TOAM: The Hobbit

*TOAM : Thoughts on a Movie

I think a lot of you know how much I loved Lord of the Rings (lets see how many of you remember that huge Lord of the Rings poster I had in the background of my old videos). I think for a lot of people Disney films represented their childhood, for me films like Star Wars (the original trilogy) and books like the Hobbit represent my childhood so you can imagine how excited I was to see this.

Man it did not dissapoint! I think if they’d had a camera watching my face the whole time I’d have just looked like a little kid with their mouth hanging open staring at the screen.

I think some aspects of the film will annoy people because they did include some characters such as Radagast the brown(and create some) which were not in the book at all, but to be honest I didn’t mind that. Given that I’ve read and re-read that book since I was little it would have gotten a bit borring if they’d stuck to the exact storyline , also I didn’t feel that they made outrageous changes and really did try and keep to the spirit of the book.

Overall (not that I ever doubted that he would do anything short of an amazing job) but well done Peter Jackson! I’m really hoping that after The Hobbit Peter Jackson seriously considers make a film (or several) of The Silmarillion, or to be more precise cover the story of Beren and Luthien.

Oh and while we’re on the subject of Peter Jackson check out these awesome vlogs videos he did for The Hobbit.


  1. Britney says

    I lovedddd Radagast the Brown, actually! I agree, the whole movie was fantastic. I think Martin Freeman did an excellent job at playing Bilbo and I can’t wait to see Smaug.

  2. Alice M says

    Ahh I’m so excited to go see this. :) Just thought I’d say, they’ve included Radagast and Galadriel and so on because from what I’ve heard the three films that they’re telling ‘The Hobbit’ in are also including bits of ‘The Silmarillion’. I’m not sure how that works time-frame wise but it’s something I heard.

    (Also, ‘The Hobbit’ is a little short, so stretching it to three films would be pretty hard…)

    • Klaire says

      I really REALLY hope they end up doing a full film focusing on Beren and Luthien from The Silmarillion! I love how they took more time to explain the backstory but those are who characters I always loved and really want to see a full film focusing on them.

      Not to mention I’ve always wanted to see how they would portray Morgoth! :D

      • Cristina says

        I’m a big Tolkien fan myself and I’ve been imagining a movie with the Beren/Luthien storyline ever since I read The Silmarillion almost 10 years ago.

        I saw the Hobbit and I painted my nails gold and with the Ring inscription on them. Well, it was pretty messy, lol, cause I did with a toothpick, but I like it.

  3. Agata says

    oh, I’m so relieved you liked it! I haven’t seen it yet (polish premier is on dec 28th), but my expectations are really high. I trust your opinion so much, I can’t wait even more!

  4. Lauren :) says

    I thought it was amazing as well. I went to see it on opening night and was absolutely thrilled, my expression the whole time was similar to yours I think :p
    I heard someone say after the movie that they found it slow, but honestly I think Peter Jackson couldn’t have done a better job, the amount of detail was astounding! By far the best book to movie rendition I’ve seen in a long time.