Owl Nails

It had to be done! They’re so cute! The basic pattern of these nails I would like to use for a whole animal series, especially birds! I got the idea for this after seeing a fox bag (**) on amazon and I’m determined to do a whole series. Especially of cute animals!

Oh and I think I’m going to start having a system where my blog followers get to see my videos almost a day earlier, so yes, you guys are my VIP’s ;)

Hope you like the video :)


  1. Beca says

    Very Cute. Might be a bit difficult to do on natural nails as its a lot of small detail might give it a go if I can find similar colours in my nail varnish collection, not got many browns though. Looking forward to the other cute animal nail tutorial videos :) x

    • Jennifer Drain says

      You could always just do it on one nail, as an accent. All 10 natural nails would be so much work!

  2. Chokoreto Wonder says

    Oh my! They’re so cute*-* I’d make them more colorful though, I just love colorful things on my nails XD Must try one of these days :D!

    • Chokoreto Wonder says

      Sorry for the double post.. I forgot to say, I’m excited to see your series of cute animals :D! Cheers and good luck! Love from Honduras♥

  3. says

    Amazing job, I just tried it but like I haven’t got the same brushes it was difficult. Where did you buy your nail art brushes? (I’m in UK do you recommend me any special shop?)I had been looking on Ebay and Amazon but I am not sure.

    • Klaire says

      I’ve linked everything I used in the description box of the video. I get my nail art brushes (they’re really cheap) either from Amazon or e-Bay :)