Giveaway Haul: More Illamasqua!

It’s quite funny how I never really use any Illamasqua products in my videos but I always seem to be giving away their products in my videos. I was thinking at some point to do ‘separate’ videos where I re-created the illamasqua looks using their products.

I’ve picked a selection of bright and wearable shades so it will have something for who ever wins it 

But the main reason I don’t do it is because I know that the moment I start using expensive products I’ll end up doing it more and more, and I want people to watch my videos and think “I can do that” and not “I can’t afford that”.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t buy some to give away so here is a look at what I got for this Friday’s giveaway.

Enjoy :)


  1. Amberley & Ciara says

    Enter me too PLease :D
    Klaire you are my idol and I love you so much
    I recently mended a friendship with a bestie of mine and I said we could do a makeup video together if we won
    So excited!!!!

  2. Autumn says

    Just one question
    How much do you earn from your youtube videos
    I am interested in doing something like you :D

    Also enter me :D

  3. Lina says

    Wow, I would love to win this. I always wanted Beguile, and the Illamasqua polishes are awesome. I already have Baptist, but it’s running to its end, so it’d be great to get a new one.

    Whoever wins this is very, very lucky!

  4. almog-mogli.ap says

    Your taste is so similar to mine it’s a pleasure.
    I always see so many things I want.
    Personally, I like to diversify from the craziest to the most relaxed.
    Thank you for being an amazing inspiration!

  5. Lodycana says

    Thank you for this giveaway! I’m curious about Illamasqua’s product for a while but as you said they are not affordable so this giveaway is just perfect =)

  6. Anastasia says

    Enter me :)
    I adore your artworks, not only make up videos. And i love how you humbly share your knowledge if one of us asked you. And maybe, you *almost* never leave my mention on twitter unreplied. Thanks klaire :)

  7. Xin Yu says

    Illamasqua!!! :3 *squeals* I do hope the giveaway is open internationally.. I’m from Singapore..):

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Found your blog recently and love your work <3

  8. Nicole says

    Klaire, hiya :D
    I just like the point you stressed that you like to recommend products that are affordable to most people :)
    can you do a video to tell us what’s your favourite brands??

  9. Hana says

    The red and the purple nail varnishes are sooo beautiful, just looking at them I feel like one of Pavlov’s dogs, drooling :-)

  10. Zuzka says

    I love your drawings and paintings, you’re very talented :)Will you ever paint something again? thanks Zůza :D

  11. Andrea says

    Really nice set! It’s very thoughtful of you to do more smaller giveaways so more people can win the great stuff you give away :D

  12. says

    Those nail varnishes look amazing! I’ve always been intrigued by Illamasqua but haven’t purchased any of their stuff yet. I think I may have to buy that red polish though, amazing!

  13. Nikki says

    I just found your YouTube videos recently. I love the beauty of the vids and the delivery. The voice over seems to allow you to give great information. Mellows me out too! Keep up the good work!

  14. Barbara Morris says

    I love following you on You Tube and the videos are amazing – thank you and keep sharing xx

  15. Katie says

    Not sure if we have to say the words “enter me please” but I would like too… I would also like to say that
    I’ve been watching makeup artists on YouTube for a long time and have never been able to enter their gveaway because it always envolved certain steps that wasn’t necessarily something I could do. You have made this a lot more simple and I’m grateful. You truly are a great artist and I hope you stay on YouTube for a long while. :)

  16. Alyssa says

    U inspire me to make my own makeup videos and its given me more confidence in my appearance and art skills. I can’t afford make up so this giveaway is perfect for me to follow in ur footsteps. I try to do make up stuff for people with budgets or who want to feel more beautiful. Pick me!!!!!! Lol

  17. Tori says

    Hey I just recently started watching your videos and I love them I’ll deffinatly be watching more :)

  18. Celeste says

    Hola Gracias por hacer tus videos tan explicativos. Y gracias por realizar sorteos con cosas maravillosas.

  19. Lisa says

    I like your videos, they are perfect and always a huge inspiration to me(eg i loved your snow queen video, after watching it i directly try it myself) I think it’s because of your voice, your voice is just amazing and soft and soothing and yeah, thank you so much for all the amazing videos!!

  20. Vleer says

    I Love Nail Varnish!!!! and I love your video’s! so inspirational. I also love hearing your voice it is sooo relaxing :) keep making beautiful things Klaire!!

  21. Itzamari Pizano says

    I was always skeptic about wearing make-up, but after I started watching your videos it really helped me a lot. You helped me realize that it isn’t just something you put on your face to “attract guys” or “look pretty” but its an art and for me not to limit myself to my canvas but to make the art on myself. Thank you once again.

  22. Sara says

    You are so talented and I love seeing what new looks you have for us. I esp look forward to your dyi and product recommendations. Thank you!

  23. Tiffanie Parry says

    Hi Klaire i just wanted to apolagise, i made 3 comments on the giveaway post as my browser went down and i didnt realise they had posted. I tried to remove 2 of them but i couldnt. Very sorry about this, feel free to delete them. Thanks again x

  24. Margarita Lozano says

    Your videos are very informational and u have great ideas. I would love to try Illamasqua products.