Butterfly Lashes

If any of you remember my old Paper Butterfly tutorial this probably looks quite familiar. Same thing for the Butterfly makeup tutorial, I got SO many questions about the little butterfly lash I had on my lower lid so todays video is sort of a 3 in one video.

“Obviously please be careful with the craft knife, and don’t do this if you’re underage”

Oh and I should mention too that I finally set up an Instagram account! :D Yes this one is the real me, the KlairedelysArt account is a fake.

And just a little warning, I’ve become obsessed with it so if you follow me you may or may not get inundated with pictures of props and up coming tutorial sneak peaks :)


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    Wow big fan!!! What you do is amazing !!! It reminds me of a dress that I saw once!! My website will be a blog and hopefully YouTube videos will be up soon!! I am a beginner at makeup performances . I don’t have a lot of make up but I am trying to save to get more!! I hope you read this and reply to my email soon!! Bye for now!!