Girl on Fire

I’ve had a drawing of this look in my sketchbook for over a year now, originally I was going to make it a lot less structured, more like flicks of colour swirling around the eye. But then I decided I wanted it have a bit of a tattoo vibe to it and went for this version instead.

Little bit of a side note, but when I read The Hunger Games this is kind of how I imagined Katniss’s makeup to look at the parade.

Of course there’s no reason to copy exactly what I do in this tutorial. Want something a little bit more sparkly? Use red, yellow and orange glitter liners instead of eyeshadows (this would look AWESOME for a concert!)

Or maybe even have it more like a tattoo and have it as strong black lines with one or two red rhinestones at the end of the flames?

Hope you like the tutorial :)


  1. Lauren :) says

    This is fantastic! I normally wear pretty bright eyeshadow but nothing this extreme. But honestly? This is something I’d totally love to wear to a party or even when going out with the girls! Very fun, very unique, and beautifully artistic as always.
    I was really disappointed that in the hunger games film they didn’t make the most of the opportunity to do something wild with Katniss’ makeup during that scene! they could have had SO much more fun with it!
    Thanks for the tutorial!!! :)

  2. says

    Thank you for another inspiring video, Klaire. While I am just a hobbyist learning some grime, just for fun, I really learn alot from your videos. I have great respect for your commitment, creativity and the passion you do all this with. Be well, pretty one :)

  3. tyty says

    :) love it..and the one photograp you ( only one person?) -.. just feel you comfortable,confident and..that very very you..and just beautiful inside and out.. :)
    ..oh,have a nice day..