Bargain Hunter: Art Brushes

In my last giveaway I asked you all to suggest things you think I could improved on for the blog. There was quite a long list but a lot of you wanted more art based blog posts so today is going to be all about some great places you can get affordable art brushes.

Though I’ve only really done art video on my second channel with huge canvases the face is I rarely paint large surfaces and I absoloutly love painting small details which is why I have a lot of small detail brushes like these.

  • E-bay: No shocker there, I don’t even want to count how much I saved on ebay. Just type down art brushes (or search for the brand that you prefer).
  • Nail Art Brushes: These are amazing for painting, especially since you can get unusulally shaped ones which are harder to find in traditional art shops. Were do I get them? E-bay…or Amazon too.
  • WHSmith: If you have a WHSmith near you it’s worth regularly checking out the art section (same goes for places like Hobby Craft and other art stores). While they’re really expensive normally they regularly have sales and you can snap up some insane bargains.

  • School Fetes (or in some cases the bonfire pile): When I was doing my A-Levels my school decided that half the art stuff in the girls school was not being used, so for them the logical thing to do was chuck half of their Art supplies on the bonfire. When I saw that they were planning to burn around £300-£400 worth of art supplies which for one thing I need (I was the only one doing art), and secondly I could use, I salvaged as much of it as I could.  You would not believe how many schools do crazy things like this, so I’m just saying keep an eye out. One man’s trash is another man’s (or woman’s) lifetime supply of art materials.
  • DIY Shops: If you’re looking for large brushes check out the home decorating section of places like B&Q or Wilkinsons, all the brushes I use to paint the large canvas background are from there and they were cheap and work brilliantly.
  • The Works: If some of you art lovers haven’t found this shop you’re going to LOVE it. This is where I got my Collin’s Complete Artist Manual  and where I get my Acrylic Paint tubes, graphite pencils and a lot of my small art brushes.

Hope those tips helped :)


  1. Alyssa Taylor says

    I’ve been inspired recently by watercolor and I think bc it’s not the easiest medium u could have some fun with it. Plus u could do a really cool make up tutorial thing for it :)

  2. Renata says

    awesome!! thanks for sharing this… i would like to ask you if you could do something like that but this time, about the paints?… =D

  3. rhea laylo from philippines says

    i love those brushes…Im dreaming to have one. i also have this desire in painting . im doing sketches as well but i cant afford to go to arts school and practice and improve my talent on it. One of my hearts desire. Thats why i keep following your blog and reviews..much love from Philippines