosity.

  37. Tara says

    I don’t really know what could improve your videos because they’re so excellent! It would be very cool if you added a “runner up” suggestions on what eyeshadow colours/lipsticks that would do the job as well as the one you use? I don’t know haha :)

  38. Diana says

    I got incredibly excited to hear you had a second channel… Rather than come here and comment first i went to subscribe. This made sense in my mind! :D

    You are so creative, love your videos!

  39. Katriona Foster says

    The main reason why I watch your videos is because you take a very creative and artistic side to your videos. A way to improve is to do more diy and makeup tutorials like Aztec queen etc. also including a bit more description on the products you use, because it is very hard or impossible for some of us to get those products :) thanks and good luck everyone

  40. Jasmina Teurfs says

    Thanks for the giveaway klaire, i wish everybody goodluck! A way to improve your videos hmmm, can’t think of anything, sorry :(

  41. Anna says

    I love your videos! They are super creative and you are very talented. I would like to see even more fun nail tutorials! :)

  42. says

    I think you can do more videos about product dupes. I know you love scoring bargains and believe me, most of us, if not all, looooove it too. It would help a lot.

  43. Gina says

    I think you can improve some of your videos with better lighting :) because some of your videos are abit dark like.

  44. Melissa says

    I love that your videos are information-packed & creative. Some looks are beautiful, others a bit scary. All are entertaining and educational. Your videos are more artistic than traditional makeup tutorials. But, I’d also like to see your application of some everyday looks. For example, I think it would be interesting to see how you’d do a smokey eye versus the typical black smokey eye. I’ve also noticed that you don’t go the MAC, MUFE route that so many on YouTube seem to use. I opted to no longer purchase MAC due to the company’s animal testing policy change. So, seeing both your ‘regular’ makeup and your art-driven makeup collections would be helpful.

  45. says

    I’ve never missed any of your videos but I suggest that you can maybe improve your background and anything else is perfect !!..
    I love you and thank you for this giveaway :) I hope you choose me ^.^

  46. nats says

    I really love your Videos and I hope for some more nail art although you said that you are not that into it.

  47. Celine L. says

    Thank you for this giveaway! Illamasqua is such an amazing brand but I have never hab the chance to try any of their product…
    I’m already loving your videos the way they are, so I don’t know how you could improve them, they’re already awesome!

  48. Black sheep of beauty says

    I wouldn’t change a thing. They are always shorter than 10 minutes and that’s a good thing!
    I have no Illamasqua in my stash. Winning some would be great!!

  49. Molly Lyons says

    Ur awesome I live u tutorials they’re beautiful and awesome it’s amazing some times what makeup can do …….well at least to me it is don’t know bout every one else.:) ur awesome please keep making tutorials I always look forward to ur videos …ur beautiful don’t let anyone tell u different font listen to hatters quote of blood on the dance floor “hatter make us famous” :) so stay awesome and beautiful :)!!!

  50. Taylor says

    I don’t have any suggestions for improvements, I like how clear, concise and informative you are! Makes a change from other channels. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  51. Haylee Burdette says

    Thank you so much for doing this giveaway Klaire! I can’t really say your videos could improve, they’re pretty much fine the way they are.:) I guess I can just ask you to do more d.i.y stuff? Those videos are some of my favorites! Thanks again for the giveaway :3

  52. Cathy says

    Thanks for the giveaway! Your videos are always clear and interesting to watch, I especially enjoy your reviews.

  53. Manisha Bhogal says

    I think that you are a HUGE inspiration to people out there who are watching your videos, including me of course! I have been watching nearly every single video of yours… And what you could do to improve, maybe putting more DIY videos? Like makeup maybe? Anyways… Love your videos so much! And keep doing what you do! Love you always xxx

  54. Claudia says

    I love how by doing these giveaways you make yourself known as a real person. I like how friendly and comfortable you are with your audience, and would love if you continue with that! I would also love if you even did some more relaxed, happy vlogs. I love seeing you in your element being happy and doing cool things. It’d would make me, and I’m sure plenty of other people, very happy as well. :)

  55. Orsi says

    Hi, I absolutely love your videos :) my advice would be to experiment a bit with the lighting, maybe that would improve the quality but other than that you are very talented. also I would love to see some hair videos to:) thanks

  56. Jemma says

    Thanks for this giveaway. Really generous :) I love Illamasqua, and would love to see some illamsqua inspired looks.

  57. Jordan says

    Hi Klaire :)
    It’s so nice that you do these givaways so often. thankyou! the possibility of winning is exciting, no matter how minuscule that possibility may be.
    As far as improvements go, your videos are already pretty amazing. You do seem to have quite the photoshop or other picture editing skills, so some tutorials for that (maybe on your second channel?) would be so cool.

  58. Jemma says

    Thanks for this giveaway. Really generous :) I love Illamasqua, and would love to see some illamsqua inspired looks. :)

  59. Janine says

    You’re so creative and I just love watching you :D And yes, those nail polishes are sooooooooo pretty.

  60. rhia says

    would you be able to do some tutorial for beginners please. i love your vids but they all look really hard.thank you.

  61. Winnie Tan says

    I like all your videos. To me you are the best make-up artist on youtube because through your videos, I could see your personality, your talents and your make-up tricks are just “wow”. Not a lot of youtube make-up guru show their personality enough like you. I just want to give you one suggestion. Please don’t stop doing videos. That’s all. Thank you so much for giveaway! :)

  62. Alex Graham says

    Thanks for another give away Klaire, I cant think of any other way you can improve on your video’s. You give clear, easy to follow instructions both with makeup and when making your props!

  63. Floor says

    I love your videos :D. I use them very often. Keep up the good work ;). Maybe you can do more wearable make-up or make-up that you can use for competitions (like gymnastics :D).

  64. Mona says

    Hello from France! :)
    Personally I think your videos are fantastic and I can’t really think of a way to improve them…
    Thank you for being awesome ^^

  65. Tair says

    For start, I love your videos, your tutorials are amazing and so so creative. I would love seeing more hair tutorials, more tutorials that are more casual and day to day like, and more colorful things :)

  66. says

    you videos are so great, i’m always looking forward for the next one :) tank you very much!
    greetings from switzerland ;) sarah

  67. Eunice says

    ♡ that you are putting so much effort into making your videos more perfect. It seems like you are using natural lighting in your videos so sometimes the videos look a little yellow? I suggest trying out a fixed lighting so the finish of the videos are consistant with higher contrast and will look higher in quality. Keep up the good work!☺

  68. Mollie says

    Thank you so much for the giveaway. I think you could improve by doing more DIY videos. I just love watching your videos they are so creative xx

  69. Teri says

    Thanks so much for the opportunity. I would love to win this as I’m so interested in all the things you upload on your youtube channel and I really want to make them as we can’t afford to do much! Also I’m interested in nail art and stuff. My friends pay me to do some nail art things on them but they aren’t that good as I don’t have the money to buy nail varnish/polish so I have to use their colours when I do it for them. If you could please send me this then I would be so grateful as I could start to do some good quality things, get some more money of friends for doing it for them and then I will be able to buy some of my own things. Love your vids!! ^-^ ^-^ ^-^

  70. Isabel says

    Yayus! So lovely colours. But I can’t think of a way, you can improve your videos. Their amazing, all of them, and you’re definitely my favorite youtuber. Lots of love <3.

  71. kai f says

    Love your painting, would love to see some more vids where you slow down a bit and show us some of your tricks :)

  72. Bethany says

    Thank you for this giveaway, Klaire! I really appreciate that you made it international too! Your DIYs are so amazing. Hugs from California, U.S.!

  73. Michelle says

    I love the way you set out your videos, you give up so much time to make them so aesthetically pleasing and interesting to your viewers, it’s wonderful. There is not a single thing I can think of to change about your videos, you do such an amazing job on them.

  74. says

    I absolutely adore your videos, as someone else below me said, maybe adding subtitles would help. You are really great with the whole “annotations thing” you don’t overwhelm us with them, unlike some videos. Really just keep up with the amazing artwork you have been doing, it is all wonderful.

  75. Emma says

    It’s very difficult to suggest a way to improve your videos because you’re so thorough at making them! But, if anything, a tutorial on how to apply makeup for differing faceshapes, or perhaps some hair tutorials might make an unexpected and pleasant surprise! Thanks for all you do, and for being abnormally talented at doing it. xx

  76. Nyssa says

    Thank you for letting me enter! I would only suggest to be more careful with your grammar on your blog, especially the spelling. But despite being fussy about spelling, I really love your blog and channels. :D

  77. Sophia (@Sophia_Vixen) says

    Hey Klaire!I just want to say thanks for all your INSTRUCTIVE videos. your videos are distinguished from all other beauty channels because you don’t take part in “hauls” and “favorites” which is great for those channels but you focus more on the teaching element. It creates a great dynamic between you and your viewers, and for that I’m thankful.

  78. AJ Bowen says

    Thank you so much for the very lovely and very generous giveaway! Hopefully a chance to get some higher end products that aren’t available where I live :3

  79. Danielle Price says

    this is amazing i honestly can’t believe you’re giving this away it’s the kindest thing ever :) thank you for the chance xxx

  80. Hayley says

    Hi Klaire!

    Your videos of fantastic. So creative and simple.

    Hard to reccomend how to improve your videos as they are so great.

    Maybe you could try doing some of your make up tutroials on other poeple?

    <3 x x hayley x x <3

  81. gogy00girl says

    No enter me this time? :P Klaire this giveaway is super cool! :) The silvery nail polish from the set looks so beautiful, do you maybe know if barry m or any other brand has something similar? I have prom dance in three weeks and it would look so lovely with my dress..

  82. ashleigh huth says

    Okay, so your videos are already amaze balls! You have fantastic editing and you really know your stuff. So one way i think you could improve your videos is if you put more color in your back drop or something that just gives it that pop and making it more interesting. This is only my opinio, your videos are still so great, i also love how you do those edits to introduce the video to what your actually doing and that really catches my attention and wants me to keep watching! So, you go girl! :)

  83. Christina says

    I’ll give it a go. Sadly I never win anything boo haha. Great prizes though! And I think your videos are awesome as they are.

  84. Emma Garton says

    I dont know what to say…but I love your art videos and I am thankful for the ideas you have given me for cheap DIY projects of my own.

  85. Alexandra says

    I can’t really think of anything to improve your videos. I can tell you what I absolutely love about them; you often use music of lesser known artists. It’s great that you support them in such a way that their music also reaches your subscribers!

  86. Allyson says

    I love your DIY videos and I would love to see more! You are an amazing artist and you never cease to amaze.

  87. Sylvia Alexa says

    Thanks for the giveaway Klaire! I love your videos and thank you for also introducing such great music + artists to us :)

  88. Abbie says

    Awesome giveaway, thank you(: I really like the videos the way you do them now, and don’t think you can improve then much, but maybe putting the instructions in the description box as well (:

  89. Karley says

    This is my first time entering one of your giveaways so I really hope I win! I have been a follower of yours for at least 2 years now and I love both your channels and blogs!!!

  90. Amalie Rose says

    I really do enjoy watching your videos, they are not to long, still you get the important parts in there. I am no expert, so I do not know what you could do to improve. Thank you so much for having a giveaway!

  91. Anna says

    Thank you so much Klaire! I already love your videos as they are, they are perfect! I think the only way to improve them would be making more of them! Thank you! Kisses

  92. Molly Ellwood says

    I love your channel Klaire, It would be really cool if you did simplified versions of your looks for inexperienced people like me. ;)

  93. Teresa says

    Hey! Thanks so much for your inspirational videos, tutorials etc! I love them so much, also I would love winning this price for my younger sister, who really loves your videos and is really into nail polish and stuff :)
    You’re an amazing person and a great inspiration! Thanks <3

  94. Carmen says

    I always wonder how it’s possible you make such awesome drawings and makeup looks, and all of the other things you do/make. I realy love both of your channels.
    Thank you for the giveaway, i think the nailpollishes are realy beautifull, especially the red one. Please keep up the good work!

  95. Denise says

    Your videos are fantastic, they give me lots of inspiration! Especially your makeup brush holders (which I use for art pencils =).)

  96. Isniharah Pangandaman says

    I love what you’re doing in your recent videos.. your adding “little designs” when you pickup a makeup product. It is so cute. May be try to film outside if you could? It would be nice to have a different view once in a while although your backdrops are amazing already. Thank you! C=

  97. Lisa K says

    Hi Klaire,
    Thank you for these giveaways and good luck to everyone!
    Hmm things you could improve… i think your videos are amazing already but maybe more hair tutorials or jewellery diys?

  98. Renee says

    Hey Klaire! :D I legitimately cannot think of a way that you can improve your videos, however I’ll admit that I’d love to see a bit more of your artwork. You’re so talented and it keeps me all nice and inspired :)

  99. Kuri says

    I honestly can’t think of anything that you can improve because your channel is already perfect; especially the little ‘mistakes’ make it really personal and the viewers can relate to you :) So I would just like to say: please continue making awesome videos and blog posts!

  100. grace aghedo says

    Maybe you could have a running theme from a movie or book! Like Alice in wonderland then do: alice, the mad hatter, chechire cat and so on xxx

  101. Helene Madsen says

    What a lovely giveaway! i have two of Illamasquas nailpolishes myself, none of the ones you’re giving away, and i looove them! :D

  102. Jodie Newman says

    Thank you so much for the five away! I can’t think of any improvements you could make, bar doing more home made face masks.

  103. Kimm says

    Hi Klaire! :)

    hhhmmm….a way to improve your videos?(。-`ω-)
    I think if you post more wearable everyday kind of looks it would be more better? (*゚▽゚*)
    I’m not saying to stop or to just post wearable ones, because I love your videos as they are!

    And more D.I.Y’s, Hair Tutorials and Fashion Videos!! (^O^)

    btw: I LOVE THE “BELLE” look video! you fit well as Belle!!

  104. Emily E Wolf says

    Hi, I love the videos as they are a lot, I just keep thinking about how the things would look in different lighting, eg when it’s a bit darker around or something (as most makeup you do would be really cool at a costume ball or costume party, which mostly don’t have very much lighting) :)

  105. Ingri says

    Love your videos!

    Many of us buy palettes and not many single eyeshadows. Maybe you should have tried to create makeup look of a single palette.

  106. Suzette says

    I like art ,, and i’m glad that i’m one of your subscribers :D .. You are Great … Keep up the good work.. And thank you for the giveaway :)

  107. Camilla Appelgren says

    I’m a fairly recent subscriber of yours, but I enjoy the ones I have watched so far.
    And honestly I can’t find anything that needs improving in your videos, I really like them! :)

  108. Vivian says

    As always all I can ever think is to ask you for more artsy makeup looks. I am absolutely in love with Butterfly Queen and Queen of Hearts, I wish the latter had come out before Halloween because that was my costume lol. But seriously, you have some of the most creative looks on youtube, works of art on the face. Make up is the only sort of art I have a talent for, so it is really special for me to try to recreate an intricate look that you’ve done.

  109. Lucie says

    That´s such a hard question to me, the only thing that – and this might be completely caused by my ears – is that your voice is so calm that sometimes I can´t hear you properly…but that happens in one of ten vids with one of..200 words^^

  110. Lauren says

    These are all so lovely! I would be especially excited to have the loose pigment, beguiled- seriously great. Thanks! xx

  111. says

    it took me a while to open your blog !i remember it didn’t took so much time last time i open it :(
    by the way ,it’s been so nice of you to open your giveaway international :)

  112. kathy w. says

    I really like your videos…..I don’t think you should change anything, please continiue doing it like you did before =)

  113. Edith says

    Maybe you could try to do the voice over a little bit more synchronously. Sometimes you are talking about the BB Cream for example and in the video you’ve already started sketching out something.

  114. Camille Julienne Santos says

    To improve your videos more, I suggest you make an introduction with a story behind it. For me, it would be more interesting and lively if you have one. It will feel like you’re sharing more stuff about yourself as well!!

    Oh, and I would love to have Illamasqua products! Yey

  115. Mette says

    Another great giveaway, yay! :) Love your videos Klaire! I love your DIY videos so it would be great to see more of them. :D Other than that, I really can’t think of much else that you could improve.

  116. Zhazira says

    You are amazing! and your tutorials help my pictures to improve a lot. my next shoot is inspired by your Zombie hag and King of the Lords Tutorial :D

  117. says

    I absolutely love your looks and creativity! It’s truly inspiring. A possible way you could improve your videos, is maybe teach a little more about technique within your tutorials? Just a little more insight can help a lot! <3

  118. says

    I think your videos are amazing. I don’t see a way of improving something that is already amazing. You are precise and explain everything without problems. Maybe you could add and Before and After?

    Thank you very much for the giveaway!

  119. tazzykinz says

    you are truly amazing thank you for this opportunity I follow your blogs and youtube all the time :)

  120. says

    I actually can´t think of a way to improve your videos. IMO they have the right balance between make-up and craft. To see the creative process behind your looks is always amazing to see and what´s most appealing to me is that you don´t make too long videos. There is nothing irrelivant in your video but you don´t forget about things.
    So yeah, just stay the way you and your videos are. ^^
    It´s all awesome and perfect.

  121. says

    Oh I really like the videos about makeup, brushes and nail polish take care, tips and tricks. I would love to see more videos about that <3
    And please do makeup tutorials of video game girls, it would be awesome!

  122. Eszter Szikora says

    Awesome giveaway, as always. I like how you try to take into concideration the different tastes of your followers. Thank you for the chance :)

  123. Skyler says

    I recently have started watching all your videos and i love them. im not very good with makeup on myself, i hardly know what to use but i enjoy watching and trying them out. your fantastic!

  124. Anastasia says

    Thank you for the giveaway, Klaire! Your makeup looks are amazing, and very inspirational!
    Thank you!

  125. Maia says

    Ahoy there, what a lovely give away – once again… :-) I’d really love to win these products of my favourite brand! Have a nice day… greetings from Berlin xM

  126. Iffat Mufti says

    Hi i really love your videos, iv learnt alot watching your videos :)
    Btw this give away is really nice, i love reds, and this has red nail varnish :))

  127. Michelle yeung says

    Mm…. I have already mentioned it a lots of time. I would prefer some video that more close to your daily life. Maybe your family, your school or shopping haul etc. That would be so attractive.

  128. SparkleSparkle says

    That red nail polish is beautiful! So shiny :D By the way I really like your videos, you’re really talented!

  129. Danai says

    I love the tutorials on doing props – I would certainly enjoy seeing more of them. Other than that, your vids are pretty much perfect! :)

  130. Ingrid says

    I love the red polish!! How can you afford to give away so much expensive stuff?? Thanks alot for the uppertunity! :D

  131. Maren says

    as I really really like illamasqua i’d Live to ein. Especially because ordering illamasqua products is Quote complicated as I Live in Germany. I only bis them, when I’m in England.
    Thanks anyway for the great and inspiring videos!

  132. Josha says

    Thank you so much for this wonderful givaway! You’re always so thoughtful :)
    I really enjoy all your vids and I think you’re a very talented makeup artist and you have great tips (like use your fingers to “melt” foundation or concealer, that kind of stuff :P). What I also like is that you’re not a MAC or high end snob like so many other youtube makeup artists. Amazing!

  133. says

    You’re such an amazing inspiration and a big help when it comes to creating things! i’m an aspiring photographer and a bit of an artist so your DIY videos come in very handy! well, once i get a glue gun! :D

    Thank you for the chance to win!

    Check out my photography page?
    You can also find me on Deviantart and tumblr by the same name :) <3

  134. Rottana says

    I think that some ways you can improve your videos is to use makeup that people are common with/or some good drugstore products, I mean, for myself, a lot of your videos I’ve seen uses makeup that I don’t have, or close to having but I know this is just a personal preference ahaha
    And to be honest, there really not many faults in the way you do your videos (:

  135. Eleanor says

    I honestly think that your videos are the most professional on YouTube. It is clear that you put an awful lot of time and effort into each and every one. There isn’t a way to improve what is already so great so therefore please just keep doing what you are doing and keep uploading! Thank you for doing this wonderful giveaway! x

  136. says

    Thank you for such an amazing giveaway! As for your question, I’d love to see some more hair tutorials and some more DIY things, I loved the dragons egg that you made for your Daenerys video! :)

  137. Sofia says

    Hello Klaire! And thank you for the giveaway! Well from a technical aspect I don’t think that your videos need any improvement because they are pretty much perfect already! What I would personally like to see is more content. For example, hair tutorials. Also I love your DIY skincare treatments-masks so I would definitely like to see more of those.
    Good luck to everyone!

  138. Sami Lewis says

    Thank You So much, Klaire!
    A way to improve…. Hrmmm…
    Well, you’re already very talented, so nothing there XD
    This is so hard, because your videos are so professional looking already! I really don’t want you to change them. They’re amazing the way they are!
    Buuttt, Maybe you could add subtitles like you used to? That might help a few more people, But adding so many subtitles can be a pain >_<
    Well, whatever you decide to do, Good Luck, and thank you again for this giveaway! <3

  139. Lisanne says

    Hi Klaire :)
    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    I don’t really know how you could improve your videos, they are already one of the best ones I know.
    Just keep going :)
    The only improvement would be more videos :)

  140. Jessica says

    I love your video’s! I like how you do other things that the usual cat eye and some eyeshadow. You’re awesome! <3

  141. Frances Lee says

    I think you did wonderful editing and you are so talented in your make up!:D I love your style which is very artistic, it’s more like you are ‘painting your face’ than actually doing make up!:)You put in a lot of time and effort too in your vidoes, the music and everything.
    There’s really no criticism I could make. However, if I really needed to mention one improvement, I would say doing more celebrity looks/more wearable looks. It’s not like changing your style but it’s actually adding more variety. As a viewer, I would want to try out the look myself and practice, even wear that look out on a special date/halloween…etc. So more wearable looks would be cool!:D Or some celebrity inspired ones because we(I) all fancy make up on magazines :>

    Thank you for the giveaway Klaire!:)

  142. Vilde says

    Awesome! :)
    I really like your special effects makeup,i would really love to see som more! Both some that´s a little easier to do yourself, and those that are just impressing to look at ;)
    i think that your more advanced and perhaps extreme looks are awesome, and it´s really fun to try them out (with different levels of success, but whatever). Okey, not really improvements, but stuff that i would love to see more of ;) Love your work!

  143. says

    awesome giveaway :D i’m in!
    i don’t know how you can improve them since they’re already really professional!

    i do love to see fantasy looks :3

  144. Gemma Sparkes says

    I’d love to win as the purple is just an amazing colour an I’ve never won anything before :) Good luck to everyone though xx

  145. KazeChama says

    Truth be told. I really like your videos the way they are. They are not too long, up to the point, the background music does not disturb anything. I really enjoy the pictures of the finished product/look, you put at the end.
    What I would recomend you to do, try making an audiobook. You have such a lovely calming voice (I know, you hear that all the time, but it`s true).

  146. Bex says

    Hi, I love your tutorials, & this giveaway looks amazing! (I love the dramatic red!)

    I think what you do is wonderful as it is, as you have a nice balance of make-up & art, but if there is anything I would personally like to see more of, I guess I would love to see more of your arty projects; be it things like the paintings for the Dragon Slayer, or the arty make-up looks like Galaxy & Mother Earth. They are truly inspiring.

  147. says

    Hi Klaire,

    thanks for the giveaway! I really like your video’s, have been following them for over 2 years now (I think?), you are a great inspiration to me! I can’t think of anything you should improve on your videos, I like them just the way they are :)

  148. tasja says

    Hi klaire. Your videos are amazing, and i REALLy admire your talent. I think you should maybe make sime more wearable tutorials, for like daywear and so. Thanks for hosting this.

    Love, tasja

  149. Yoon Ji says

    Hi Klaire! I really love your videos but I really hope you could improve your audios for your videos~ It’s not that it’s blur or anything just a bit too soft~ Keep up the good work cause its awesome! ^_^

  150. Tessa Greenwood says

    I love your artistic makeup tutorials. especially Gothic doll. However I really loved your Disney Belle tutorial. You are so beautiful and I would love some more wearable but themed tutorials. Your looks are so unique!

  151. Natalie Hammonds says

    I love watching you Klaire! You have such amazing creative capabilities and it’s truly inspiring. There’s not much you can do to really improve your videos. I can’t really think of anything. They already have great quality and style. I enjoy watching your videos a lot!

  152. Justice Germany says

    I think you channel I wonderful and your tutorials are amazing! I wish I was that good with makeup. Your videos are really great but I think it would be awsome if you had like a fan of the week, where you show your favorite comment from a previous video. I think it would make yor fans even more a part of your videos. Your are extremely talented and very pretty and I hope you continue you videos for a long time :)

  153. Nadine says

    Would love to win! I watch your videos every week and love them! :) You’re my fav makeup artist on Youtube!

  154. Tina Mika Oya says

    Thank you for the chance at your giveaway!!. I would like to see more product reviews. I think that is all I would add.

    – Mika

  155. Tobias says

    Hey Klaire, thank you for sharing your talent in make up and art. Love your tutorials and looks….and thank your for the beautiful give away! :-)

  156. Bushra says

    You are really talented and i love watching your videos. You’re doing an amazing job. Thanks for the giveaway :) xx

  157. marci j says

    love your channels, love your makeup tutorials. Keep up the good work, my two year old daughter and I love watching your videos.

  158. says

    Cool that you’re doing a giveaway again :-) btw don’t think I’m weird now but I think you have a really good voice for ASMR video’s :-P Do you think you will make one some day? :-)

  159. Mhairi-Claire Wilkes says

    I have been a big fan of illimasqua for a long time but unfortunately i have never really been able to afford such expenditure because im a student, i was lucky enough to try a lot of their products in a sephora earlier this year and I absolutely fell in love with how beautiful they are!

  160. Kate says

    I can’t really think of a way for you to improve your videos. I really do enjoy them just the way they are. Thank you for the giveaway!!

  161. Cinmi says

    Hey! I think your videos are good I cant think of anything that needs to be improved… Thanks for the giveaway xx

  162. Elena says

    You could do combination eye and nail looks in one video. That would be interesting to see.
    Great giveaway as usual :)

  163. Gabrielle says

    Thanks for the giveaway :)
    Your videos are already so unique and professional. My advice would be to stay creative!
    You’re so imaginative and that makes you stand out!

  164. Ranzel Gonzales says

    I’ve always enjoyed watching your tutorials. And I’ve always wanted to try this brand. Thank you for the giveaway (:

  165. Kaylyn says

    Improve your videos?????
    I’d say there’s not much to improve, I know this is selfish as you have a life and all, but I’d love to see more videos from you.
    Maybe a few more smiles, I saw so much joy in the video you did when you donated your hair you seemed so much more expressive. You are amazingly talented and a joy to watch, it sometimes feels (to me) that you are holding back. Let go and shine as bright as you are talented, and then some. Wishing you all the best as you truely are a diamond no longer in the rough.

  166. Batia says

    You put so much afford in your videos, it’s amazing!
    Thank you very much for that, Klaire!

    A tiny thing that sometimes irritates me, when I’m watching your videos, is that in some of your tutorials, the music gets louder in the brakes than your voice if you speak.
    But it’ not a big deal!

    And thank you for giving away so much!

  167. emma says

    klaire you are such an inspiration for me please never stop making videos ! :)I would love if you could do some tutorial for hooded eyes :)

  168. Jennifer says

    Another giveaway! Yay!!!

    Please enter me.

    I’ve enjoyed how you’ve been branching out in your videos with the DIYs and fun tidbits. Great job! I’m looking forward to more. :)

  169. Manuela says

    You’re videos are amazing (Especially the DIY-Stuff is so good!) and I honestly can’t think of anything, that would make them better.
    Please keep up the amazing work!

  170. Giulia says

    Thank you Claire for another amazing giveaway!!! I can’t think about a way to improve your videos but maybe it would be interesting to see something clothing-related diy because you are so creative and I bet your creativity woud show even more!!!
    Love your diy!

  171. says

    Well you could improve your videos by changing the scenery. You could do videos outside or in varuis parts of your home. I think that change of scenery will improve your videos. In Addition i want to thank you because you’ve been very inspirong Thanks.

  172. Thais Mateuzzo says

    Thank you for doing another giveaway! I’ve been sitting here trying to think of ways for you to improve your videos and I can’t think of anything, to be honest. Maybe you could do more masks and backgrounds? I have no idea, I love everything you do as is! :)

  173. Marta Morales López says

    I don´t have anything from this brand plus I am trying to get my nails long….so the perfect prize!!!.

    Thanks for the chance :D

  174. fekete lepke says

    Thank you for this chance, Klaire!
    I found your videos a few days/weeks ago, and I suddenly fell in love with your style!

  175. Margaret says

    I’m not sure that there is much you COULD do to improve your videos (I already love them!) but it would be nice to see more special affects makeups. One of my favorites of the one’s you have done is the Terminator :) I don’t know if you will read this comment, but thank you for hosting this giveaway! It’s really sweet of you :)

  176. Kelly says

    One of the few ways you can improve on your videos is to upload more bts on your second channel. I would prefer to see a few vlog here and there about anything you’re willing to film :) overall, I think you’re doing a great job with what you have now.

    Thanks for the giveaway :D

  177. Emmi says

    Thank you so much for the giveaway (: I don’t really know a way to improve your videos, because your videos are already so great!

  178. Marie Clarie says

    I don’t exactly know how you could improve your videos, because I really like them the way they are. You are so very talented, and your videos are perfect! :)

  179. Madison says

    Hello. First off, you are AMAZING!!! I love every single one of your videos and you are so inspirational, AND you make the best recommendations. I don’t believe that you need to change anything in your videos to improve them, but you could do a few more drawing/painting etc. tutorials, (not just make up) because they are just as amazing and I love seeing what you can create. :D

  180. Megan says

    Whoohoo another giveaway! I think the best thing is that if someone likes subtle AND daring looks then it’s so much better!

  181. Abby says

    Hey Klaire! Um, I really have no complaint with any of your vids! Keep up the good work, and thanks for being such an inspiration <3

  182. Kate says

    Klaire you are aspirational, you dare to attempt “the impossible,” feats and successes which any rationale mind may have said weren’t possible. you owned a deeply held vision. you are Inner and self- directed, you listen to your intuition and the world around you became secondary if it didn’t accord with their inner guidance. you benefit the greater good, even if you didn’t realise it at the time. you are committed and dedicated; you view your achievements as your life’s purpose. To sum it up YOU ARE INSPIRATIONAL!

  183. Jenna says

    Oh wow, thanks a lot for this Klaire, you’re amazing :) And I’d like more of those really cool eyeliner designs, they’re pretty simple but still very effective!

  184. Shiho says

    I always watch your Youtube videos.I realy love your design.
    I think if you write important points of make-up,your Youtube videos can more improve.This is because I am japanese,so sometimes I can’t catch what you say.

  185. Mina says

    It’s amazing how you look so beautiful with and without makeup, can I just have your face? :< Love you, Klaire <3

  186. says

    I go by 8359chuchu and I really hope I win because this is my first time to enter in a giveaway……thx you for the chance

  187. jamel says

    i think your great an way you could maybe improve you video is to have guests on , share tips with each other do you art on other people .

  188. says

    I, personally, can’t think of anything off the top of my head for improving the videos. I think they’re easy to follow/understand, and often you use items that everyone has or products/tools that are easy to get a hold of.

  189. says

    I love Illamasqua. I agree with you their nail polishes are expensive but worth it as they don’t chip easily. Beguiled is beautiful i have ore which I love and it’s so easy to use. Good luck to all that enters the giveaway and thanks for the opportunity.

  190. Lauren says

    Incredible giveaway as always… how to improve? haha the only way I can see you improving is by adding more videos each week, the videos themselves are fantastic as is. I know uploading more would be impossible and you don’t have 30 hours in a day so i completely understand why its twice a week. Also your blog posts are awesome, you have great insight!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  191. Elizabeth says

    I love your videos!! Personally, I don’t think you need to improve anyway. Your videos are interesting and very clear!!

  192. says

    I love Illamasqua. I agree with you their nail polishes are expensive but worth it as they don’t chip easily. Beguiled is beautiful i have ore which I love and it’s so easy to use.

  193. Sara says

    Hi Klaire! Thanks for doing the give away. I hate this question because it is so hard to answer. I already love all of your videos so I have no criticism toward it. Maybe you can do more videos that are simpler to make and also easier? Most of your videos have awesome but complicated design on it and I found it hard to follow.

  194. Matilda Nordlund says

    I still think your doing great on your videos, there’s variety, skill and creativity. Love your videos! :)

  195. Amalie Keiser-Nielsen says

    Hmm.. Well, first off, thank you for all the giveaways! It’s really wonderfull, because even if I don’t win anything, I still get tips about brands and suchs ;D

  196. Irena says

    I like them just the way they are, because you show how to do things in close-up and everything and the video quality is great. Just keep up the great work and don`t change ;)

  197. Sarah Whelan says

    I’ve only recently found your videos and I honestly can’t think of anything that immediately stands out as something to do to improve your videos. I love the variation you do between DIY things and make-up tutorials as well as the thought that you put into everything. Like the face charts, thank you so much for them!

    Perhaps try doing a video where you pick your make-up at random and have to pull a look together from it, or just start with no idea of what you plan to create?

  198. Annika Moeller says

    I’d love to see more of your gorgeous art! You’re what inspired me to start drawing and painting :) thanks so much for the amazing giveaway! xoxo

  199. Julia says

    You’re probably the most generous youtuber, sweetheart! (: And you’re also incredibly talented. Thank you for sharing your talent!

  200. Katie says

    I just realized I put my comment on the wrong page I put it on the haul video. Nevertheless I was only saying how much I enjoy your videos and I hope that you stay on YouTube for a long time. I love how simple it is to enter the giveaways you do because before this I have never entered one. I much appreciate it and hope to have your videos to watch for time to come. Thanks- Katie:)

  201. says

    I wouldn’t mind a bit more detail in the tutorials with more time spent on each step and maybe more about your inspiration at the start with you doing a live intro talking about it. I love the still pictures you use and wouldn’t want to see that go and the shots of the products are fantastic too.

  202. Diana N says

    These nail polishes are beautiful. :)

    Your videos really inspire me to let my creativity out, with make-up and many other ways, and your unique videos are really uplifting in times of frustration.

    Thank you. :)

  203. Lisa says

    I really love illamasqua they do gorgeous and unusual products :) Thank you so much Klaire!! You’re very talented :)

  204. Courtney Golding says

    Thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway. Your make-up tutorials always put a smile on my face.

  205. Emily Gardner says

    i’d love to see you do some creative do it yourself projects like stuff for your rooms just to jazz things up. i know its not very makeup ish but your so creative i’d love to see what you come up with!

  206. Camille says

    The presentation of your videos are great. Maybe have captions when you mention a product… I know they are written in the description box but they’re not that easy to identify when you know almost nothing about “real’ makeup. The one suggestion listed here I am absolutely opposed to is everyday look tutorials because there are too many of them on youtube already and it would be a waste of your talents.Thanks for the giveaway!

  207. Maggie says

    The only way I think you can improve your videos (which isn’t really an improvement) could be by creating make-up looks that can be a little bit more wearable for everyday life. Or just more nail art tutorials. :D

  208. Isabella says

    Hello klaire!
    Gosh I have no idea what to suggest for improving your videos! Perhaps come Halloween you could create lots and lots of unique makeup tutorials ahaha! No idea :) I think more small giveaways is a good idea, more chance for different people to win! :)
    Thanks again!! xx

  209. Lara Hoecken says

    Hey Klaire, i love your giveaways and videos! Thanks for giving us this great opportunity :)

  210. says

    I literally can NOT think of any ways you could improve your videos! I think they’re perfect just the way they are if I’m gonna be completely honest!
    Thank you for doing giveaways btw so that people who might not be able to afford it can get stuff too! (:
    xoxo Maddie

  211. Michelle says

    I honestly think you videos are great. There isn’t anything I can think of to improve your videos. I love them. I love your style. I love the art that you post up and it really is inspiring me to pick up drawing and painting again.

  212. Tania says

    I don’t know what to say so, I just want to wish good luck to everyone who has entered and thanks for keep doing this :)

  213. Yuu says

    Thank you for the chance…you’re amazing ^-^
    Hm…A way to improve your videos….It would be interessting to make something with fashion if you like…or more diy stuff c:

  214. Lou says

    You can improve your videos by doing DIYs, face routine and also room tour <3
    Thanks for giving you so much :)

  215. NZ says

    Honestly, your videos are top notch. It’s very unique itself compared to other beauty gurus. It’s so artsy and I love it. Even though the looks you create are amazing, they are not exactly wearable for everyday. Maybe you could do more everyday looks?

  216. Saron says

    You’re amazing!! I love your Videos!! <3 you are so creative. Thank you sooo much for doing this Giveaway!!! <3 xxx

  217. Steph says

    For me there is no way you could improve on your videos, they are always perfect! I adore watching your video’s, you are amazingly talented!! Thanks for this giveaway and oppertunity to enter xoxo

  218. Miyo says

    Hellow Klaire ^___^
    Thank you for this giveaway!! You’re amazing and your videos are so great!!! :)
    Kisses from Belgium ♡

  219. Ciara says

    You are an inspiration, and your videos are perfect, I must of watch every single one of them by now. :-)<3

  220. Nataly says

    Hello, Klare!
    Tank you for all the hard work and such a generosity. )
    In your videos it would really be nice to see some more original eyeliner tutorials.
    By the way, wonder if you make any jewelery? You do make lots of props after all. If yes, it would be really interesting to see your works. )
    Good luck!

  221. Beckie Leclerc says

    This is my first time entering a contest lol so I hope I did this right.. To answer your question.. I dont think you need to change or improve you’re videos.. I absolutely love them the way they are. You also explain everything very well, it easy to follow what and how your doing them.thank you for all your wonderful videos on both your.channels.

  222. Emily O'Callaghan says

    Thank you so much for doing these ^-^ As for ways to improve, I really enjoy your videos as they are so I’m not so sure -_-‘ I especially love your simple statement videos because they’re so wearable and edgy at the same time, so it would be cool to see more of them I guess :)

  223. Elena says

    I think your tutorials are perfect, it would be quite difficult to improve them :)
    Maybe you could do a few more “tips & tricks” videos!

  224. Moira says

    Hmm, I think your videos are wonderful as they are already, though I definitely think you should do some more drawing/painting videos, I just love your art style.
    And also you’re just so lovely for doing these giveaways, congrats in advance to whoever wins this giveaway if it isn’t me :)

  225. Imogen says

    You’re honestly my favourite creative makeup artist on Youtube, keep up the great work and good luck everybody! :D

  226. Sydnie Torres says

    I just absolutely LOVE that red. It is absolutely beautiful! I hope I win! fingers crossed!

  227. Anna says

    Honestly, your videos are great the way they currently are. Good quality to see how you work and all details, good explanation off-voice, nice music and those beautiful photos you include at the end.
    You’re already doing a good job.

  228. Kirsty Cruickshanks says

    I love love looove your videos! I want to recreate the designs all the time but it’s so hard to get the supplies in switzerland because its so expensiveeeee! never stop making videos!!!

  229. Kesanka says

    Well some more DIY would be nice as well as makeup tutorials for darker complexions. Other than that there is not really anything you need to change, your vids are great already! Thank you for this giveaway! <3

  230. Lina says

    You are just so purely talented… I can’t believe how you combine your brilliant colourful and fun imagination with your innate talent. Thank you xx

  231. says

    Hi Klaire. My suggestion is that perhaps consider doing more creative intros, like FablesinFashion or Francesco Sanserverino. The intros right now are a bit plain. Otherwise I love everything else :)

  232. Angela H. says

    Hey Klaire, thank you for that competition. :)
    It’s difficult to tell you how to improve something, because I really enjoy watching them, especially because they are short and you focus on the important stuff instead of talking/filming for more than 10 minutes. Maybe you could to a series on “wearable” make-up for the everyday life. I also love your artistic videos in which you show us paintings, DIYs and just the whole creative process, that just inspires me.
    All in all, please keep making short but impressing and special videos. :)

  233. Danielle says

    Hmmmm how to improve your videos, ell it’s not really an improvement but I love your DIY’s so mor of those would be great :) Thanks a bundle Klaire, very generous xx

  234. Casey Common says

    your fab and so is your talent. but i think you should so do more fx make up. like cuts, bites, bruises that sort of thing :P

  235. says

    You’re videos are fantastic and a constant inspiration for me :)

    Sometimes when I watch your how to videos on your other channel you start talking about how to do it, and I’m thinking ‘yes but hang on, what is it you’re making?’

    In the DIY Brush Holder: Collage video you start by saying ‘first thing you do is to make sure the jar is clean’ but I was wondering what type of jar is it? Is there a different type I could use, and where did you get it?

    It’s hard to put in to words what I mean, but occasionally it’s as though I missed the beginning of the video…but I didn’t.

    So yeah maybe a little intro for numptys like me who aren’t aware of what you’re making or using.

    But seriously it’s a tiny tiny way to improve cause your videos are pretty near perfect lol.

    Illamasqua is a brand I’m desperate to try, as a nail polish aholic I’m in love with the products you chose!

    Good luck to everyone else who enters.

  236. Melinda Forsberg says

    Hi :)

    I would love to see more of you, doing more DIY videos like skin care, masks etc. What would maybe wide you chanel a little!

    Hug/ Melinda

  237. Michelle Buddhadev says

    I would love to see some more vlogs. It’s so nice to know the person behind all the lovely videos! :D

  238. Jenny says

    Great giveaway!! I adore your videos and your choice for music is always amazing, so I’ve added quite a few artists to my playlist thanks to you!

  239. Louise says

    Hi Klaire – so sweet of you to do another giveaway :)
    Just to let you know, in case you’re not aware, that Royal Mail have new regulations on sending nail varnish: I’m not 100% sure, but I think it’s now prohibited to send nail varnish internationally. Stupid, I know! Check the PO website to be sure.

  240. Gloria says

    Could you do some videos on how beginners can improve makeup skills? :) Your videos are lovely but seem to require an awful lot of skills ><

  241. Maria says

    hmmmm…you could show some tips for different eye shapes, such as people like me with hooded lids

  242. Hannah W. says

    Your make-up looks are always beautiful and inspirational!! Thank you for bringing a bit more beauty into this world :)

  243. Maria Isabela says

    Well, I think that your videos are awesome just like they are. I would like to say that I love your voice, is such a cute voice and it makes the video all the better :)

  244. Marina Lazarovska says

    I have been a subscriber for a very long, long time and I’ve seen you improve on many levels, so I cant say anything bad about the way you make your videos :) you are remarkable Klaire, a true talent! xo

  245. Emily Lane says

    I think it’s really neat how you do giveaways! Thanks for your channel!! You are definitely my favorite beauty makeup guru :D

  246. Rebecca says

    Ways to improve… well i guess at the ends of videos ive found i dont know where to buy certain products so if you could add that on.. :) but, your videos are fantastic, really really helpfull

  247. says

    Honestly I think that your videos are pure art and it would be hard for you to improve what you have already accomplished. Although I would love to see you videos more often, I feel like 2 times a week is just not enough you for me! lol But anyways i would love if you could sometimes to celebrities makeup looks in your own style…that would be so cool!
    Thanks for hosting giveaway!
    Lots of love,
    Bye bye

  248. Amrit says

    Love the prizes, I’ve always wanted to try Illamasqua! I love your videos especially the DIY ones – I really enjoyed the brush holder ones :) you should deffo do more videos like that!x

  249. wanxin says

    hi klaire! thanks for the giveaway. i don’t really think your videos need to be improved but im not a particularly artistic person and sometimes, with certain makeup, there needs to be a little artistic talent required. i was just hoping maybe you could explain the designs a little more to help people like me more who can’t quite visualize the design quite as well as you can. love your videos anyway! c:

  250. says

    Your videos are great, the way they’re edited, the music, everything is really professional and it’s obvious you take a lot of time over them :) Just because I love nail art it would be nice to see more nail videos, and also maybe show us your skincare routine and what products you use as you have flawless skin :) xx

  251. Kelsey says

    Your videos are very creative and unique! I love the DIY and nail tutorial videos. Thank you so much for holding this giveaway! Take care!

  252. says

    Thanks for these giveaways! (:
    Sometimes the voice over in the videos is really quiet, but I think it’s not really a problem anymore. In some of the older videos but not really anymore (;

  253. EmilyRose says

    Can not think of any more you could do to improve your videos.Loved your Butterfly Queen makeup tutorial, your amazing please don’t stop being so creative. P.s thanks for the chance to enter this give away:)

  254. Beth I says

    I absolutely love you and your videos! Thank you so much for the giveaway. It’s so thoughtful to give something away to your fans.
    Your videos are perfect so I can’t think of a complaint except that I wish you did more hair tutorials.

  255. Ella says

    Thank you so much for offering me the the chance to win these wonderful items!
    Hmmm…improving your videos? I honestly can’t think of anything! I would love to see a few videos where you don’t use a voice over just to see how that works out. You never know, both you and the viewers may love it…or not but at least it was considered. Thank you again xxx

  256. Ollie says

    i’m happy that i’ve finally managed into get to your blog easily. i was always a pain in the neck before

  257. Nina says

    Well to be honest, I can’t think of a thing I would change about your videos. But I think it would be cool to see some homemade face masks and cute little DIY spa things like that.

  258. Kendra Isabella Lester says


  259. says

    The only thing I could offer up for an improvement to your (already incredible) videos,is to add some type of difficulty rating at the end of the tutorial. Ie: 3/5 on moderately hard makeup looks. :) x ~ x

  260. Ioana says

    Hey,your videos are already very good,something i would like tho would be showing off the color,but i know that would harm the videos charm. You are very lovely,you shouldn’t change a thing(only if it’s something you really want,than obviously you can change)

  261. Elisabeth says

    I love your videos and am always blown away by your creativity and talent. I honestly can’t think of a way you could improve them!

  262. Emilia says

    Hi :) I love your videos, an in general they are wonderfully done. I read a lot of comments asking for subtitles, but I think it would be better if you just added words saying what you are using and how. Another useful thing would be to have different color pallets for the same design. For example, if you are doing some blue-pink eye, maybe give an example of how a red-yellow would work too.
    Thanks for all the hard work <3

  263. Beth says

    Hey. I’ve seen someone say to put subtitles on your videos. Please don’t, I think that it would get really annoying really quickly. Your videos are amazing as they are. Maybe you could so collaborations if you know any other youtubers

  264. laura says

    Hello, I love your videos. Your got some talent lady. You should do some more painting/art videos. I loved that dragon painting you did.

  265. Sharmin Ahmed says

    Would love some high end items to win because i have none whatsoever and me and my sister have to share all the time! Probably wont win but thank you so much for the opportunity! Its nice to dream once in a while :-D

  266. Brittany says

    Your videos are so wonderfully edited, that I’m not sure how you could possibly make them better! You are so talented, and I love your tutorials.

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  269. Cristal says

    wishing you the best, and i hope all your dreams and goals come true, you are very talented and gifted.

  270. ivana :) says

    i’ve been following you for some time and you are great and talented…i to win because in my country i can’ t buy illamasqua or mac or revlon which is really lame…anyway love ya :D

  271. Teniola says

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  272. Rhonda M says

    I really don’t see anything that needs to be improved. You give all the details in the description bar, you name all the products you are using. And you go in depth of how you use them and why. I love watching your videos. You have a great technique and an incredible skill. I wish you only the best :-)

  273. says

    WOW!!! Illamasqua… Im so impressed, this is such an exclusive and amazing giveaway you’re doing for us !
    Even i don’t have luck i wish it to every one that enters here!
    Thank you so much for such a beautiful gift Klaire ^

  274. Kiyasha says

    Hey there! Hm… Ways that you can improve videos…. I don’t really think that you can get as good as you are though maybe you can make daily vlogs (maybe not everyday because that would be tiring!) so that we can see what you are up to in your life :) Thank you for being an inspiration to many women around the world!
    Have a lovely day :)

  275. chailini valerio says

    hi klaire! i love all your work, you’re so amazing… :D thank you for hosting another giveaways, you’re so generous.. i would definitely like to see more nail and diy tutorials.. they are very helpful in my day to day life and such a money saver especially on diy face and body products..

  276. Danielle Collins says

    You’re amazing. A way to perhaps improve your videos is to speak maybe a little more clearly at times.

  277. Teniola says

    I didn’t see my comment, but thank you for the giveaway!! I can’t think of an improvement because I love your videos just as is!!

  278. Ada says

    I think your videos are fantastic, and there are nothing to improve!
    If anything, the how often you post, but that is hard to do without changing the entire schedule for the week with work and/or school.

  279. Hannah-France says

    A way to improve your videos? Tough one, you make the most effort out of all the art and beauty related video gurus out there. The only thing I can think of is doing a wearable look every now and then. But honestly, keep up the great work! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  280. Astrid says

    Hi Klaire :)
    I really enjoy your videos. I like them a lot, and I think you are very talented!!
    wow uhm… I don’t really know what to say/write, but thanks for the giveaway:D

  281. Paola says

    Thank you for the giveaway! I hope I win :)
    mmm I love your videos the way they are so I don’t think you need to improve them

  282. natalie says

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  284. Laura E says

    How to improve your videos…hm. Well, don’t be afraid to make them a bit longer sometimes — the editing of your videos is excellent, but they seem a little rushed on occasion. Can’t think of anything else. ^_^

  285. Melissa Pike says

    Hello! I think you could improve your videos by investing in a new HD camera! The quality of your videos is great right now, but I think a better camera would make your videos more enjoyable to watch! Or maybe a new microphone! It makes your videos more enjoyable.
    I would love to win this because after 10 years I have finally stopped my nail biting habit, and these nail varnishes would be a great reward and a treat for accomplishing it! Thanks!

  286. Helsy says

    Hey Klaire! I actually think your videos are flawless, they’re really short and to the point but i think maybe you could comment how the look would look like on different skin colors, that would be really cool :)

  287. Emma says

    Well, your videos are always amazing! But something that bothers me is on your tutorials, your music seems to always be much louder than when you speak, and I always have to change the volume depending on what’s going on. Maybe that’s just my computer? I don’t know. But I always love love love your videos :)

  288. nicole says

    hey ive never entered one of your give aways but please choose me i love watching your videos and ya please choose me.

  289. Kati says

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  290. says

    Klaire, I loveeeee all of your videos. Your creativity is so inspiring. I don’t even care about the giveaway, I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your videos. I wait every Friday and Tuesday ! :)

  291. Isabel says

    An amazing giveaway!
    I’ve recently landed on your youtube channel and I’ve seen all your videos in a week or less.
    Keep going!

  292. Monica says

    I honestly can’t think of a way to improve your videos. Only thing I could suggest you already do, and that is to simplify things so people with not as much drawing/artistic experience can try out the cool ideas you do. BUT you do that already. Keep up the good work! Love your videos.

  293. Shruthi says

    I Love you and your videos so much! i have absolutely nothing to complain about! you are amazing and inspiring to all.

  294. Iwana says

    Thank you for that Giveawy, I think a lot of people never tried Illamasqua before or never had the chance to. =)

  295. Gill says

    That purple is to die for, haha

    Me and my friend always do girlie make overs on each other using your tutorials because they’re so pretty, arty and creative. Thanks for the beautiful pieces of art you’ve provided us with


  296. A'isha says

    Hiya Klaire! I love your videos alot, theyre always really inspiring, but it would be great if you did more personal videos like Q&A/follow me around vlogs/Tags/more of the stereotypical youtube vids just to get to know Klaire a little more. Hope I win! And thankyouuuuu for the oportunity, I love those products. Oh and I tried out your butterfly queen makeup yesterday, wasn’t anywhere near as good as yours but it sure does take effort! haha much love

  297. Day says

    I’m sure everyone truly appreciates these generous giveaways as much as I do. Thank you lots for doing them!

  298. says

    i love your videos. i love it being precise and quick to the point. so i guess there nothing to change. but could you add some story to your videos something like when youre reading a story book type of thing. :)

  299. Salma says

    Hello Klaire,

    I love your videos, you have some serious artistic talent! To improve your videos I would say at the end of every video you post leave 4 options, almost like a poll, of ideas you might have for your next video, and the one that gets the most comment votes will be the one you will do next. Or you could themed videos, a lot of your work is very fantasy oriented, so maybe you could make a twist on superheroes, and then do another segment on villains etc. I would love to see you do Two-Faced from Batman since your so good with latex! Love your videos, and thanks for having this awesome giveaway!

    Lots of love,
    One of your Biggest fans Salma

  300. Ashleigh says

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  301. Emilia says

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  302. Jennifer says

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  303. Laura Rix says

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  304. Hala says

    You are the ONLY youtuber that I have to check your videos the second they are in the subscription box, (I’m subscribed to +200 btw XD) thats who awesome your videos are. honestly I can’t find anything that might improve your videos. :)

  305. ashlee says

    I think your videos are just superb, you have a style of your own that’s so original. Keep it up and never become party if the crowd. Maintain your individuality because that’s what i love about your videos.

  306. Florencia says

    I love your videos, i love everything of your channel! It’s perfect!! There is nothing to change!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Sorry for my english!
    Kisses from Argentina!

  307. Menna says

    Your such a great artist and an inspiration. I love all your videos. They have helped me improve my own make up skills Thank you :) xx

  308. Elizabeth says

    I think your videos are absolutely wonderful. If you’re thinking of ways to improve your videos, I think that you should do more background videos. I love to see how you make your videos so unique.

  309. Chloe says

    It’s difficult to say how you could improve your channel, it’s so great already. Perhaps more DIY videos, they’re always fun. Anyway, thanks for the giveway, and good luck to all entering:3

  310. anodien says

    Well, you ‘ve already started doing more DIY videos which is what I wanted most so as I was checking the other comments, I would agree with someone who said you should subtitle your videos. This is definitely NOT an easy job to do but maybe some crucial points of a video? :-D Other than that, thank you for all your hard work and your giveaway, of course!

  311. Macy says

    You are such a talented person and watching you is a wonderful experience. You’re and inspiration Klaire, keep doing what you’re doing. <3

  312. says

    Hmm… your videos are pretty much perfect, so I can’t really think of anything to improve about them. Maybe, er… oh, you should do more craft/DIY videos like the paper lashes and the Ice Queen mask and crown! I love that you show how to make props to go with the makeup looks you do, it’s not something a lot of beauty gurus do. Usually they just go out and buy their props at a costume store. Your creativity and hard work is a big part of what makes you so unique and inspiring. Keep up the good work!

  313. Roshni says

    Thank you for doing so many giveaways! :) i would like it if you did more reviews for the products that you use during your tutorials :) x

  314. Morven says

    I think it would be cool if there was more collaboration or with more vloggers, like how you did with the Belle make-up tutorial? I think it helps people to go and check other people channels and the different ideas that are out there.
    Also, more paintings please?

  315. Esther Martínez says

    You’re so amazing and your videos are absolutely perfect. Thank you for taking the time to do it :)

  316. Brittany says

    There is only one way I can think for you to improve your videos and that would be to make more!!!!!! thanks so much for this giveaway that red polish is BEA-UTIFUL!

  317. Megan says

    I love your videos because your makeup artistry is amazing. I do wish sometimes that you did more wearable looks though. :\

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter the giveaway!

  318. Robyn says

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  319. Rocio says

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    About your question… I don’t really know what you can do to improve your videos >..<

    But thank you for the giveaway! <3

  320. Esmee says

    Thank you so much for the giveaway! It is very kind of you.
    A way to improve your video’s… well I feel like they are very good as they are right now.
    Your voice is very nice to listen to, but also very soft. So maybe you can try to improve the sound a little bit so I don’t have to turn the volume up. But to be honest, it has not been a real problem for me.
    I enjoy your video’s very much, so I hope you will keep making them for a long long time!

    ~xxx~ Esmee

  321. Cassie says

    One thing you could try is making sure the lighting is better because sometimes it’s kind of off or to bright/dark. Aside from that I really enjoy your videos.

  322. Mj Kato says

    I’ve always admired all your videos! They are very creative and I think you’re the most talented youtube guru. You are waaaay better than Michelle Phan! You are definitely one gorgeous and talented person. Keep all your videos coming. I love them! <3

  323. says

    Hey Klaire!

    Not that your videos need much improvement, but I think people would really enjoy it if you included more of your personal artwork in the videos, as from what we’ve seen so far you’re incredibly talented!

    If not that, then perhaps make a weekly video series, more regimented, like a make-up tutorial on a friday, a vlog on a saturday etc. because then people have a schedule to follow and can get a hold of the videos they want to watch a lot easier :)

    You’re incredibly generous, and I hope you continue to be successful in everything you do!


  324. Maizie sturgess says

    I love your videos espeshally then one when you cut your hair and gave it to charity I think that was an amazing thing to do and made me want to do it but my hair was to short and I don’t think you could improve your videos in any way I think you lighting and everything is amazing

  325. Darcy Hyatt says

    I kinda wish there were a few more subtitles or descriptions because I can’t watch anything with sound so it can be hard to tell what you are doing sometimes like in one video where you make a gold paste, I had no idea how you did that.

  326. Maryam says

    I love ur creativity, I believe ur art reflect ur personality. I would like if u post videos like dressing and being a famous charector, like anime or video games chr, I feel it will suit ur pure cute face :D

  327. Tishana says

    Thanks for such an amazing! I love your videos! I don’t have any suggestions cause I could never make a video let alone a good one! Lol

  328. Jenny Aitchison says

    As someone training to be a makeup artist I must say you’re a huge inspiration to me, you’re so talented and original. Keep it up!

  329. Gabriela says

    I can’t really think of a way of improving your videos :( I’m sorry. Good thing is, I’m not unsuscribing any time soon, lol

  330. Jessica says

    Hey Klaire!

    I really think you’re amazingly talented and I always wonder where you get all your ideas from and how creative you are!
    Wish I was haha!
    Thanks for your videos, Love from Germany :)

  331. Stephanie says

    Let me just say how incredibly talented you are and how soothing your voice is. I am a bit of a new viewer and I don’t quite remember how I came to find your videos BUT I am so very glad I did. Every time I see your video’s its like I am transported into this magical world. It’s lovely (: This giveaway is awesome! Thank for giving us the chance to win such awesome prizes (:

  332. Lucy Ansell says

    I love your videos and I personally don’t think there is much you can do to improve them, but maybe when you are doing make up looks, you could put the prices of the products you use? I don’t know, it’s just a suggestion :)

  333. Anna says

    I can’t think of anyway for you to improve your videos because they are already amazing! Thank you for the giveaway! :)

  334. Elisabeth Simone says

    I really love watching your videos. I love the way you inspire me to do make-up, and teach me some tips and tricks. A way to improve your channel… I can’t really think of anything, just keep doing all the different videos and tutorials.

  335. Amelia Gwynne says

    Thank you very much for the chance to win! I always watch your videos and I love how creative you are :) Keep it up.

  336. jasmin says

    i love watching your videos. this is a great giveaway and thank you for giving us the chance to win.

  337. Hannah says

    You are so talented and I love your tutorials. A way to improve could be to do more special effects makeup but thats just because I love that sort of thing, keep up the good work! xx

  338. Katerina says

    Please do more game of thrones tutorials! I’d love to see a Sansa makeup/hair tutorial :)
    Thank u for the give away <3

  339. Nicole says

    Hope I get lucky this time… i super love you and your videos… keep posting them… godspeed :)

  340. Emma says

    I really can’t think any improvements to suggest because I love your videos the way they are.
    But maybe you could do more hair tutorials?
    Or a tutorial how you take and edit your pictures?

  341. Karen says

    Hi! I think you can add subtitles for those who doesn’t understand english, but it’s already asked :) I’d like to see more videos with how to use the makeup material, or some particular technics!

  342. Megan says

    It’s hard to think of ways to improve your channel – you’ve done such a good job over the past 2 years alone to build your channel into something really spectacular, and I think that shows with the growth your channel has experienced :)
    I think you should keep doing what you’re doing. Much love <333

  343. Lau' says

    Thank you so much for this giveaway !!
    A way to improve your video ? Maybe by adding some subtitles, because I, and certainly other people, am not english, so there is some words I can’t understand at all !! Even by listen 10 times x)
    I really love watching your video and I love your voice so much ! Really relaxing !
    Thank you again for everything :)

  344. anna says

    hi! i’m italian and i understand more or less what you say in your videos but if you could put in also some subtitles it would be better!! also in english if you prefer,it’s just to understand better wat you say, so i can improve my english too!!!
    anyway, your immagination and creativity is wonderful!!!

  345. Molly says

    You’re my favourite makeup artist on youtube, klaire! Your ideas are always so creative and interesting :)

  346. Jaka says

    Lovely giveaway Klaire. I have a hard time figuring out a way to improve your videos, they’re as close to perfect as they can possibly be :)

  347. Görill says

    Thanks for making video’s so we can learn, thanks for that :)

    After I found you on youtube and sow what you do, I am looking forward to the next video comes.

  348. Rachel says

    Klaire, I think your videos are wonderful and you’re doing everything right. I think you’re very clear in explaining things and you don’t go on and on either. Visually, they’re completely stunning and you never have videos I think are boring in the least. I especially love your original DIYs and your amazing makeup tutorials best, but I really do love everything. Take care, honey and thank you SO much for this opportunity.

  349. Taylor Dewar says

    I think using different models for different looks so we can get to know different eye shapes and skin colours with your looks. Love your channel thank you for the giveaway

  350. Tamika says

    I love your videos, you’re always so creative and inspiring :) Production wise I honestly don’t think there is anything that you need to change. I would love to see more skincare and DIY videos on your second channel!

  351. Jamila says

    Way you can improve… hmmm. Could you maybe list the price of the products you use? I dont know… your videos are pretty much perfect… I wish you would upload more acctualy art videos though! <3 I love you!

  352. Diana says

    I really love our videos and it took me a while to think of ANYTHING you could change, but maybe, once in a while, you could post a tutorial for more wearable makeup? I don’t know! I hope you have a good day!

  353. Jasmin says

    Get a higher quality microphone please! The audio works fine when I have earphones on but when I use my laptop speakers alone (sometimes when I misplace my earphones or something)I can’t hear/understand much. :(

    Love your videos and your creativity. I wish you’d never stop sharing your make-up ideas. <3 :D

  354. Amy says

    Hi Klaire!
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway! I love your videos, you’re so artistic and have so much talent!
    Please enter me for this and thank you again! :)<3

  355. Katie says

    The purple polish is to die for! So pretty! And to improve your videos you could maybe do some more of those hand painting videos, those were cool!

  356. Nusha00 says

    A lot of thanks for this giveaway.
    You are so adorable person and it’s always a big pleasure to see your videos. One of the first(I’ve seen) was about all that decoration stuff for Belle video. And it impressed me so much, I immediately pressed the subscribe button. You’re really artistic.
    All the best for you and your family.

  357. Katy Sky says

    No. and I’m serious. not saying this just to win or something. I think your videos are perfect and that’s why your my favorite. good luck everyone

  358. Yessica diego says

    Hello Klaire, I love your work and what you do, I think youre a great artist, and I really think you dont need to improve much on your videos, cause there great, maybe add some subtitles so the ones that we are not good at english <—(mexican girl over here =P) and I also think that if you made them a lil bit longer lol cause I love your voice, beside that I think (like you say) You're done =D … keep being like you are adios o(^.^)o

  359. liliana says

    Your videos are perfect as they are , but it be nice if you do videos more often. That’s about it. You have amazing talent so dont change anything

  360. says

    I love your videos, you have definitely inspired me and many others. At the moment I am turning some old jam jars into into brush holders, following your video. <3 Would love to see some more DIY's and maybe an everyday makeup look. XX thanks XX

  361. Nina says

    Hmm i cant really make up something… U are amazing :)i love those really artistic and dramatic big looks, more of those

  362. Carol Reep says

    I love your videos, especially how you make seperate videos for something you made for the main video. The only thing I can honestly think of to answer your question, is when you are talking about what you are doing but the video skips past it. Sometimes I’d like those little details.

  363. Thuvaraka Balamurali says

    I adore your videos! So truly talented and also beautiful!! I also love your videos! Hahaa..your voice is so calming!! ❤

  364. Isabella says

    Ways to improve your videos… They are so good so it’s a hard question! :) Maybe you could be a little more energetic in your voice overs? :)

  365. Jessica says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE how your videos are now!!! I LOVE your backgrounds and how you edit also! But…maybe show alittle more of what your doing sometimes you just show a fast clip but it really doesnt matter if you do or not because i like them how they are!! Thanks for the Giveaway…XOXOXO

  366. WandaLoca... says

    Hi Klaire!! thank you very much for doing this giveaway… I really love your videos, and all the cute things you do… Hugs and kisses ^^…

  367. says

    I think that if you get subtitles with your videos it would be more for the people who cant speak english or can’t hear :)
    Might like it to see your own DIY videos, because you look so amazingly creative!
    Rest keep going as you do, because you are an amazing inspiration to everyone!

  368. Jasmin says

    Thank you Klaire! Youre a huge inspiration to all of us who are watching your videos!

    I would love if you could put different measurement thingies too. Like youre using inches and pounds. Its always hard for me to count on my head what those measurements would be in centimeters and gramms and stuffs.

    I hope you understood what I ment. Thanks anyway!

  369. Alice britton says

    Ill try my best to help you improve your videos, but I have always wanted to watch a q&a video by you but I don’t think I’ve seen one, I know you’re one of the few YOUTUBERS to actually respond to your viewers anyway but idk It might be cool to see one? That’s all thanks again for a great giveaway

  370. Rebekka Bang says

    thank you so much for doing a giveaway:)I love nailpolish! hmm.. i don’t know how you could improve your videos, i think they are great:) i would like to see you do some DIY?:) i think you are amazing^^ your videos are so inspiring:)

  371. Maggie says

    Ok..everyone already told you but you are sooo talented and creative, Klaire!I loved every single video you’ve uploaded so far :)

  372. says

    Wow, this is a very generous giveaway!
    Your videos don’t really need much improvement but the only thing I would say is that your makeup tutorials are mainly based on the eye area, and I love your hand art tutorials so maybe you should make more of them and maybe some lip and face paint ones as well. xx

  373. Oda says

    Hmmm….How you could improve your videos…

    Maybe have a fast tutorial in the oh,what was the word again?! The box under the video XD

    Not everyone that is watching your videos is the best in english,so if you write it under the video then they could either get someone the transelate it for you or use google transelate =)

    I can think of any other things that could improve your videos ,3,

  374. Gemma says

    I don’t think there is really a way to improve your videos, Klaire! They are always so detailed and colourful and well explained! And you use make up products that so many people can actually afford who may not be able to afford higher end products! Just keep up what you’re doing, Klaire, you’re great! :D

  375. Sable Loyce says

    I love that you’re doing the giveaway through your blog, it’s fair and easier. Thank you for giving us all a chance to win!

  376. Abby says

    Raaaaaaaaaa! I love you so much, You are such a inspiration to me to be creative and open with art and makeup <3 You gave me so many wonderful tips and ideas :D I hope i win! ^- ^ <3

  377. Jennifer Cunningham says

    Thank you SO much for hosting these giveaways and for posting your amazing videos! :) Please enter me to win this wonderful prize!

  378. Johnette says

    I love your videos, I can’t really think of anything you can improve on because there already amazing!!! Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to everyone :)

  379. lucia says

    i can’t think of a way of improving your videos because they are perfect! very inspiring and artistic!! thank you for this giveaway… i’m from argentina and i can’t get illamasqua here :( i hope i win!!!!

  380. Serena says

    Thanks a million Klaire for this giveaway I’m in need of some new nail polishes so it would be nice to win :)

  381. says

    I absolutely love everything you do! You are so artistic and inspiring :D Everytime I go to your channels, I get really inspired and crafty ^_^ thanks for doing such a beautiful job!

  382. Christina says

    Hey Klaire! I LOVE your Videos, and to say the truth there’s really not that much room left to improve :) The only thing that I can think off is to get better lighting? Or try to have more sources of light, but less harsh? It’s not a big deal, but sometimes the light in your videos is just a little off, as in too bright in one area. :) Hope you have a nice day!

  383. Hannah Worden says

    Your videos are already amazingly shot and edited, however I think you could maybe add subtitles to describe exactly what you’re doing in case people miss what you say? :) x

  384. Shirene says

    Thank you so much for doing the Giveaway,klaire!U r truly amazing ,i really enjoy all of ur videos,and i tried to attempt to do some of them,but of cux it turned out to be nth like urs :p

  385. Sophie says

    I adore your videos Klaire, I feel that you have a creative edge nobody else can match!
    As for video improvements, I could only suggest that you could perhaps tailor the music to the look more? By choosing context appropriate titles/artists. I think that could add another little point, or maybe you would consider adding a ‘user spotlight’ kind of thing into the description? Thanks for this chance!! Xo

  386. Cristina says

    Hi Klaire!
    I can’t think of any major way you could improve your videos. I love watching them even if I can’t do the crazier looks.

  387. Emelia says

    Hmm, I can’t relly come up with something you could change (I alredy love all your videos). Maybe turn up the volume on your voice, sometimes the music is a bit louder than your voice :)

  388. Felicitas says

    I think you could do your videos in a nicer surrounding. Try to go out in the summer and film your videos there. Or a lighter background would be nice :)
    I think that would improve your videos a lot!
    Love your videos and stay awesome!

  389. Bryony says

    I think your videos are perfect the way they are, honey! :D But sometimes, I do feel like you rush through them. Maybe spend some time talking about the products? Love you Klaire <3

  390. Caroline says

    I love your videos! I usually go to your channel when I need inspiration for a party look or just something to change up my look :) The only thing I could think of to improve your videos is maybe subtitles or something? Sometimes the voiceover doesn’t quite match up. Other than that, definitely no complaints!

  391. Kaja says

    tnx for the giveaway^^….i think you could do some videos where you talk about yourself i think many of us would like to know you better…you are already so awesome artist probably the best one on youtube i know so i don’t know how mush could you possibly improve that ;))

  392. Stephany says

    You do an amazing job with your channel. If something, I would like to see more dark/goth/rocker everyday makeup tutorial, but you are great :)

  393. says

    Wauw those products are so beautifull and illamasqua is so hard to get in the Netherlands.

    I love your creations and now I filnally found your blog at bloglovin, I wanted to follow your blog earlier, but then I couldn’t find it. But now finally I can =D

  394. Melody says

    hmmmm…not sure if this is just my comp, but I think most of your videos are quite soft, even when everything is at top volume, I sort of have to strain to hear what you’re saying…it’s not a big deal, but sort of noticed it…
    Thanks for the giveaway by the way! :)

  395. Inah says

    Maybe try to do a live tutorial instead of a voice over sometimes? it lets us viewers get to know your personality a bit more :)

  396. Andrea says

    Well, I don’t think of anything to improve your videos because your videos have improved a lot since you started.
    Maybe more tips? Because all the makeup you do is art makeup, and a lot of people like me don’t have too much ability xD
    But I love watching your videos though :D

  397. Phoebe says

    I just love the amount of effort you put into your videos; it really comes across well. Thank you x

  398. KouzukeRan says

    My only problem with the videos were that the volume was too soft, even after maxing out the volume on my laptop…
    You’ve done marvelously these days, I can hear perfectly well now…

    I guess the only other thing that you can improve on… umm… is… maybe you could indicate roughly how long the entire process (makeup, painting, crafting… etc) of what you are filming was done in??

    I love that your videos are short and to the point, but I guess that makes it kind of hard to judge how much time to allocate to try replicating or adapting the tutorials.


  399. Lerali0320 says

    Thank you soo much for doing all these give aways I really hope that I will win as I will never be able to afford such things !!! <3

  400. Christina says

    I think your videos would be better if you did like a ‘Q&A’ video once a month about beauty-related topics. Maybe you can pick a topic of the month and then the Q&A video you upload can be answers to questions related to the topic of the month.

  401. soumeya says

    Thank you for the giveaway. Honnestly I don’t find anything improvable in your videos. They are great and I always spend a good time watching them. I just watched one, it was perfectly fine ( I just remember watching a few videos in which the music background was to loud and because you have a light voice it was difficult to understand what

  402. reina says

    First off i would like to say thank you for this chance to enter. Second to answer the question. I think how you can improve your videos is maybe more diys. You shared some eye charts with us previously maybe some more things of that nature . :)

  403. Divya says

    I love every video tutorial you have on both YouTube channels because you explain them in so much depth. I don’t really know what you should do to improve your videos because they are perfect. Maybe try add different music to your videos but other than that I think they are perfect.

  404. Nicole D. says

    Thank you so much for hosting this give away Klaire! :) You are an amazing artist, with a great sense of imagination. I really admire that.

  405. Marie von Waldenfels says

    Thank you for this amazing giveaway :D
    I really like your toutorials because they are different then all These Beauty gurus ;)
    Keep on doing them but maby you can do some more DIYs :)

  406. Lauren MacPherson says

    Hi! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway, i really hope i have a good chance of winning, because i absolutely LOVE Illamasqua. Fingers crossed! :)

  407. soumeya says

    Thank you for the giveaway. Honnestly I don’t find anything improvable in your videos. They are great and I always spend a good time watching them. I think you already improved in that : You know when it’s really annoying to lower the sound every time the music starts again after a talk and the music bursts out.
    ♥ U !

  408. Francheska Lopez says

    Wah so excited abt this giveaway !
    always love ur tutorials and the giveaways u do
    thanx so much :)

  409. says

    They always say flattery will get you everything …..
    But I don’t think it will help this time.
    As always, thank you for being an inspiration.
    I’d love to know how can I send you pictures of things that I create.
    If you are interested in them also have my Facebook page.
    I’d love to hear your views
    I left the address in the box “site” in the details.
    And of course I would love to win

  410. Jeanna says

    Thank you for this giveaway, Klaire! The only thing that would make your videos better is to have more of them :) I totally understand it can be way too much, but I so very much enjoy your videos!

  411. Milena says

    Klaire your videos are awesome, i hope that you make videos for a long time because I love to see them.

    And thanks for the chance :D

  412. Emmy Smith says

    To improve your videos/channel. I personally
    love your arty makeup style, but some people dislike it greatly. I think if you wanted more views and followers you could post more wearable makeup.

  413. Alice Challinor says

    if i was u i would go out and film in different places and do characters that evrybody know and love x

  414. Sophie says

    I adore your channel because you are one of the only youtubers who use items that are affordable AND cruelty-free! But i’d love it if you had a set day to upload a video every week or something which keeps it consistent! :)xx

  415. Sophie Jemma says

    ok errrm to improve your videos. you could add subtitles for the people who have trouble understanding english. you could also do a couple of make up tutorials to time, by that i mean with out cuts just you doing almost a do it with you sort of thing?
    but i love your videos anyway and don’t actually think you need to change anything :)

  416. Jeannette says

    I’m fine with your videos~It’s really kind of you to be posting tutorials for us and also hosting giveaways~You totally don’t need to do these but you are because of us so i’m really grateful for that~Thus, anything will be fine,its good enough even without improvement, i don’t think i have the right to be demanding~Thanks a lot :)

  417. Janine says

    Hey :) I really like your videos. You’re so creative and I’ve never been disappointed by a video of yours. A way to improve you’re channel would probably be, to do some sort of tutorials for “beginners”, who don’t have liquid latex or things like that at home. Greets from Switzerland ;)

  418. Kelsy Bremmer says

    I love your tutorials how they are! I love to see more full face paints. I wonder what you can do with that with the great talent of creativity that you have..I love your tutorials, stay yourself and there always will be people watching you for you and you amazing creativity!!

  419. Kaya says

    I think u are absolutely perfect and super talented, i love everything about u. There is nothing i can tell you to for you to improve. I think you will evolve naturally gathering more experience with time. :)

  420. Kristina Stankyte says

    Video Improvements: I absolutely love everything from start ’til the end of your tutorials. The only suggestion is when you do a make-up tutorial and take self pictures, could you possibly take one a little further away so everything is visible? If that makes sense. I like your creative pictures but a true pov would also be nice.

  421. Cajsa says

    Thank you for doing yet another givaway, you sweet person.
    I actually think that your videos are perfect. Sound, editing and pictures are all flawless, so if I were you I wouldnt change a thing. I know though that you have viewers from many different countries though, and maybe everyone doesnt know english too well? Subtitles might be an option? As long as it doesnt destroy the beauty of the video itself. Keep up the wonderful work! <3

  422. Giselle Torres says

    I love all of your tutorials. I really don’t think you need anything to improve on, but I would like to see if you could do more collaboration videos, and nail design tutorials. I would also like to know if u have any hairstyle tutorials that would fit with your makeup. otherwise I personally feel that you do an amazing job :)

  423. Christina says

    You have so many stunning artsy makeup looks, it makes me sad I can’t really wear butterfly wings on my eyes everyday to my uni classes. Maybe more everyday wearable kinds of looks once in a while? I always look forward to seeing your videos each week regardless though :) thanks for the giveaway!

  424. Natasha says

    Hey Klaire, I think to improve you videos you could maybe say where you got your products that you use because im not very good at sourcing things and it would make it sooo much easier :P I love your style and work and I did the butterfly eyes tutorial for a party and everyone thought it was amazing so thankyou so much! :D

  425. Marina says

    Hi, Klaire!
    I’m in love with your “makeup style” since I discovered your channel in youtube, so thanks for everything.
    ¡Besos y abrazos! (I don’t put that in English because every time I do it I feel stupid for some reason)
    This is my comment :P
    Bye! ^^

  426. says

    I really can’t think of ways you can improve your videos!
    Your ideas are so inspirational, and I especially like that you show us every brush and product you use.
    Just keep doing what you’re doing and we will be happy!
    Thank you <3

  427. Nidia says

    Hey! Thank you for the Giveaway! I enjoy watching you do art especially because I am an artist myself, keep up the good work!