DIY Lashes: Black Tears

Think I’m going to have to think of more ways to make weird lashes, it was so fun making these and I’d really like to push myself further and see what other crazy designs I could come up with. I have a few idea bouncing around in my head but going to let them marinate a little bit before using them in a tutorial.

“Allergic to Latex? Maybe use sculpt gell instead?”

If you’re allergic to latex you could use sculpt gell, unfortunantly this isn’t the cheapest material to use but it would be re-usable (provided you remove and handle it carefully). You could also use lash glue too, except if you’re allergic to latex you probably have an allergy to most lash glues as latex is one of the prime ingredients :/

Hope you like the tutorial :)


  1. lauren says

    could you please do a video on good brands for very pale skin as i have never found a concealer or foundation that matches my cool toned very pale skin (i even went to get my perfect match found at clinique and it was orange on me)! your foundation and concealer always looks so flawless i was wondering if you could help :)

  2. Coco says

    Thanks for the sculpt gel tip! I had no idea latex was in lash glue! D: I’ve never used it but was thinking of wearing some rhinestones to prom (as you often show in your vids XD ). Do you have any ideas what I could use as an alternative adhesive ? Latex free that is. Thanks in advance ^.^

  3. Lena says

    That’s AWESOME, like everytime!

    I would like to be pretty like you!
    What do you advise me if I want to start in Makeup Art, what I have to buy first?

    Thank You!
    Sorry for my bad english :/

    • Klaire says

      If you want to get into makeup the first 3 things I would recommend are:

      1) A GOOD set of brushes. It’s better to invest in brushes that will last a long time and do a good job than a crappy set which will just about work and break after a months time.

      2) Foundation. You do not need to get an etntire set. I recommend that you get five. Two of the palest white skin tones, one of the mid range tones (so a light brown) and two black skin stones. From there you can mix the foundations to get the skin tone of anyone you need to.

      3) A neutrals pallet or something like the 120 pallet.

      If you can I would also recommend you geting some basic skin care items for your kit and a good makeup remover. As a makeup artist your job is not only to apply the makeup nicely but also to ensure that you start and leave the client/models face in good condition :)

      • Lena says

        Thank you really much!
        I’m going to buy all that quickly !
        Do you know what I’m doing right now? Some rice powder x)
        I’m going to test your magic recipe!


  4. says

    I was thinking of using lash glue and might try mixing in a loose pigment to get the colour or even liquid lipstick. It was such an interesting tutorial and thanks for pushing the boundaries.

  5. Angelyne says

    Your tutorials and art is so amazing, you have a very skilled hand. I love watching your videos they are very enjoyable:) your skin seems so healthy and your so pretty x3

    Sorry if I sound weird or stiff, this is my first time posting here so I am kind of nervous ^^;

  6. Lena says

    Hi Klaire,
    That’s again me,
    I just discover the ‘giveaways’ that you sometimes organised, that’s soooo cool! But I don’t understand all, how I win? I leave a comment, and after?

    I’m impatiant for the next one!
    Bye bye!

  7. Nat says

    Hi Klaire! Just wanted to ask if there was anything else other than latex and sculpt gell that could be use to make these. I really wanna do a shoot using this makeup but it’s pretty hard to get those kind of things where I live, it’s really order online and what not. If you have other suggestions that would be awesome!

  8. Elena says

    I Really Love All Ur Designs! *_* I hope one day, be as Good as You! :DD I Can’t Wait for More!!! <3

  9. Elena says

    One morething: Sorry for bother… -.-” But Where did You get those AWESOME Eye Lenses? *_* I want them too!! XDDD