Butterfly Queen

So much colour! :D I’ve had a sketch of this in my sketchpad for well over a year now, so happy to have it off the paper and on film. There will be quite a few tutorials cloging your subscriptions over the next few days because I still need to upload the hairstyle tutorial and how I made the lashes.

“This collaboration was all about Queens, Queens of flowers, birds, aliens, sea, fire and the underworld”

Absolutely over the moon to be collaborating with the amazing Anna Aurthur, Vintage or Tacky, iwanted2c1videoPinkstylistMidnightVampage and BeautifulYouTV. After this tutorial you should have a huge amount of great tutorials to watch :D

Hope you like the video :)


  1. Dil says

    Hey Klaire! I love your tutorials and have been wondering if you could do a look inspired by Kat Dennings in 2 broke girl$, I love her makeup!

  2. NsomniaksDream says

    This look is truly gorgeous, and the video itself was so well done – I just felt happy afterwards! Like I need to go frolicking haha
    I love looks that are beautiful and give me an emotional response as well ^_^
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. doubt says

    beautiful, one of your best:) you often mention a sketch with these looks, I know they’re basically the rough version on paper, but I’d love to see them included in these posts:)

    • Klaire says

      I was going to include the picture but that page still had a few designs which I haven’t filmed yet and I don’t want people to rip them off before I have a chance to do them myself :)

  4. says

    I love this collaboration! I am already subscribed to all but two of these gurus and I was so happy to see all the Queen tutorials on my Youtube subscription page. The colours of your butterfly inspired makeup are amazing and I love the shapes and contrast of the liquid liner. Your butterfly minions really made the video magical and really brought the concept together.

  5. Nina says

    Hi Klaire, I absolutely love your video. I just want to know the name of the song that you used on your video. Thanks!

  6. says

    I used this tutorial for a recent photoshoot and it came out so well! Thank you for sharing being so clear with your instructions! Beautiful work. ^_^

  7. Ari M. says

    Would you be able to upload how this looks with different eye colors? I can’t decide if this would work with my blue eyes. Thanks! :)

  8. Lawren says

    Klaire, you are such a talented artist! I look forward
    To watching every new video you publish. Keep up the
    Amazing art, your wonderful <3