My Skincare Favorites: Breath of Fresh Air

It’s quite funny that before trying this product I’ve always thought that toners were a bit of a con, when I first started getting into skin care a few years ago the first toner I tried out dried my skin out something chronic.

I don’t know what on earth possessed me to buy this a few months ago, but since then I’ve gotten through the first one and re-purchased a second one. Absolutely love it!

I had tried the tea tree toner on a whim before this one (was the last few months of uni at the time and I have to admit, I bought quite a few impulse buys just as a bad form of stress relief). Ended up really kicking myself for that one since it was the same price as this one and was pretty much just water and tea tree which is easy enough to make yourself (and cheaper!).


  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • 150 grams = £3.95
  • 250 grams =£7.25
This one however has a lot more ingredients and I’ve noticed that my skin really loves anything with seaweed in it. While I wouldn’t call this a “nessasary” item in my skin care routine (to be honest you don’t really “need” more than a moisturiser, cleanser, exfoliator and sunscreen) but it’s just one of those products that I absolutely love! It leaves the skin feeling so fresh, clean and ‘balanced’ if that makes any sense.

I tend to use this when ever my skin just needs a pick me up. In the summer for example I like to put it in a little spray bottle and carry it around in my bag to spray on my face when I’m feeling a bit hot and bothered. I also tend to use it in the morning instead of washing my face.

“The sea breeze captured in a bottle”

My skin does NOT like heavy water or fouride, dries my skin out like CRAZY, so in the morning I tend to spray my face with this and clean my skin with a cotton bud to get rid of any muck which has settled on my skin overnight.

One thing I do love it for is traveling, especially on airplanes! Obviously you can’t bring a full sized bottle with you on the plane, I de-pot mine into one of those little spray travel bottles, it really helps your skin feel perky and alive, especially on long haul flights or anywhere with heavy air conditioning.

The 250 grams bottle lasts me roughly 6 months, so while it is quite pricy it does last a while before you have to (or want to) re-purchase.

The bottle itself is one thing I don’t like. Unless I’m just unlucky every single one I have tried could easily be used as a water gun, no fine mist just a shot of water shooting at your face. So what I do is pour half of this (well…more like a quater) into a spray bottle from Superdrug and use that instead.

You can get this HERE 


  1. Jelena says

    Your pictures are always amazing quality, I really love that as I think it contributes a review a lot. :)

  2. Tahiti says

    Just picked this up awhile, with Lush’s Angels on Bare Skin, and Celestial. My skin has never felt so nice!