December Giveaway

So…another giveaway! This isn’t going to be my HUGE giveaway, just a small one to see how the website handles a large amount of trafic. Not exactly my biggest giveaway but I’ve used my 120 palett so much in my videos I thought giving one away would be a perfect gift to give.


  • Leave a comments suggesting ways I could improve my blog/or videos.
  • Giveaway ends on the 16th of December
  • ONE comment only per person please
  • Giveaway is international as always :)

Good luck! :)


  1. Anna says

    Maybe you could do some sort of look of the day. Where you take pictures not only on your self. You could tell us your favorite makeup guru and why she´s your favorite :)

  2. anisa says

    You can improve your blog, by doing more makeup looks before you go out etc. Like makeup of the days x

  3. Mindy Mui says

    I think you should do more artistic makeup or projects because it is interesting and fascinating to watch. Provide tips for everyday makeup like routines or care is good also.

  4. Aleks says

    I would love to see something like ‘Nail of the day’ I would love to see some of the designs or just certain colours that go really well together x Thank you so much ! I love you <333

  5. Margaret Pasztor says

    Over all I love your sight. I’ve been following you for over a year now. I know one thing I’d love to see more of is your special affects makeup tutorials. They’ve always been so fantastic!

  6. Briana Olsakovsky says

    I would love love love to see more about nails and nail care. I know you’re more geared toward make-up, but I don’t really use the make-up stuff. I just enjoy watching it. However, I actually use the nail stuff quite a bit. That’s just my personal preference though.

  7. MayKay says

    I wish you would have more tips and technique posts. Also I would love to see a video of you working on your art, like the whole process

  8. Maria says

    Please make some everyday looks but with the unique artistic touch that you already have! Lovely videos overall!

  9. Danni Taylor says

    I would love to see things that inspire you! Even the stuff that inspires your art. I’d love to hear about the inspiration and what you get from it, because I think we all take it in different ways.
    Keep up the great work! You’re awesome. xx

  10. Céline Polidori says

    You could do some more everyday looks :D and also more videos were you talk about your art pieces. So like the ones you did for school or so :D And try putting more colors in your videos… it’s always so dark and serious D: Fun and joyful colors !!!

    As for your blog, since you’ve changed it I haven’t had a chance to find anything to improve really although the connection is much better than on the old one YEAH!!!!


  11. Melissa says

    I think you could do a variety of different things thats not makeup releated or you can do more makeup looks

  12. hlucie says

    I love watching your videos, and maybe, the only suggestion I can make for your videos, is about the background music, sometimes we can not really hear them :'(

  13. says

    I love hearing about the “behind the scenes” side of your videos, you can see just how much work you put into a single video. The paintings, the intros, the photography and the editing I think just puts you aside from most other youtube ‘beauty gurus’ and it’s one of the reasons I love your videos so much. I’d love to see more behind the scene photographs, blog entries etc.

    I’m not too fond of your blog background either, but that’s just my person preference, however everything is clearly set out and easy to read so it also has it’s good and professional qualities, I however just feel it’s a tiny bit bland.

    I love the way you edit and the photographs you manage to take, so I wouldn’t recommend changing that side of things.

    Overall I love your videos and I think they’re great; keep up the amazing work – you deserve every view and like.

  14. Tabitha Ann says

    I think your blog visually is awesome. The layout is really great to navigate through, which is sometimes hard to accomplish with a nice layout! I think a daily post would be cool, whether it was a tip of the day (makeup or art wise) or look of the day or whatever. Even if the entry was just a little tidbit nothing long and fancy, just a little paragraph. that’d be really neat! :)

  15. Alex says

    you should do more artistic make up cause they are amazing and i spent days and days watching them!

  16. Jasmine says

    I love your videos, you have plenty of DIYS that i already love but a cool idea that i would love to see is your comparisons of products.

  17. Jane says

    I’d love to see more dramatic looks, like the Chinese fashion one you did some time ago. Maybe even more masquerade-inspried Illamasqua-esque looks :)

  18. Emily bell says

    You could improve your blog by making it more interactive so that maybe people could upload their attempts at your designs etc

  19. says

    Well, I think to improve blog I would like maybe you could try to do a video blog maybe once a week or so, if you have time. Other than that I don’t think there’s not much you can improve. Maybe a little other topics than reviews as you mentioned in your video. Like maybe, personal fashion tips or just like an inspirational picture or something you’ve found.
    Well that’s all, and videos I think they’re all great so no need to improve there in my opinion :)

  20. Dawn says

    Ive watched all your vids and read blogs etc…the only way i think you could improve in any way is to perhaps do MORE of them. They are all really good and theres something for everyone. Id love to see more videos uploaded. Just dont seem to ever be enough of them…Your makeup ones especially.

  21. Eva says

    What I love most about your channel are the special effects tutorials like the one you made on Voldemort (that was sick!). I also like the makeup looks. One of my favorite ones is the Porcelain doll one. So I’d like to see more of those.

  22. Rossella says

    Hello, I’m an Italian girl, I understand English well enough, but sometimes I have trouble every now and then you may speak more slowly, please? It ‘s the only thing I can ask you to improve your videos

  23. Jelena says

    Enter me. :) Your videos and blog are amazing, however I would like to see more makeup reviews, such as Barry M Dazzle Dusts (I’ve seen you use them a lot and I’m really interested in them) or your favourite brushes. :)

  24. Jess says

    Videos: I’d say just more makeup tutorials. I’d like to see more “avant-garde” makeup, because that’s one of the main reasons why I love your videos so much. I really love how creative your makeup tutorials are.

  25. Mara says

    Hello :) Can you post on how you manage your time well? I admire how you’re doing so much and yet still have time for all the stuff on youtube. Thank you so much!

  26. Tracy says

    Would love to see more of what you have been doing. I think its a great mix. You are an inspiration to me. XOXOXO

  27. Ais says

    I like makeup/outfit of the days c: but other than that I’m loving your blog and your channel :D oh and I’m a big fan of your fantasy tutorials :3

  28. Veronica Perez says

    I’d say if you’re tired of reviews, maybe rotate them around with tips (either with makeup or art), or maybe put together different looks? Find a character or theme that you like an try to model either a make-up or if you’d like a fashion look.

    I also thought your tutorials on making prosthetics was very interesting to watch!

  29. Winnie Pun says

    I think for blogs, it could be about anything really. It could be not just about reviews but a bit on cool makeup looks you’ve seen, clothes or whatever, and even funny stuff in your life if you want. But, I absolutely love and appreciate what you’re doing for us right now!!! :)

  30. Vera says

    Hi Klaire, thanx for this giveaway! I like your blog a lot and I love reading the reviews! Also I like the layout and the photography. I only have a problem when I am looking for reviews for a certain type of product sometimes. Maybe you could organize them in folders? Like skincare, eyes, nails etc and/or by brand as well. I hope this is helpful! :)

  31. Sarah says

    It would be pretty awesome if you updated the blog with your more day-to-day personal events. Discussions on what you’re doing with your life + what styles/cosmetics/etc you’re loving at the moment. Make it more personal than reviews with pictures of what you’re actually using everyday rather than what you tried.

  32. Barbara says

    I love your videos very much, I would like to see more videos about art, maybe speed painting or explaining the basics! Also looks of the day or the week!

  33. Tenebien says

    Hey Klaire, I don’t think you should change anything!
    I love your videos and articles and also think you’re doing it just great.;-)
    The only thing might be – I don’t know much about yourself and I would like to learn about you. I know it’s difficult to talk about yourself on the Internet, but on the other hand you don’t have to tell everything, right?:-))

  34. Tobi says

    An idea for the blog:
    Add a “dark mode” where the background is dark and the text is light.
    This is better for the eyes and saves a little energy; especially on big monitors.

  35. Danielle Villarreal says

    I think you could improve by including more of a variety of videos, like I really like your costume tutorials, and all the theatrical ones, but perhaps you could do a bit of natural ones? I don’t know, an idea. Or you could also do more nails. Perhaps some makeup collections.

  36. Kaylee says

    You could certainly do more daily wear looks– perhaps even do a few ‘Get Ready With Me’ styled things. c: That’d be very interesting.

  37. CKY9 says

    Hi Klairedelys… I love your videos because there’s always a sense of fantasy and whimsy. It’s obvious that you put a lot of thought and effort into your videos and it’s not just video after video of you sitting there, talking to us. It’s an art form and that being said, that level of effort does take time so I think for adding a different facet to your blog and videos, I’d like to see you in a more candid environment. I started following you for your nail tutorials and would LOOVE to see more of those. Your nail tutorials are always short and sweet and simple to do–I’ve recreated several of your gradient looks and people compliment every time. More short and simple tricks like that would be awesome! Thank you for this giveaway chance!

  38. Alexandra says

    I’m really fond of your entire work, Klaire, you are an amazing artist and a true inspiration for all of us! Improvement? I just love everything about your videos and blog, just keep up the good work and…yeah, post even MORE videos, that could be a good improvement! ^^

    Love u! xo

  39. Cindy says

    Maybe show more “drug store” or “one brand” tutorials. or even make some dupe videos of cheaper products for the expensive stuff

  40. Georgia Preece says

    I absolutely love your blog and your channel, im really enjoying your reviews at the moment, they are incredibly helpful.
    Perhaps the one thing i would love to read more about is education, about where you study/studied and advice for students, I would really love to hear your opinions :)

  41. Lily says

    I would love to see some DIY blog posts :) also, I love your lush reviews so more of those if possible :)

  42. Ingrid T says

    You could get your viewers involved by making them post pictures of their makeup or something along those lines :)

  43. says

    Hi Klair!
    I would love to see you do more art videos on both your channels, but I love your videos as they are so there is really no need to but it would make my day! :D

  44. Eileen Marie says

    I love your blog. The only thing is the white background. It’s a bit “hard” on the eyes, maybe a softer colour would be better :)

    • Klaire says

      2 things I am absolutely terrible at: Maths and Cooking! If I did cooking tutorials they would be along the lines of “How to burn water” and “how to make carbon” lol :)

  45. Niamh says

    Definitely more special effects stuff, the more gory the better ^.^ I love all the ones you’ve done so far. Just an idea, but maybe you could do a makeup look with a budget, like say £10 and you have to buy EVERYTHING for the tutorial and then do it but only spending that much, apart from brushes of course :’) But that would probably be quite expensive, but would be cool every now and then :)

    • Klaire says

      Darn…you read my mind! I’m actually working on a series just like that! :D I think you’re going to love it! :D

  46. Sarah Jacobs says

    I’d like to see more really arty make-up or halloween (like your chinese fairy look you did a few years ago). Or some tutorials on how to draw things, because you’re soo good at it. And if there’s any possibility at all, a mobile version of your blog would be amazing :D

  47. Sparkle says


    I really enjoy your videos. But the problem with the website is that it takes time to open a page!

    Look of a day with some photos and product list would be interesting .. :)

  48. Leonie says

    You could improve your blog by posting daily looks, not only for make-up but maybe fashion too (But I don’t really know if you’re that into fashion). Anywayy you could also show how you make those amazing paintings ;)
    xx big fan from Holland <3

  49. Georgia says

    I absolutely love your blog and your channel, im really enjoying your reviews at the moment, they are incredibly helpful.
    Perhaps the one thing i would love to read more about is your opinions and advice on education, university life/courses and study advice, i feel that this would benefit a large number of your readers and would be very interesting to read :)

  50. says

    You can make your blog layout maybe interesting~ Also um try to find a way to involve ur readers… like asking them questions etc~ and maybe feature you loyal fans on ur they feel a part of it too! =)

  51. kodomo_ja_nai says

    Hi. I actually like the layout of your blog already so… Content-wise, I think I’d like to see more on the music section. I like the bg music you use in your videos. So maybe do something like a “Currently listening to” blurb or “my current playlist.” (lol, so not beauty/fashion related but w/e..)

  52. Alexandra says

    I really like your videos, they’re kind of different and really well explained so that everyone can understand, you also don’t make yourself look .. stupid like other youtubers do. I like how in your new videos you are more humane and I think the only thing you should do is post videos like this more often because with them you actually like .. communicate with the viewer and we feel you closer , you know .. you achieve that realtion when you talk straight to the camera .. so thats all :) xx (p.s. i love your voice and accent :D <3 )

  53. Khulood says

    I know your tutorials are always unique, and i like that.
    You can try doing everyday makeup tutorials or for special occaions, i would love to see your way of doing them
    Thanx ;)

  54. Vivienne Crowley says

    I love that you always recommend lower budget products for us so what I’d really love to see is some Dupes or Comparison blogs between high-end products and lower-end alternatives.

    :) xxx

  55. Malwina says

    It would be amazing if you could post pictures of different makeup looks that you didn’t do tutorials for. Like your every day makeup as well as crazy looks that others could use as inspiration xxxx

  56. Angelica says

    What I LOVE about your videos is how you mix artistry with makeup. I’d love to see more artsy makeup looks, like the galaxy one, or the stunning Chinese makeup look.
    I love anything you do, and I really like the new videos for face masks, the skin and hair routine videos are lovely!

    It would be incredible to do some short nail tutorials. I can never keep mine long because I play piano.

    Ooh, and speaking of which, your an amazing musician, I love your song on your other channel. Your voice is beautiful!

    Honestly, any video of yours, I’m there!

  57. Gemma sparkes says

    Please improve your blog by making a post on what inspired you to start art and how you prep canvases to paint on? I was going to study art but i didn’t and I would love to no what has inspired you to do it for so long :) but all your videos and blogposts are superb xx

  58. Lauren says

    I think your blog looks pretty great. Maybe the size of the stuff on the left is a bit big which makes the actual content (the center column) seem a tad bit small.

    I think it looks good, though. I think you take great photos for each post.

  59. Clélia says

    Hey! Thanks for this giveaway ;)
    Well the first way you could improve your videos is… speaking way less fast haha; I’m French and I don’t always understand what you’re saying with your accent and your fast speaking ;)
    And for your blog maybe you could do something with more colors, like putting a background first haha ;)

  60. Trina says

    You should do more everyday make up looks and more skincare routines because you have a very beautiful skin and I think many would like to know how you take care of your skin. You could also do some hair tutorials :)

  61. Krista says

    I’d love to see nail, clothing, more artistic, less artistic, projects! Videos on what type of makeup is best for x type of skin tone. Skin care videos, hair care! Your blog is amazing, as well as your channel, these are just my ideas!

  62. michelle says

    I honestly love all the art you do and would like to see more of you work and maybe some tips that you can give other about improving their work.

  63. Makenzie Morrow says

    You could improve on like Outfit and make up of the day and tell us your favorite make-up stuff is that can work on anyone and do like some ways to clean your skin with stuff you have at home

  64. Olivia says

    I would love to see like diy on clothing items and ‘a day in the life of a guru’ vlog, or a shop with me vlog. More of those videos would defiantly improve your channel!

  65. says

    I like reading reviews but I would love to read about every day stuff kind of, a bit about what projects you’ve got going. My favourite tutorials are some of the movie inspired ones so it would be nice if you could make more of those movie/special effects video.

  66. says

    You should show different ways of doing creative like arts and crafts ideas, or perhaps ways to do natural make up. Maybe you could do where you can read a book or something and share thoughts of the book? Or would that just be a review ? ^^; Or shows you watch and discuss thoughts and feelings. :3

  67. Ashley says

    I think a cool thing to do for your videos would be more artsy type things- maybe of you painting? C:

  68. Lizbamboo says

    Hi klaire! I think you can do different makeup series on your videos, like “Art inspired makeup tutorials” related to pop art, impresionism, expresionism, etc.

  69. mia says

    well… posting more often for one ;P haha i think we all want that

    but i think some more hair stuff and how you use some of your favorite beauty products/ helpful tips an diy?

  70. Janette Cervantes says

    I really love your videos. I haven’t really been on your blog so I can’t really say anything about that. However, I think one way that you could improve your videos would be maybe doing a bit more face to face talking. What I mean is try to add diversity to your videos by posting make up tutorials and then posting face to face comments or suggestions and what not.

  71. Agnieszka Kaczmarska says

    You can improve your blog/videos by doing something for everyone – more everyday looks, party make-up and some special effects make-up. I would like to see some beauty tips too – i think it would be useful for many girls watching you :)

  72. Joanna Pragasam says

    I would love to see more DIYs, esp arts and craftsy ones! Your paintings are geat and stuff like your masquerade mask is awesome! <3

  73. Farhana Islam says

    You are one of the most creative gurus I’m subscribed to on YouTube. You should do DIY videos or blog posts of some of the art works and things you make. Also, I would love to see you do some tag videos as well. It would be great for us subscribers to get to know you better. :)

    P.S. The new server you are using is working really well. First time I’ve been able to enter a giveaway.

  74. dorina says

    Hello, I’m Dorina, I follow you on youtube, and you ‘re so creative and original. I would love to see things that inspire you! So i would like to see some make up or outfit that reflect that (sorry for my english) you’re amazing!

  75. Mateja says

    Your reviews are very helpful, but I think you should ad some more diversity to your blog, like LOTDs or fashion topics.

  76. Chelsea says

    To improve blog: More art related posts, like tips and advice that you can give to art students or just people who like art in general.
    To improve videos: Tag videos maybe on the blog channel maybe? ><

  77. Karen says

    I would like to see more random tip of the day kind of posts for your blog :)
    It wouldn’t have to be just make-up, it can be skincare, hair, or arts and crafts.

  78. Mai says

    I love your new Art Diaries idea. I always love the new artsy stuff you come up with because it’s always so original and colour schemes and stuff are always huge inspiration for makeup looks and other arty projects
    I might decide to do. So, more of that please!

    If you post updates on twitter, people might be reminded to visit your blog more often (lazy people like me!)

    I’d love to have more videos and blogs that are persYonal like how and what you’re inspired by, what you like and how that affects your art and stuff. I feel really nosy saying that, but I love knowing where people get their “muse” from xx

  79. Lynne S. says

    I really like your nail polish videos, so more of those would be fantastic! Though some daily looks would be nice – what I love most about your blog/videos are the artsy, exotic looks you do, so please don’t ever stop making those. :)

    Possible challenge idea – have viewers comments with 2-3 colours that they want to see in the next look. the comment that gets the most likes is the one you use. It should make it more interactive for viewers, and possibly a fun? challenge for you!

  80. Samantha DuVall says

    You should do a blog about all of the products you use in your videos or on a daily basis. For your videos you should do hauls and ootd or ootw. And for your videos you should do like celebrity makeup looks.

  81. Kamilla says

    I would love to see some first impressions videos, and maybe some review videos, instead of them all being blog posts. but to be honest I like both you channel and your blog the way they are. you have a defined style of how you do things, and I enjoy it =)

  82. Cristina says

    I think you should do vlogz, so we can know you better. For example, one day in my shoes, or like other gurus do a Christmas countdown, or Christmas vlogz. Other then that nothing. Your videos are great, the graphics and quality awesome, so nothing to worry about :D
    Thanks Klaire For doing so many giveaways, that means you really care about us, so Thank you!!!

  83. Sophie says

    I don’t know whether this is an improvment but I would love to see some tribal style makeup and maybe some more daytime looks that are still dramatic if possible :)

  84. Lottie says

    I love your blog. Your reviews are unbiased and succinct. I really love your home-made beauty product tutorials. In all honesty Klaire, this is the best beauty blog I’ve found so far and one of the best sources for cruelty-free cosmetic advice! :) Best of luck xx

  85. Line says

    hello Klaire:)
    I just love you’re videos! especially your makeup- and nailarttutorials! you amaze me by how creative you are in almost all of your videos:) painting, nailart and makeup and so on.
    and i know this might sound just a bit weird but i really like the way you talk in your videos, because when i see others doing a tutorial or so I just cant stand their voices, but yours is perfect:)
    for me som more makeup and nailart tutorials would make your channel just perfect:)

    – Line

  86. Isabella says

    Over all the website is beautiful. Maybe you could do a makeup look of the day or makeup product of the week or something like that. But over all, I love the website.

  87. aimee says

    I think you should review more drug store products or give your honest opinion about them, maybe you can use more of this type of products in not only daily makeup but in makeup for special occasions, dates, girls night out etc…sorry if im not well explaining my self because im from Mexico but i love your style and the way you Handel makeup…You make it see so simple :)
    love U …..Aimee ;)

  88. Alex says

    As a guy i would love to see more guy-friendly tutorials. Such as FX looks that even guys can wear. :)

  89. Claire says

    Really the only improvement would be to see more of your videos more often. :) They’re already fabulous.

    Your blog is also really well done. I love all the reviews, however if you want to add more variety to your posts I would suggest

    -hair care/skin care/nail care how to’s
    – diy jewelry step-by-step tutorials
    – more posts about yourself (ie. how you got into artistic makeup, etc.)
    – natural, everyday makeup. your artistic makeup is absolutely incredible and why i subscribe to you, but it would also be interesting to see how you would create more natural looks.

    thank you for doing this giveaway for us. :)

  90. Bina says

    Maybe by listing cheaper alternatives for colors at the end of the videos? i would actually love to see song makeup, like a makeup theme for a certain song? For your blog, maybe more diy things if you want to do that.

  91. Kasia says

    i cant complain at anything but – yest, theres always but – i would love you give just a bit more tips how to work with brush itself to get similar effect as you do :D
    love your work <3

  92. Annie Laing says

    Hi Klaire :) in my opinion, for your blogs I think if you could show us what you are working on art-wise, I love you art videos! Even some time lapse or een art tutorials would be great as I’m an aspiring artist myself :) keep up the good work! X

  93. Elsa says

    I love all of them, but my favorite videos from you are the awesome eyeshadow looks! Your blog can have reviews, obviously, but it would be great to see what kind of photos you take, since you’re an artist. You could also show some old work, something that you drew or a picture that you took when you first started :)

  94. Fernanda Rosolen Suzuki says

    Hello Klayre ! I’m from Brazil and I love your videos ! I think you can improve them doing some inspired famous make up tutorials :)

  95. Elin says

    I think you should keep doing your reviews i looove them :D So difficult to find good reviews on product since EVERYONE does them.

  96. Tina Y says

    I really like your videos and blogs a lot. I’m also loving the fact that you spend a lot of time to set up for some of your videos. Maybe offer blog posts on how certain makeup looks on other skin tones.

  97. Fernanda Rosolen Suzuki says

    Hello Klaire ! I’m from Brazil and I love your videos ! I think you can improve them doing some inspired famous make up tutorials :)

  98. Malene Møler says

    It would be intresting to see tecnique hows to paint.. i know that, it is not make up related but maybe ones in a while you film a teknique for amatour paintings.. i would love to learn from you :)

  99. Sherry says

    I would really like to see more of DIYs and maybe out of the day or look of the day! :) or maybe a get ready with me! xx

  100. Shanna says

    Hiya i think a cool idea would be a special section where your fans could submit a requested look or questions and you could select maybe 5 for your fans to vote for the one they’d like to see most? Thanks xXx

  101. Ailsha says

    Hey Klaire, your blog is brilliant as it is but I think it would grasp more readers’ attention if you blogged about no ways to pamper yourself during winter, and you can link products you want to review into that? Or even just suggest natural methods. I find your videos really inspiring and therapeutic to watch so if you could even blog about daily things that happen in your life and what inspires you to create your makeup and art? The blog is wonderful though :)

  102. Rishu Greene says

    I think you should do a drawing gallery, or just a little gallery where you upload your drawings and stuff. It would be really nice to see, as you are a really good artist. Maybe upload some songs you play/sing as well! ^^

  103. Morgan Valencia says

    I would love to see some of your artwork that you’ve been working on! Maybe showing you working on it and explaining your ideas and outcomes :) I would also love more halloweeny tutorials year round ;D

  104. Diablo says

    Meeee !! About emproving videos .. i don’t have any complaint and i love your videos the way they are so don’t change anything about it or about ur self .. and thx :*

  105. Kyra says

    I would love to see some more reviews on elf products because they’re super cheap but Im not sure how well they would work. Also maybe some more natural looks for school and formal events.

  106. Kat L. says

    I would say find a better thing to run your website, but obviously you are working really hard on fixing that :) Hmm…is there a sort of “Question box” that you could maybe make? Like, let us submit questions and you could answer a few each week, or something.

    Thanks for the giveaways, Klaire! <3

  107. Rose says

    I think that yould could improve your blog a bit more as to put up some “this or that if the day.” This being eye make up, or that being your nails. I wod truly enjoy something like that. :)

  108. SparkleSparkle says

    I would really like to see some simple nail-art tutorials on your blog, since you don’t have much of them on youtube recently. :)

  109. Monika Möller says

    I would love to see a video about xour favorite Products. Becouse I think that it is always cool to see, what other people like. Also I like your “Simple Statement” and your “Quick Tips” Becouse you can find a fast but still very special Make-Up in the Siple Statement and you can find somekinda very practically things for saving your products in the quick tips.
    About your Blog:
    I really enjoy your Blogs.
    I like to see what you think about new or older Products becouse you know a lot about it! And you put a lot of very good pictures in your blog. That makes it more intersting and pictorially to read your Blog.
    I rella enjoy your Blog and your Videos!

  110. Nina says

    I like the blog in general, but it really takes a long time to load, even when you just want to go to another side withing your blog. I like the little “follow me”-symbols on the side but I would appreciate if you had the site name written somewhere as well, as I don’t know half of the symbols.
    The last thing you might want to think about the words you use for your headings. Maybe you want to use words that are very easy to understand to make it easier for people who don’t speak english as well and let them know immidiately what the post is about.

  111. Rhiannon says

    Maybe you could do hair tutorials? or maybe make of the day looks. I really like the nail tutorials too :)

  112. Candee says

    you can improve it by doing more personal stuff.. outfit of the day, nail of the day, personal routines, etc.

  113. Emily! says

    You could do monthly favourite products for your blog :)
    For your videos, I’d love to see more natural everyday make up tutorials and skin care and DIY videos!

  114. Andrea Blanchette says

    It might be nice to have a quick intro/outro to your videos :) Something that pulls all them together and set a atmosphere.

  115. María says

    I just love what you do, but maybe you should keep doing more profesional artistic make up in colaboration with other gurus.

  116. says

    I would love to see more makeup tutorials! More tips & tricks. You’re blog is great I’ve never had a problem with it.

  117. Amy Blakewood says

    Could you maybe have guest makeup artist for the more mature makeup looks like for women over the age of 40?

  118. Victoria says

    First of all, I’d say that your videos are great! I’d like to see more extreme transformation-type videos, such as more like your avatar or Terminator looks. Special effects type of things. ^_^

  119. Rabia says

    I love ur video’s toooo much..i think u shuld do things like natural and more everyday looks (:xxxx

  120. Lauren says

    I love the makeup tutorials involving actual characters and recreating looks from movies/tv/music/ect. I would probably love seeing makeup for daily looks as well but your artistic tutorials is kind of what separates you from other makeup gurus. =}

  121. Line says

    I really enjoy your DIYs and reviews, but I also love when you do “artistic” makeup because you are so creative. So please keep on doing those things! :)

  122. Pecora says

    I’d suggest staying just the same (: I love your artistic flair in your make up tutorials, nail art tutorials, etc. I wish you would do more… also, just doing some traditional art tutorials or videos of you painting would be sublime.

  123. Emma L-B says

    I think you should do something where you can talk to your viewers. Even though you’re not a vlogging channel, I’m sure a lot of you’re viewers, especially me, would like to talk to you som how :)

  124. Johanne says

    I would like to see more from your daily life, perhaps some pictures or more everyday makeup videos :) Also, you could do more skin care tips :)

    • Klaire says

      In general I keep personal stuff completely off the internet. I don’t like mixing my personal life and my You Tube but I am going to try and find a way to do more personal stuff that doesn’t revolve around my personal life :)

  125. Briony says

    I’d love to see more diy tips, as they’re so helpful. I like to see reviews because it helps me to know what products will be worth buying.

  126. SilentChelsea says

    I think it could use a little face lift, like a theme or something. IDK I think it is a little too clean, a little too white and plain. Also tips and trick posts are my favorite thing ever, so more of those would be FANTASTIC! Your tips and trick videos are so helpful!

  127. poppy says

    I enjoy the DIY stuff so I’d like to see more of that, I also really enjoy your paintings/ backgrounds so carry on with those rather than trying to put out more videos that are less creative.

  128. Beatrice says

    It would be nice to see more spectacular tricks I love them, but also something for a makeup for girls who wear glasses and even tips for the holiday season. bye

  129. LauraO says

    Hi Klaire…well a good change for your blog could be starting on the template, I mean you are an artist so why the white background?

    I have been always interested not only in your makeup tutorials but also in your other artistic works, so for example you could do small tutorials about coloring, shading, use of different paint technics, maybe a howto or video journal about the making of your paintings.

  130. Julia says

    I actually enjoy your reviews ^^. My propsal is: you paint all these beautiful pictures, hy not put them on the bckground or whatever on your blog, I mean like really big with links where u can can click on that lead you to your channel and the serie mkeup (if you know what I mean and if tht is technical possible). I´d also love to see u vloggin, I don´t know if you want that, but hat´d be cool. You know, to see what your dily life is like or I mean I wtch ur videos for like quite a while and ur cleary talented nd qualificated but what exclty are you diong, what is your job? I´d be nice to wirte or show us that (in a blog port or as a vlog). Puh, that commend is pretty long I see and this is basiclly the way I´d say this out loud so because I just wrote down what I was thinking in that moment, so don´t be annoyed or so. Love you Klaire! ;)

  131. Stephany says

    I love it whe you do dramatic-yet-wearable looks, and having a few more on you channel would be great :)

  132. TaylarEwing says

    I love your blogs but i think they could be bright, eye catching and colourful! I think it will just give a really creative vibe!:) As for your videos i love them and personally i think they are perfect because they are they way you want them to be . And if not then change it make hem the way you want them(: i dont know if there is a word limit so i’ll stop here! Your makeup tutorials are amazing!(: – Taylar (Youtube is taylarewing ) x

  133. Linda Roob says

    I would really love to see maybe some outfit videos! I don’t know if they are really your thing, but I would love to see your style(:

  134. Flora says

    I think a neat thing to do is maybe post neat helpful tricks to do. I’m not sure. I really enjoy your blog the way it is!

  135. MsLeezah says

    Hi Klaire!
    Well, I love everything about your blod and yt-channel, so it´s very hard for me to think of any improvements…
    But in fact, I would be so happy to see more videos of your artwork, and maybe some more videos where you show us some tips and tricks on drawing ans painting.

    have a nice day! :)

  136. Antonia Aguilera Campusano says

    I think to improve your blog maybe add more colour. Colour always makes things interesting and is eye catching. You should also make more special effects videos like those golden eggs or those mould’s of the hand and face….they’re soooooo fun to watch! :) <3

  137. Leni says

    That palette is great cause at the moment it’s sold out on the website :(
    I think u’r blog is great, just go on sharing ur creativity with us. I really enjoy u doing make-up creations that are not like “daily-make-up”.

  138. Marianne Kallevåg says

    Greetings from Norway! I absolutely adore you, and you’ve really inspired me to grasp my talents within art. What I think you could do more is videos about make-up within the fiction-world (videogames, films, tv-series), especially in the fantasy-genre. And I’d love more neutral, everyday make-up tutorials, such as makeup for small eyes, makeup for friday nights, and so on and so forth.

  139. Shannon says

    Klaire i would absolutely love to win the 120 makeup giveaway, and i think you could maybe do a Favorites kinda theme, like favorite makeup tutorial or you can do favorite makeup company sorta thing. and yes please please please please enter me into this giveaway. Because your basically my role model within make up and getting something from you personally would just be a major change in my view of make up (does that make sense, its sorta hard to explain ^-^) I even made one of these blog thingys just so i can enter <3

    Lots of Love,
    Shannon (DinoMustache, youtube)

  140. Megan says

    I think it would be awesome if you did more DIYs! Also you should do a review of Michael Todd products (if you haven’t already)!

  141. Lacey says

    Well i don’t know much about blogs and stuff but maybe do something to the sides<>? seems kind of bare there. Only if you can! lol :D
    but everything else looks great already better than what i could do lolol~
    Good luck on improving your blogg! :)

  142. sofie says

    i love your video’s and your blog looks beautiful!
    it’s colorful and nice!
    maybe a “day of my life” video? and maybe also a hair tutorial?
    keep up the good work!!!

  143. Emma L-B says

    Oops! Forgot to add what looks I want to see! I would love you to do more daily make-up looks, but I also love you’re very arty looks as well, so may make-up based of pieces of artwork, or artist’s painting styles. That would be fabulous!

  144. Jordan says

    You should definitely find music videos by various artists and try to recreate their looks. Try to speak more clearly as well. I know it is hard with your accent and all, but that could help me with being able to understand as well<3

  145. Fiona says

    I love your blog just the way it is but I’d love to see some more wearable looks in the future. Thanks <3 You're awesome

  146. Lily says

    I would like to see weekly looks that you can do for cheap. Like cosmetics that you can find at drug stores.

  147. Jaclynn says

    To improve your blog maybe you could do more everyday looks and then on fridays you could do a look thats completely out there.

  148. Amanda Andersson-Bergwall says

    I’d love to see more nailart and/or nail of the day/week/month (no everyone does change often)

  149. Veronica Menor says

    I would love to know how you edit your videos, or the pics, all the process you have to do when filming a video =)

  150. Elisa says

    To be honest I do like how your blog is set up and what you post, so I don’t really think you need to change anything.
    YT: csikitty

  151. Sim says

    Hi! I would like to see more makeup tutorials of TV/movies characters and that the reviewed products can be obtained internationally !

  152. Cath says

    I really love and enjoy reading or watching reviews, but it would be awesome if sometimes you could do them with brands that are sold worlwide, because you always review those great products but i can’t find none of those in my country :(

  153. Yesenia says

    i think you should tell us about your day’s? because you loose contact with us for a while sometimes, and yes, id really like to be included in your life a little more. ( not sounding creepy) <3 xoxo

  154. Catherine says

    I would like to hear more about your day, what kind of things you do. But I love your blog, it’s so amazing <3 :)

  155. Maggie says

    Hi Klaire! Your blog on here is so gorgeous, I think the white background helps your banner to stand out perfectly. An idea for some blog posts could be posting a look of the day. As for videos, I think it would be really really helpful if you made maybe a series of “unwearable made wearable” videos, showing how to properly wear difficult colors like blues or other things that aren’t normally worn. My YouTube is stickerlover164902 :)

  156. Daniela says

    I think you should change the platform. Not many people use bloglovin, so they make forget to check it everyday :)

  157. Melinda says

    I love that the color, it’s so simple and clean! :)
    But I would love to see some DIY’s videos and make-up videos for a more “daily wear looks” like school, work or a date <3


  158. marta says

    Myabe you could do more videos, i mean more casual ones because I really enjoy them and I would like to see you more often :D

  159. VanillaVelveeta says

    I think it would be great to look some more “everyday friendly” make-up looks. I mean I LOVE your fantasy make up tutorials, but it would also be nice to check out your statements regarding “casual” or “everyday” looks :)

  160. Daniela says

    I think you should change the platform. Not many people use bloglovin, so they make forget to check it everyday.

  161. JessicaM says

    I’d love to see more artistic based videos, like when you did the dragon themed one, it was amazing and showed off your skills as a makeup artist as well as a regular artist. But I know those video series take a lot of work and time that you may not have, so maybe some quick makeup tutorials for people on the go but want a little more than a swipe of eyeshadow

  162. Ida says

    Hi! I love the reviews that you post, and I would love to see more of you other art, besides make up – I loved seeing how you did the backgrounds and the eggs and stuff like that :)

  163. Maddy says

    I think one way to improve your video’s might be to do a few q&a video’s where you answer frequently answered questions and maybe have guest models/makeup artists. As a level 4 FD artistic makeup and special effects makeup student I personally would find this quite interesting and useful.

  164. Ellen van Laar says

    Idea: Maybe some videos with make-up from a cheap brand. For people who don’t have much money to spend.
    Or even more articles/videos with movie make-up. There aren’t that many people who make such good videos as you do for moviemakeup.

  165. Clarisse Lima says

    I would really enjoy if you could do a post with the top 10 products of cruelty free brands :)
    Thanks for doing the giveaways :)

  166. Nathaly M says

    You can improve your blog by putting on the make you do and by showing on how to do other peoples makeup (:

  167. Amy says

    I suppose you could improve on your blog by doing more DIY’s because i have loved your rice face scrub, and you seem like you know what your doing and i have tried it! :-)

  168. Michelle aka missartist123 says

    My comment isn’t really so much about what to improve on your blog/videos because what you are doing is really professional looking and handled really well. I just have an idea for a video though. I think it would be really neat to do mermaid scales or how to do mermaid scales on the skin, if you haven’t already done something like that. :D

  169. alondra p says

    the way you can improve your blog or videos could be maybe a little brighter lighting sometimes it comes out a little dark and im not sure if its my computer screen or what but you are extremely talent and i enjoy your videos

  170. Maria Alvarado says

    I like makeup and hair/body/face care but I wouldn’t mind seeing a lot more of your art and stuff that you like to do outside of the youtube world on your blog. Maybe places you’ve been that you could review or movies you seen that you’d like to share with us. :)

  171. Rebecca Anness says

    Hi Claire, personally I love what your already doing by bringing out something new every week so that we can try on ourselfs, the simple things everyone loves because even tho were not all artists like you we can still try to do it.
    I would say bring more videos out with simple makeup tutorials. The quality of your camera is fine and your taken is by far amazing so honestly if your fed up of reviews you could try just un boxing & an overview with a little tutrial of what could be done with new make up brands.

    I love your DIYs too & everyone loves a cheap way of either storing things like your jars for your make up your ideas always surprise us if you want to do something different do it! Don’t worry about what we think because you always make it look so desirable.

    Thanks for your hard work you know we appreciate it. I might not of given you much to go on but iv tried at least :)

  172. Kate says

    You don’t need to improve your videos…You’re great! Just keep working darling! You are so artistic…I mean, there 1891378947 videos about smokey eyes, etc…but you videos are so unique!

  173. anne says

    I really love your blog, your videos and your pictures, maybe you could do some pictures/tutorials of your daily make-up, or do a video of you make-up collection?
    I would really want to win this.
    I already got the palette, but it fell on the floor and all the colors were broken and smeared into my carpet, so i wasn’t able to fix it :(

  174. Margrét Johnson says

    I’d love to see more updates on your art. I’m an art student myself and I love both make up and art. You are an amazing artist and I love how you collaborate these things together. I’d love to see some artsy looks that you just post pictures of no need to always make a video or a tutorial.

  175. Jailene Saez says

    I think a good and fun way to improve your blog is by creating some fun makeup games where people get to pick styles they want and design it with the makeup offered it will let people get really creative and let them be able to practice with out using someone or themselves as the model and wasting makeup because it is quite expensive. Well that’s my one suggestion another will be probably to maybe have live shows so people can ask You questions is they have any about makeup or art so it can get answered right away instead of just leaving comments on your video’s which will get to be alot so won’t be able to get to them all and have people waiting. Well those are my two suggestions hope You take them into consideration thank You :)

  176. says

    I would definitely love to see more gory tutorials! One of my favorites from you is your scary clown tutorial along with you whimsical galaxy masquerade look.

  177. Katharina says

    I really like the things you do and upload but for me it would be interesting to know what kind of music you hear. For me it’s interesting to see to what music other people listen to and you also have the topic “music” in your blog but only one review in there.

  178. Ashleigh OB says

    One way you could improve your videos is trying new locations in the house, sometimes it hard to look at the same background over and over =D

  179. says

    I like your blog as it is, but maybe you can do product review and test, as to how long it lasts by itself specially products that swears to last overnight or something. :P

  180. Shannon says

    I think you should put where you got the products from because I always find myself trying to look for them but can never find them :)

  181. Dusica says

    Keep on with tips and tricks, like your video on how to repair broken eyeshadow. Also, if you could post more frequently it would be great.
    And I really like your more artistic tutorials, they are mind-blowing, so keep them coming!

  182. Bartosz says

    Put some history behind make-up . It`s so common nowdays that nobody knows where it came from. You could make a video about it !

  183. Nina says

    I would love to see more of the DIY homemade skincare. I always find it really handy, and the last tips you gave worked amazing.

  184. Shannon says

    . I would love to see you do some nail art videos
    .Also i love that your videos aren’t all wearable for day to day activities. I think that’s what is really unique about your channel. You go there and push it to the extreme doing amazing designs and make-up / special effects make-up tutorials which are so original.
    .Your editing / tutorial technique is fantastic. That defiantly doesn’t need to change at all (:
    . As for your blog, i do like the reviews.
    . I love the little bargain hunter series you have going on. I really appreciate your views on those products.
    . Maybe you could do more DIY videos if you have anything in mind. I really liked them, especially the marking the tops of nail polish bottles in order to be able to identify them – my favorite.

  185. Lilliana says

    I think you could do some DIY stuff or maybe some haul and I would like to see a lot more artistic things. *^-^*

  186. Sara Mills says

    I really really love your artistic makeup because even if i would never try them directly like you do them they help push me out of my comfort zone. Also its hard to find other artistic videos. I like reviews because they help me know what to by. :)

  187. Sara says

    You could do make up to other girls, with different types of skin, different face and eyes shapes and different hair. Also give more tips about skin and materials (brushes) treatment :)

  188. Alyssa Douglas says

    i think you should talk about some of your favorite make up gurus or who you recommend that we can also watch

  189. Mikka Anora says

    I would love for you to showcase more of your paintings and drawings and give tips to people who are beginners! (:

  190. Gwen says

    I’d like to see more art projects, but honnestly, I really like what you do, and I appreciate the work that goes into it all :)

  191. Michelle says

    Hey Klaire, first of all I’ve gotta say that your videos are amazing and helpful. (: And I am looking forward to see more of your tutorials. <3 I believe that you could improve your blog by organizing all your videos into file where we could just click and watch them or something else. Moreover, adding a home page that contains some information of such like makeup and pictures of you with different looks. You should do "reviews" and "asks" from your fans or subscribers and answer their questions. I hope this helps. :)

  192. Rachel says

    I would love to see more on nail care and routine. On your videos I would say the sound sometimes its really hard to hear your voice over.

  193. WandaLoca... says

    Hii!! I think you could do or talk about things you can do (obvious) make up, nails (nail care too), skin care, hair and others… for special events (birthdays, graduation, etc.) In the blog and youtube…Thanks for everything Klaire ^^… I love that palett…

  194. zephy says

    i think you could maybe do a tutorial using pictures on your blog and i also would like you to maybe list your favourite looks you have done in your tutorials because i think that would be interesting to see if your favourite make up looks are the same as mine

  195. Alexis says

    Something I think you could do in your blog is kinda a what you can wear with your various looks or at least what you wear in an average week I am obsessed with your quirky makeup style and wonder if it goes into your clothing as well

  196. Anna says

    Hmm this is tough one but maybe viewers and I like to see you do like some how you doodle or how you do art also maybe you can show us the process of how you come up with a makeup look and then maybe show us te actual video

  197. Tabitha says

    Well, I think some few things to help improve {for both your videos and blog} is some products that is really good for the skin {or something like face mask or homemade stuff}, DIY’s, More reviews on music and such, I absolutely love the photo shoots cause they are absolutely stunning~! My last thing is for the blog is to have the background not completely white, like even if it is a light shade of blue or a translucent pattern because it seems to bland for such an astounding artist!

  198. Julia says

    I think tips of the week would be great. Just little helpful things that make make-up and nail polish easier and faster.

  199. Jessie P. says

    Hi Klaire, first of all I looove your video’s and blogposts!
    Some ways to improve are for example spelling on your blogpost (not bad at all, but sometimes I see a mistake, probably because of the keypad). I would also like more ‘photography’ or photographic stuff that you make randomly, some do it yourself tutorials (like ‘make your own scarf’/’make your own ???’/’how to ???’) or more art ( I adore your creations!).

  200. Ada says

    Are not much to complain about, regarding your videos or your blog.
    Although I would not mind updates more often :)

  201. Belle says

    Maybe a get ready with me ? just a simple one or something like that XD I really love all the vids you make. I adore you so much! Thanks Klaire :DD

  202. Ulrica Cheng says

    From what I see, there isn’t anything that needs improvement… I would like to see some asian toned face charts, but I think your videos and blog is great!

    • Klaire says

      At the moment I’m working on the darker skin tones down since there’s more need for those but I will get to the asian skin tones soon :)

  203. Anna M says

    I think you could improve your channel by having challenges where your subscribers give you a topic (i.e. Cats ) and you do tutorials on that topic. That would be really cool to see. Also do more tutorials involving special effects makeup, please.

  204. michelle says

    Definitely some guide on which colors complement different skin tones, eye colors etc. Because i get very lost in that department
    *sigh* :)

  205. Laura says

    I love your tutorials for the more complex and beautiful looks, and I also love the reviews you provide on your blog. If I could suggest something new for you to try, I’d say you should do some introductions to makeup ideas for newbies or the more simple tasted kind of folks. :) You have very good advice and I think you’d have beautiful ideas for simple everyday makeup ^^

  206. Helene says

    I mostly watch your videos on youtube! and i really like when you make the more “costume” videos. Like tutorials on how to do science fiction make up and stuff like that! so just keep up the good work on those kind of videos!

  207. Tair says

    In the blog I’d like to see maybe a bit more of your artwork, and maybe a bit more of a day to day looks, with your saying in it (Because you have that unique style and I’d like to see how you put it in a wearable day to day looks).

    But in general, it’s all pretty amazing so far.

  208. Vicky says

    It’s hard to suggest improvements because you already do so many different things. Maybe you could show how you design and paint your backrounds :)

  209. Лилия Боронило(Liliya) says

    You are a very creative girl, I admire thy talents! Can you at your makeup to add and review of clothing, accessories, that we may see the overall picture. Also show the creation of the pictures :-)

  210. Vicky K. says

    To be honest, I don’t really follow the blog, because I am so busy, so I have no suggestions for improvement. But I love your YouTube channels. :D

  211. Joslyn says

    I think you could improve your blog by showing more looks such as the different ones you wear everyday or for different occasions.

  212. Mariah says

    hey klaire i love your video’s they’re great quality and very simple to follow, some videos id like to see could be just tips on everyday makeup ect and on your blog it would be cool if we saw some different makeup combinations, tips, DIYs, and i love your nail art :) that would be awesome! thanks for reading :)

  213. Madeline DeNofio says

    I’d love to read more about your art in general. You’re uniqueness comes from a lot of areas, but one of which is that you focus so much on the art behind makeup and nails. I’d love to hear more about the creation of the backgrounds and your thoughts on them. Overall I love what you’ve been making!

  214. Ilektra says

    You could try to bring some friends over and do make up on different skin colors and eye and hair color, i know you usually put the pictures with the lenses but sometimes the natural is not the same!

  215. Ane says

    I already love your blog, but if it had to bee one thing, I had wanted to seen more of special effects makeup! I absolutely love them!

  216. says

    Hi! I think you could improve your blog by doing very easy simple step to step tutorials, maybe nail tutorials or eye makeup tutorials, little fun things like that! Keep up the great work and thanks for constantly doing giveaways!

  217. Logan D says

    I really like videos that are make up tutorials but calming as well. Perhaps, a good way to improve to do a relaxing makeup or face mask tutorial every now and then.

  218. Sarah says

    Hi Klaire! Sorry if this comment is a bit long, but I do have some suggetions for your blog that I hope you’ll consider.:)
    First off, your my favorite youtuber, and I love your content, so that explains why I’d love to see these things come from you. :) First off, I’d love to see your makeup collection. I live in Americ, and haven’t seen a lot of the makeup that you use in your videos. Also, it’d be cool if you reccomend palettes for beginners. You should start doing “quick tips” here on you blog, and just show simple but helpful techniques. :) I’d definatley like to see more nail tutorials, and maybe some DIYs?It’d be awesome if you showed masks or facial care for different skin types(dry, oily, acne prone, normal, etc.)
    Overall I really love and appreciate everything you do, you’re a huge inspiration to me. :) Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway!(:

  219. Gwenn says

    I would prefer if you keep doing what I like you the most for and what sets you apart from other beauty channels: you’re very artistic and it shows in your tutorials. I also really liked the more “experimental” videos, like the one in which you got your hand and face cast. Please continue to share your creativity with us!

  220. Emma Bonerb says

    On your blog, your photography is incredible! I’m always impressed by it. So are your topics, but maybe you can change them up a bit. Usually, it’s about the same thing, reviews, but you could tell more about yourself- but not to the point where it’s TOO personal. Other than that, I can’t think of a lot to change about your videos… Maybe more out of the box ideas. Although, I really love your channel! :D

  221. Caroline says

    I would say more holliday looks, perhaps some interviews with your favourite artists. For the lay out, keep it nice and simple, perhaps an extra function to also view in dark background and white lettering, it’s more calming for the eyes than black on white.

    I think your blog is perfect though, it’s really difficult to come up with something..

    Perhaps add a make up series? Like the seven sins, seven nice looks with the sins as theme.

  222. Zoe says

    I think you should do more of your extravagant artsy makeup tutorials, they’re really fascinating to watch. I’d also love to see more of the hand art videos you did a while back. :)

  223. eva says


    your blog is one of the most creative ones out of all my youtube subscriptions :D
    I really enjoy everything you do basically, since you do have a unique approach, but I would really like more of your art-related stuff :D And what will happen with the head and hand prosthetic :D

  224. Hannah says

    Hi there, Klaire! :)
    First thing to say, I really like your videos, they are always creative and entertaining.
    About your blog I have to say that it’s very beautiful! About something I’d like to see/ read is for example what your make-ups look like on other people with different-shaped faces or things you do other than the make-up art. I really loved the dragon-painting-video you did, I’d like to see more of those! Also I’m very interested in your art style, so if you did some kind of FAQ video about how you ended up with your current style of drawing/painting and when you started it all I’d really like it :)
    Best wishes ♥

  225. Sarah Rhi says

    Hi Klaire! Your tutorials are amazing as always! I actually wouldn’t change much about your blog, it’s good enough already! You could maybe tell us which other makeup artist you find good as well and a recommendation thing? And I’d love to see more special effect makeups as well!

  226. Tonya D says

    I like it as it is, but maybe try some celebrity inspired themed looks, or a popular guru’s look & put your own twist on that look of the day maybe? It’s hard to make suggestions when I have no qualms or think any improvements are necessary =)

  227. Jinjin says

    I love your videos and blog. I would love it if you could do more art videos because I think you are so talented and your art really does inspire me :) Thanks for hosting this amazing giveaway. :)

  228. Andrea says

    I would really like some tips about acne issues, or DIY videos are really good, I think that you have an amaizing talent, a true artist ! Thank you for all the time you spent on us! we really apreciated!

  229. Kiyo says

    you could improve your blog/ channel with a little more fan-contact. of course only as much as you like but some vlogs or a section here where people can just ask you silly questions like what your favourite movies are or stuff like that :-)

  230. Amanda says

    I think that having a little debate post would be quite nice! Like, post two (Or more) similar products that are from different brands and ask your viewers to comment saying which one they prefer, why they don’t like the other or maybe even suggesting another product that, in their opinion, is better than the ones posted! :

  231. Stephanie says

    I love your reviews and such but I miss you beautiful creative tutorials! Id love love love to see some more of them. I’ve never seen one from you I didnt love or want to try. Thanks for being awesome!

  232. Meg says

    I love your videos and your reviews, but I especially love the artistic videos where you create the creatures on your hands or paint. So I guess my suggestion is for you to have more videos showing us your artwork and artistic talents.

  233. Bertha says

    I love your blog already! But you can do more diy and artistic looks for your posts! Or posts about how you got your idea or how you plan for videos. :D

  234. Megann says

    I was stumped for what to put for you to improveon.. I still am. But if i was to be extremley critical…better lighting this is a problem that i think everybody has but there isnt anything else to put!!xxxxxx

  235. Giuly_Chan says

    I’d like to see more eye-make up tutorials, I mean with wearable make ups :) and why not some review of your favourite products :)

  236. Astrid says

    For your videos I would like the volume to be more even, in most of your videos I have to turn the speakers up to even hear you speak but the music is loud enough to bother people in the next room. I prefer it to be more like ambience music rather than a distraction from the visuals.
    For the blog it would be nice with a background, something light and simple so it doesnt steal the focus but is still pretty. Other than that all is good :)

  237. Hayley says

    I love everything you do! The only improvement I could possibly think of is telling us more about yourself. A little more personal. You are so talented and an overall intriguing person, I’d love to know more about you =)

  238. says

    Hi :) Maybe you could explain how you take the photos, the clothing, props and accessories you choose. Some behind the scenes, maybe.
    Also, color palettes or thing you always have in mind.
    When it comes to the reviews, I really like them. They are simple, but the structure and information works well. Maybe you could add “stars” to them. Like, 3/5 if it’s a so-so product, a 1/5 if its bad…
    Overall, the blog seems complete and easy to navigate.
    My name in youtube is Emi Calvo :)

  239. Joanna says

    In my opinion the blog’s cool. Maybe a little messy, I’m not really sure why. It maybe is these loads of informations all over the page. Hard to look at them at the same time. Well, for me. ;) Apart from that I’d like to ask you for more DIY tutorials and some make-up tips like… ‘if you have a round face, you should use your bronzer like this’. Tips’re always useful.

  240. Carol G says

    I would LOVE for you to do more artistic and nail videos. I think your artistic videos especially set you apart from everyone else I am subscribed to! Plus you do nail art so effortlessly and I know I can say on behalf of everyone that they are so fun to watch and do!

  241. Hannady Alberto says

    I think you could improve your blog/videos by doing hauls or more every day looks, so basically get more verities of videos.

  242. Siobhan says

    You can improve by showing and writing your daily makeup or lipstick or nail vanish, I would love to see that to see how the colours change during the seasons

  243. Alexis says

    I think your page needs a punch of colour something that really pops and stands out whites just a little too… blah

  244. Cathy says

    hello! I actually don’t have any important suggestion but maybe you could change the background of the blog, It’s a little bit too hard on the eyes, but aside that the style is simple yet pretty :)

  245. Katie says

    I really think your blog is beautiful. But what you could do is do a tip every day on your blog. Like a tip of the day sort of thing. Xx

  246. rebekka says

    You could blog more about the artistic makeup that you do and are so good at :) also it would be interested in more tips & techniques

  247. Sierra says

    I love your blog already! I actually quite enjoy your reviews! Maybe some blogs about beauty tips like, hair, skin, nails. Make up talk about your favorite style of fashion and make up? Oh! I would love if you posted more art in here I love your art and are you just naturally gifted or did you learn how to paint and what got you into art. :)

  248. Rhiannon sarah says

    I’d love to see slightly longer, more in depth videos. Thats the only way i think you can improve tbh|!

  249. Ellen says

    This looks awesome! And I’d love to see drawing tutorials on your blog, like pictures and step by step advice?

  250. Maria says

    Maybe improve by doing some home remedies or tips? For example how some people use natural products instead of the expensive stuff at the store. Its not everybody’s thing though, that’s really just the only thing I can think of. Haha.

  251. H says

    Hi Klair. I think as a auggestion for future videos will be to perhaps consider doing hair care or skin care routine – a sort of video blog of your own products you like to use and recomendations in regards to skin and hair. This is not really an ‘improvement’ but a suggestion of what other videos you can do. The reason I suggested this is because I think you have really good skin and hair! Apart from that, I really enjoy looking at your blog and watching your youtube videos.

  252. Iness says

    Hello! I looove you’re videos and its really hard to think of something…. Maybe doing more reviews !! ;)

  253. Johanna says

    I would like to see more videos of matching all together. With that i meen cloths, makeup and nails. And pictures pictures pictures.

  254. Hui Ling says

    Maybe you could Vlog a little :) Could be interesting to know what you doing normally :D and i love your make ups !

  255. leah says

    Your blog is wonderful; I love the reviews you give, but I would really like to see more of makeup that you either wear from day to day or makeup when you go out, I basically just want to see your face more :P But anyways, the blog is great and the channels great, your tutorials are pretty much the only ones I always watch all the way through!! You do amazing giveaways btw, I can only hope to win one one day! x

  256. says

    You could maybe tell the price of the products you used. A lot of people, myself included, would benefit and appreciate that. You could do stuff like cleaning your brushes, and everyday makeup/hair/OOTD videos. Also, speaking a little louder and clearer would help too. (:

  257. Kay says


    I would like to see step-by-steps in some of the blog posts that you do. That would be really helpful for things like before and afters as well :)


  258. Emily D says

    I think that your blot is great. What i think would be cool is if you put a whole different section for special effects makeup.

  259. Samantha Mead says

    Honestly, everything you do is near perfection I can’t think of too much for you to improve on. Maybe more nail art tutorials, special FX make up or more art tutorials like the dragon egg. Basically just more of you.
    – TheHarlequinLady

  260. says

    I absolutely LOVE all your videos and to be honest, there is not much you can do to improve them. The music is perfect, you’re great at telling about the products and you are great at explaining everything. So yeah :D
    Keep up the AMAZING work! :)

    ps. I’d love some hair tutorials and maybe everyday make-up tutorials on top of the amazing creative ones you make!! :)

  261. Melina says

    Hey Klaire, I really like your videos and your blog! On your blog I would like to see, additionally, maybe some outfit of the day pictures, make-up of the day, more make-up tutorials. I get really inspired from blogs and I always love to look at beautiful pictures.

  262. Lhene9 says

    It would be nice to see more recommendation posts, like: “If you like x product, then you might also like this y product.” Stuff like that. Sometimes it’s hard to find out about those lower-key products, y’know?

  263. Zee says

    I love seeing more costume type make-up looks, like favourite characters form movies or Tv shows. For the blog maybe try every once doing a “look of the day” kind of thing. Like a simple make-up look from something that has inspired you that day, but you don’t really want to make a video for. Or maybe try doing a make-up look inspired off of some of your favourite songs,you can tell us how this song has inspired you, what colours it made you think of, and than just have one or two pictures of that look at thats it! :)
    But really your videos and blog are wonderful just the way they are!

  264. Amy says

    Maybe you could do a little video series about ‘Make up for beginners’ I’m nearly 15 now and I am just experimenting with make up, maybe you could do some videos explaining what are some must haves, what brushes are needed and what they are used for, what is the best make up looks for a teenager at school or even just advice or tips on how to apply make up properly. I would love to see something like this from you I think it would be amazing. Thank you :)

  265. Autumn says

    I would love it if you did maybe some DIYs and random things like join me while I christmas shop ;)
    Thnx see ya

  266. Esmeralda says

    I love your videos so much (: What I would suggest is to sometimes, or occasionally, do makeup/hair/outfit videos that include how you came up with the look, such as finding tulips, or something and making an entire look based off the one thing. Or you could do it off a painting. Plus, if you get bored, make it fun!! Go out and do some challenges, or other things of the sort. So thank you so much for making your videos after so long, they have helped me so much, and it inspires me. (: Have fun picking a winner Klaire.

  267. Ynke says

    pure technically i don’t always quite like the sound quality of your videos, maybe an idea for christmass to invest in a new mic ;)
    and for content maybe more hair tutorial, how to style it without heat and stuff ;)

  268. Aline Lisboa says

    I think you should do more makeup looks, look of the day or show your favorites makeup/stores to buy it.

  269. Hannah says

    Hey ^^
    Maybe you can do more themed with the holliday or some more dark looks (just my taste maybe ^^)
    Ps. love youre channel <3

  270. Azalea says

    Hello, Fist off I want to thank you for the giveaway:) So THANK YOU! and now: ways I think you can improve you blog would be to post tutorials on drawing or painting (in general art). I would really like to see that. As for your YouTube videos I absolutely LOVE when you do the exotic artsy makeup tutorial. I learn a lot from those especially because I am a Theatrical Arts Make up Student. Thank you and have a great day!

  271. says

    Hey Klaire!
    How about a Video about one day in your life? :)

    You could also tell us how and why you got interested into make up.

  272. Teodora says

    I think that you could do more artistic videos, like drawing for example. The simple steps to make a beautuful drawing, shadows, contour. It will be very nice and will help much people who want to learn to draw. You are an artist and you’ll give perfect lessons. Also, you could do, more diy videos. :)

  273. says

    You could improve your bolg/videos by doing more of a selection of colors for the different makeup looks, also you could show us ow to do makeup on other people(I have a really hard time doing it on other people). And I also really like the DIY vidoes. Thank you for reading!

  274. Drago says

    I would love to see you using make up in another faces, like, a person with acne, or a asian/black! I think even some old people too, so you can show us that make up can resolve many problems, and how to do so!

  275. Holly says

    I think that your series of makeup videos like the dragon tattoo one are really good.. More things like this would begreat to see aswell as more everyday/evening makeups and maybe venture into showing people how to style wigs?? Love all your videos none the less :D x

  276. Elda says

    i haven’t read your blog until now but on your youtube channel i’d love to see more eye or complete make-up tutorials like you’ve done in the past in your first videos. :)

  277. JoAnn says

    I would like to see picture of different nail polishes you have paint on your nails! I like to know what the color looks like because most the time it doesnt look like the bottle color,
    My Youtube is luckeycharm73.

  278. Nicole says

    I think it would be nice to see some simpler makeup looks on your blog with step by step pictures and little descriptions. I really enjoy the more complicated looks you do that need videos to understand properly but I think some simple looks would be good too.

  279. Angelica says

    Personally I love your blog <3 but I would really love to see you do daily blog post of some sort for example a look that inspired your make up, outfit, nail for that day.^_^

  280. Katherine says

    I absolutely love you style! Some more DIY projects would be great! They’re always so clever and useful :)

  281. Ambrelune says

    I’ve been following you for years and I absolutely love your blog ! I’d say that you can give tips to beginners for creating “artistic” make up. For example, I swear I still have no idea how you can draw precise and defined eyeliners lines. I would also love to see more “Lush” reviews of yours ! I actually haven’t seen one of your reviews which I disagree with.
    Thank you for your dedication !

  282. Kelsey says

    I find your blog really easy to navigate and very eloquently written. I like reviews because I trust your opinion. So I can’t really think of a legitimate way you could improve; I really like it as it stands currently. x

  283. LadyMoonlight says

    I really like it just the way it is. It’s organized, it’s simple, it’s nice.
    For the ideas, I would like to see more of your creative side like painting or drawing or artistic make up.

  284. Kristie-Anne royal says

    I like your blog the way it is, its clean and simple. but to see more of your fantasy looks would be cool beans :)

  285. Keren sanguino says

    I think your blog would be really unique if perhaps you included some of your art work as the background or on graphics :)

  286. Michailalein says

    I would love to read some practical beauty tips… Reviews are always a bit tricky because not every product is sold in every country

  287. Cassie says

    Maybe if you made it more colorful? To catch people’s eye’s more? And for your amazing videos, maybe something more easier to do?

  288. Olivia says

    I think you should create more special effects,because they’re really cool, and you could do some DIY projects, masks, bags, and stuff similar to those glass makeup jars you made with nail polish and latex :)

  289. says

    I really enjoy watching special effects tutorials and creative nail art! :3 Thanks for making tutorial c: you’re really inspiring ^ ^

  290. Alice says

    I love that you have your style in your videos and don’t be all like “hey! let’s do the 300ed natural makeuplook!” you know what I mean, your unique and everyone can find something interesting in you videos.

  291. says

    I would really love to see more of your makeup tutorials, more of the prosthetic makeup (I absolutely loved your videos on how to make a hand and face cast, it was amazing). So more of those. Love your YouTube channel, you are so lovely and nice.

  292. Vera says

    Maybe you could do some kind of “series” for everyday makeup, because i love your videos but there are a few looks that i could pull off on a common day. :)

  293. Amanda says

    I am loving to see how you do your hair. It looks beautiful every time.
    Or could you show how to color your hair?

  294. Annika says

    Maybe you should be more cheery, and maybe do beginner makeup tutorials! :3

    Maybe make tags and stuff, like the no mirror C:

  295. Anastasia says

    Hello Klaire, I absolutely love your blog and youtube channel, You’re a huge inspiration to me. I would like to see (if you can), some art tutorials maybe? only if you’re up for it though!

  296. Debbie Little says

    I think you should do more artistic makeup tutorials like the really extravagant ones. I’ve learned some much from the ones you have posted!

  297. Sónia Ruivo says

    I really like what you’re doing so far, I do miss de make up tutorials I had a lot of fun trying them out! So i guess that would be a suggestion. In terms of the blog I don’t know, again, I like what you’re doing so far (: I hope everything is going well with you and keep up the good work (: Kisss ^^

  298. Summer says

    Hiya Klaire! Honoustly I wouldn’t change too much because your blog is amazng as it is, but maybe for future posts or videos show us a few of your favourite products that you would recommend! <3

  299. Ylva says

    I kind of feel like you have toned down your tutorials lately (they’re still awesome, thought^^), so I would love to see more of those all-out, intricate and colourful make-up masks and stuff like that!

  300. Jenn says

    Maybe try another type of blog site? There are some more blogs but that’s just a suggestion ^^
    For your videos I absolutely adore how they are right now, but I’d like to see a few more hair tutorials again…

  301. Nancy Alexandre says

    Thanks first of all, I believe you are doing great so far on your blog, I guess if you want people to be more interested use the daily things subjects things people do everyday and would love to hear tips on it, good luck :)

  302. Feria says

    Really the only way I think you could improve is perhaps sometimes do simpler tutorials. I’m really just getting into make up, and the harder ones are awesome, but I can’t ever do them because I’m pretty inexperienced with make up in general, and I know there are other out there like me too. Like, perhaps some fun and awesome make ups for places like work, and others for nights going dancing with my girlfriends.

    Other than that, I really adore your reviews and I love how much work you put into this. All of this. The videos and the reviews (I’ve gotten the soap and it’s AMAZING!) are great and very entertaining and informative.

    Thank you for all your hard work :)

  303. Lizzie says

    I would love to see some more recommendations. It’s always nice to know that you are investing in a product that you have heard good things about. You may think these are too close to reviews, but I think recommendations are slightly different and definitely more positive.

    I also really love your DIY videos and would love to see more of those.

  304. Anastasia says

    I think you should do something like the twelve days of Christmas: a tutorial for each of the days.

  305. Audrey says

    Maybe you could do something like your favorite look of the week thing? Like your favorite outfit and makeup look you wore every week or so. And show us how to do it and where you got your outfit? :)

  306. Alyssa Taylor says

    I love trying all ur tutorials. I couldn’t be more excited for Halloween there should be a week of Halloween in stead of one night lol. But I love how short and simple u make ur videos. The only way I think u could improve ur stuff is maybe design some looks that are still unique yet wearable for every day. I think this would be a fun challenge for u and everyone watching :)

  307. Shan says

    I really enjoy reading your DIY and artistic blogs! I think you could do more of these as you know whats the best for our skin, and you can create different kinds of mask that suits people with different skin types. And you are so talented in art, love to see more of your art pieces. Btw, the hand cast and the face cast were really interesting, as it’s not the kind of stuff that everyone has the chance or talent to do that. xx

  308. Rebecca says

    To improve,although your already awesome, I’d love to see more exotic makeup looks (more halloween type ones) but also very easy nice casual ones that you can wear without fake eyelashes (because I nottice you use them quite often where as in regular life i find it a bit much) and maybe a hair tutorial?? love you :)

  309. KaT says

    To be fair, I agree with most of the opinions here. It would be nice to see a look of the day on the blog. As for videos, other then more videos simply because I love them, there is very little I can think of for you to improve upon.

  310. says

    klaire, I love your videos and your blog. I know what I want to be when I grow up now. I want to be a makeup artist like you. maybe you could do a video explaining photography and how you film the videos. <3 I hope I win! :D

  311. Caroline says

    Maybe you could try doing tip type blogs, for people with more limited resources (country not selling things, money, stuff like that)

  312. Rose says

    Well since you like doing a lot of reviews, you could improve them somehow.
    I really like the reviews that Marlena does on
    I especially like the written reviews that she does to go along with her video reviews.

  313. Lisa welsh says

    The only way you can improve is by making more !! Lol one a week isn’t enough of a fix for me ! :D
    Realisicaly I know you can’t due to uni and you also need to have some free time. I really enjoy your vids and don’t think you should change. Quite new to the blog but no complaints so far :) xxx

  314. Josh Duncan says

    Personally, I prefer the more theatrical dramatic looks? So it would be good to see more stuff like that! For example: the face cast video was so interesting :D

  315. Alexa H says

    Honestly, I love when you do artsy makeup or costume makeups…I actually like to wear the artsy ones to school so more of those would be lovely.

  316. Heather says

    I would love for you to a favourite video or blog post each month. I would love some reviews on your favourite pressed powders and some DIY videos or blog posts. :)

  317. Hodan says

    I’d love to win this giveaway, so ENTER ME!

    Also I’d say for videos just spend a tiny bit more time showing the product and describing the colour etc
    For blogs I love reviews so keep doing that definitely. However if I must put a criticism it would be try doing more home decor that can always be fun to make and watch, so everyone wins :)

  318. Lisa Brown says

    The blog seems very complete. Fun enticements for readers to top by and participate could be daily random fun polls to answer, posting or giving a heads up to coupons from cruelty-free companies. Maybe a more cheerful color for your blog background or add more color somewhere.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  319. Maha al-Nassrt says

    I know a lot of people as for this but I’d really like to know about your newest make-up product care methods. I know you’ve got a lot of products so I keep wondering how you keep them all safe and harm free plus elongating expiration dates :)

  320. Sage says

    Personally I love your makeup tutorials and have been watching them for quite a while, I love them because they’re creative and unique. I really don’t think you should change anything.

  321. Irina says

    I think you should talk more about art and art supplies.
    You’re a great artist and I would love love love to know what tools do you use (especially interested in paper) and you know how to find bargains!

  322. Melissa Lopez says

    i think that if you did more looks of the day type of posts it would be nice along with maybe a personal blog here and there of something fun or adventurous you did some days. crazy creative nail art blogs are also much enjoyed, plus your opinions on recent “makeup trends”.

  323. Natalie says

    I’d love to see more of your drawings. Maybe do a few little basic How to Draw things looking at the things a lot of people may have trouble with such as hands eyes and such.

  324. Cathaysa says

    I like your blog like that at this moment. I think you can do moooore makeup videos!! but only because I love watch your videos!! You can upload videos abaout your paints! I wanna see u in action, painting! :)

  325. Kayi Cheng says

    You should try to talk to other youtube user(famous people) and they are doing the same thing with you.such as doing makeup or hair.they can give you a shoutout.or suguesst other poeple to follow or check you out :)

  326. Willy says

    Maybe you could incorporate some drugstore makeup in your videos? Which products are the best/worst, cheapest, availability. I feel some people may find it difficult to find the brands you use specifically if it’s a face cream or a cleanser or something. I don’t mean for you to replace your makeup tutorials with drugstore makeup (nooo D:) but something like a haul or “what’s the best,” types of videos. Thank you! Keep making videos! :D

  327. Janiece says

    I think you can improve your blog by giving tips and tricks on how to wear your looks with different skin tones. I love your blod and you tube channel and would love to know how i can use these looks with my skin tone. (im afican american) also i think you should do more tutorials. I love the reviews but i want more makeup! lol. Please and thanks!

  328. Alyssa Nezbeth says

    I think to improve your videos there should be more like talking to the camera video rather than voice overs. I love all your videos though :)

  329. Natalia says

    i think i would like more dramaric make ups.. but that might be just what i like.. daily looks are cool and fun to watch as well :) i love your work!

  330. Abbi says

    Klaire, I honestly LOVE all of your videos. The only way you could improve is to stop being so hard on yourself! Every look you create is absolutely gorgeous and high quality. Excellent work. Keep it up. :)

  331. Josie says

    I think it would be awesome if you could do nail art for people with unsteady hands. I love all of your tutorials

  332. Eva says

    I love all your reviews, they’re so helpful before heading out to the shops and being sold something I’ll never use. I think you could include more photography stuff or some DIYS on the blog though. Thank you so much for making your videos, they’ve really helped me. C:

  333. Barbie says

    Hey DoLL! I really like your Blog. Some DIY’S & Maybe Some “Everyday” looks would be Really Cool! Thnx @4- This Giveaway! XOXOXO <3 Barbie <3

  334. Melissa says

    You could maybe post quick tips and tricks on your blog and more nail art videos on your channel. :)

  335. Antonia Subiabre says

    Maybe it would be a good idea if you make an intro in your videos were you talk to us about the look that you are going to share, but the whole backstage the music, and all is great

  336. Aisha says

    Once again, I need to thank you for all of your awesome giveaways!
    One thing I’d love to see on your blog is a mobile version. I am usually on the go and I have my iPhone on me all the time. Your blog is lagging a lot and sometimes don’t post my comments. It would be just great if you could look a little bit into this :)
    Oh and I enter! Haha

  337. Ruby says

    I think you should have more everyday looks maybe more smokey and dark looks more makeup tutorials for younger people like teens as i know a lot of teens who watch your tutorials

  338. Annie says

    Personally, I would like to see you interact with your viewers more. Topics such as Q and A. It helps us to get to know you beyond a youtube guru. We want to see you more in a more relatable light.

    I would also love to read about advice for artists and future artists. I think you should put up a section soley for art and photography. I’m sure a lot of artists watch your videos and read your blog. I think we would also really enjoy speed paint and art related videos from you!

    I also would like to say, I personally prefer the more artsy, dramatic, not-so-wearable looks from you just because there are far too many gurus that post wearable looks.

  339. says

    since you are extremely talented and artistic, why won’t you make your each video more cinematic like just we are watching a movie, there’s a story on it… u klaire!

  340. Leah Keiley says

    overall i love your blog but i would love to see more diy’s and maybe some more giveaways because everyone loves those. Guaranteed!

  341. Keren says

    I don’t usually wear makeup. I am not sure what to apply first, how should i do it,what is a must have, the brushes,etc etc etc. But i would like to start wearing and using make up. Since i am not sure how you could improve your website, i told you my situation. maybe it inspire you to make like a section for noobs or something similar.

  342. Ruby says

    i think you should do more dark and smokey everyday looks and for more teens as i know a lot of teenagers who watch you makeup looks

  343. billie thomas says

    i think you could do step by step tutorials with pictures :) love your videos, my insperation! xxx

  344. Saira says

    I love you artistic looks, but I would love to see more everyday looks. Maybe do a video on how you look on your way out to a party (you know something like that). A video on outfits, I like seeing all the different styles on youtube would love to see yours :D Thanks for all your Videos Hugs

  345. Jennifer Ye says

    U can improve ur blog by adding fashion tips, I love u and hope to win for my sister keep making vids and hope u do well in university

  346. T.K. says

    Maybe you could do something to show people how to make you makeup look the best for pictures. I know that I only have drugstore products and my cell phone to take pictures and my makeup looks good in person but then doesn’t show up at all in pictures, so maybe how to make your makeup look the best and what is the best lighting etc.

  347. Maddie says

    I think that would be awesome if you could do some makeup inspired by your art or history of art in general. A lot of people that join your giveaway had the same idea because i think you are one of the few original makeup gurus on youtube, a lot of artistic thing, in someway you have a dark-sophisticated look, very catchy. History of art and the artistic current in general could be a great inspiration for you and wonderful for us to watch :D

  348. Brenda says

    While I absolutely love your blog, and appreciate the simplicity, I think some soft swirly designs to the background would match better with the letterhead. Thanks for the giveaway! =D

  349. Becca says

    I would love to see tutorials on your paintings :) or even just some tips to get something going. I am also a huge fan of your Arabian type tutorials and I would really enjoy some more ethnic ones :D maybe Chinese or African? Anyhow I really enjoy your YouTube channel and my new found love for your blog so please just keep doin Watcha doin <3 xxxxxxx

  350. Jelena says

    I’ll like to see more every day looks, couse I think that you’ll give them a totally new dimenson :)

  351. Elinor says

    I would love to see a blog post in which you explain how you go about creating your paintings. For example, if you were to start a new painting right now what would be your thought process? How would you go about developing your initial idea into a plan for your final composition? What research would you do in order to choose particular colours/ make sure the proportions are right etc. I absolutely adore your backgrounds and would love to have an insite of how you go about creating them :)

  352. Xoun J. says

    I jumped around on your blog to see if there was anything I can input on ways to improve it. I find that its very neat and already great, but I would like to suggest maybe add more of a personal touch. Stuff about your actual self. Share with us some of your thoughts on things that happen in your every day life. I see you have a random section, but you don’t update it very often. You can just talk about your experiences at Uni. What you see yourself doing as far as makeup goes. If there any goals in that area. Stuff that’ll connect us (your fans) to you on a personal level in a way. Maybe add a bloopers from your filming? Those are always enjoyable to watch. :) Hope these are some helpful tips, and thank you for the giveaway Klaire!

  353. Zoi says

    Enter me please!! I think you should talk about DIY projects. They’re really fun and interesting!!

  354. Kayla N says

    I actually love that you’re doing reviews, but I find it hard to get the products that you review. A few reviews of drug store products would be nice. =3

  355. Jasmine says

    i think you should do more everyday looks. something that we could wear on a date or going out with friends.

  356. Sabrina says

    I think you should have a look of the day that you can wear just about anywhere without wearing too much or too little makeup. I think that this would be good for teens, going to the grocery store or just having fun with friends. A lot of the looks I find, they’re all the same. I would like to see different looks but kind of revolve around the same type of look. For example, with different colors or/and different eye liner looks.

  357. amy says

    I would love it if you did some DIY videos or GIY videos like ingrid / missglamorazi does as I love learning how to make things creative and cheaply xx

  358. Elissa says

    I feel you should do really adventurous looks. All makeup gurus do the same thing over and over again with different colours for the lips and eyelids but the shape and technique are still the same. I love your blog and videos because it’s not usually that. I wouldn’t ask for more frequent videos either, just have a routine so I know when the next video will be up.

  359. Stephen chen says

    i saw my girlfriend watching your videos, so i decided to check you out as well, and I am a photographer myself and absolutely love your photos. you can really tell, well me and my girlfriend can,how much time and effort you spend into creating such beautiful, original ideas and designs that you share with us. and they always look so proffesional yet so much fun. if i may suggest, if you wanted to juts post up really artsy photos of you with creative makeup on, take some picutre and post them just for fun, doesnt have to be a video, to show us your creative side. :)

  360. Carmen says

    I would love it if we could see more dramatic makeup for everyday, I love all your art/fantasy looks but its hard to translate them into an everyday look.

  361. moa says

    you could do a outfit or look of the day and just simple what make-up you are using what clothes you are wearing and what brand an so on that would be really fun to reed and looove your videos!!

  362. Nicole Taylor says

    I love your photos, your reviews and how you also admire cruelty free makeup. Sometimes your lighting is too bright and its hard to see things clearly, but other than that everything is really really good. your photography and creativity is appreciated, because i know that its a lot of effort to make creative things :)

  363. diana says

    I think you can improve by posting more makeup videos or pictures of outfit or art of the day. Keep up the great work xx

  364. Laura says

    A way you could improve your videos, is, you could make a great ‘Layout’ if you can say that? I mean, with some text, on a pretty background, to say, what was going on in this video :-)

  365. Jessica says

    I love your blog, and I think you could try to show more of your artworks which I really enjoy =] They are all so pretty and well done and I love seeing the works you do, not just makeup. =]

  366. Emilia says

    I guess I’d like to see some quicky tips and tricks of make-up or nail art, something to help us with our looks :)

  367. Sonia says

    Your blog is really good, but I think that we can always improve everything we do. Firstly I recomend you to do some makeup looks that you can wear everyday, I mean something more wearable. Another option could be DIY tutorials or advices on makeup conservation! Anyway, I love your blog!

  368. Renée lessard says

    I would love to see you do everyday looks, that someone could wear to work or school but is still dramatic :-P

  369. Kyrsten says

    If you’d post a picture of like what makeup look your wearing and have us vote on which one we wanna see a tutorial on, or tutorials on ones you wanna do tutorials on.(:

  370. Danai says

    I don’t know if it will be helpful to you much, but I guess a transcription of what you say could be useful to those of us who aren’t native english speakers (or are deaf).

    Also, I would very much ejoy a video with contouring that actually shows some real difference to the shape of the face – and I don’t mean only the regular “high cheek bones, tiny nose” one…:)

    That’s all! Best regards from Poland!

  371. kya says

    well mabe you could do daily looks,special effects and also some cheep easy ways to do makeup make for beginners :)

  372. Zeynep says

    I really liked your nail tutorials, so i think it would be better when you would more of them

    and how about a kind of “make-up of the day” where you show your make up which you wear that day :D

  373. Madelyn Burgdorff says

    I would love to see looks of the day, it wouldn’t have to be your entire look, but you could do nails, makeup, outfits, etc. I would also love to see more of your style instead of what you think we would like to see. :)

  374. Amanda says

    I’d love to see more everyday makeup looks, perhaps you could also do some “behind the scenes” of your projects. Otherwise, your blog and videos are fantastic just the way they are :)

  375. Bianca says

    Honestly, I really love your videos already how it is. I feel like you should make more videos though. Your special effects tutorials are very entertaining to watch so it would be lovely if you uploaded more! <3

  376. says

    I think you should branch out to other subjects revolving around subjects that you have an interest and that some of your viewers would enjoy, such as a style section or hair how-to’s (just an idea, I’m not sure if you’re interested in those subjects, but it seems like a lot of viewers here are interested in all aspects of cosmetology and fashion). You could give tips on dressing appropriately for different body types or important staple pieces to have in a wardrobe, you could post pictures of what you wear from day to day/weekly, and you could do hairstyle tutorials. It seems that’s what a lot of makeup gurus on YouTube are doing.

  377. Ria Smith says

    I love the design of your blog, it’s clear how much time and effort you’ve put in to give us information! I love the colours and the easy to read text on the white background. Your photography is very good quality and highly creative. I know you asked for feedback but I really see no reason to improve or change your blog except to update it!

    In regards to videos, i’d definitely love to see more less formal makeup tutorials for looks you like/ enjoy wearing for people who wear makeup everyday and need fresh ideas. I love your designs and i would prefer getting colour and shape inspiration from your content than most other gurus.

  378. Nicoletta says

    For improvement in the blog department, you could change the title text to something a bit more interesting. Also a look a day would be interesting. You could also do some tutorials on how to make halloween makeup fit everyday.

  379. Chloe says

    I would love to see more colourful makeup looks, you seemed to have sound and lighting perfect, and the artistic ways in which you display the video (including background) is original and artistic. Perhaps some cosplay tutorials might be nice

  380. Heather Reining says

    I think doing more artwork videos, and putting time lapse photos on the blog of the process would be something interesting to add

  381. Dori says

    More DIY’S!! I Love ur diy’s would like to see more of that. & by the way you’re so talented u inspire me :DDD xoxo

  382. Shana says

    I think you should do more tutorials because you do makeup so well… But wearable ones cause the others are just fun to watch ! I d like to Reader more reviews, to Know what you think, give us more personnal thoughts :) thanx for the giveaway !

  383. says

    For your videos maybe have themed months for tutorials? For example maybe “Party month” or “Glam month” or “Space Month ” or “Nature month” or “Supernatural month” or “special effects month” ? Because then your playlists could be extremely categorized and easier to sort through for ideas?

    For your blog you could have maybe a picture of the month of certain make up looks you found inspiring or just pictures of things or people you drew inspiration from! Because its clear you really think your designs out and it would be interesting to see where that came from!
    Love your art,your ideas and your sheer simplicity and clarity when explaining!

  384. Jessie P. says

    I love your videos, but I’d love to see more costume makeup or maybe more nail videos. I like to wow my friends with amazing nails. Thank you.

  385. says

    What I would find very interesting is a list of cruelty free products. It gives a nice overview. I love that with every review you add wether or not it’s cruelty free, but a list would actually come in so handy ^^

    Maybe a few more DIY’s would be nice as well or quick (beauty or makeup) tips.

    Love you :) so generous <3

  386. claudia klocker says

    To be honest I think your blogs are fine as they are, the presentation and quality is always good and the content is relevant. However you could improve them by being less professional and adding more of your personality. this is just my opinion n.n

  387. Patthamon S says

    I love everything that you did but some make up is not wearable for everyday life style or it’s a bit difficult to adapt to asian type like me.
    Anyway, I do enjoy follow you here and youtube :)

  388. May Yokoo says

    I love make-up tutorials, maybe you could make more make-up tutorials like your everyday look kinda thing.
    I also like to watch you doing your paintings. Maybe more painting videos too. :)

  389. Khushmeen says

    I like your blog it is really nice, but you can add more colour and make it more eye catching.

  390. Natalie Currie says

    I am “inspired by you so I would like to hear more about what inspired titans maybe you could take inspiration from us, asking more what look people want to see, like pick one of three ideas, let your fans choose one?

  391. Fanný Høgnesen says

    it’d be really awesome to see you vlog sometimes, so we’d get to see how your typical everyday is, or something :).
    btw i really love your beauty videos, you’re so talented <3

  392. Janine Salinas says

    I think if you did some videos or blog posts on things that inspire you. Like paintings or other artists. Or do posts on favorite artists or something like that.

  393. Sylvia says

    you are fun your make up tutorials are really different!
    other than that I think maybe you should do some vlogs.
    And maybe you could do short clip videos of you with the make up you’ve made?
    eg: the dragon slayer, maybe you could just do a short clip video of you walking over the rocky mountains etc, it’ll look cool ~ :D
    Or even when you are doing the vampire, you just emerge from the dark etc.

    like just giving a story to your make ups!
    Would love it if each make up has a story :D

  394. Nikoleta Paftiyska says

    Hi and thank you for this giveaway! I’d really like to see more wearable and artistic makeup looks.

  395. says

    I honestly love yr blog/videos as it is, short simple, with alternative suggestions, different eye colour, its all very useful. the products you use are affordable, too bad we dont have sleek in Malaysia,anyway heres my list of suggestions

    1.challenge yourself getting make up from different countries XD

    2. give more information about the product youre using for example i rmmber in one video you said “you only need a little bit of this because this can already cover your whole palm” about a liquid lipstick(?) it would be more helpful if you added weather you love the product or not and the longetivity for example “i dont really like this because it bleeds after 2 hours upon wearing but the pigmentation is superb”. i know theres reviews on it in your blog but people are getting lazy lol. just a quick mention would be more than enough

    3. not a suggestion but a request. i would LOVE to see your take on the gyaru makeup :D with circle lenses and dramatic lashes

    4. i would to see you talk in your videos, voice overs are already good, its just i notice youtubers who dont do voice over you tend to see their personalities more. maybe just saying thanks for watching smile and wave, simple things like that. its not going to improve yr videos though because the voice over you do is already flawless but its something i would like to see

    5. Take pictures the makeup in different lighting. flash, natural, and artificial lightings, because makeup sometimes get washed out in flash photography, powdery in natural lighting (when the sun hits the face) i never had any problems with lighting before but i would like to know weather my halloween makeup gets washed up in flash photography, the reason why and alternatives to solve this problem. like “opt for a foundation that doesnt have SPF because anything with SPF tend to have a white cast on the face in flash photography”. things like that

    6. when i just started to get into false eyelashes, i rmmber watching tutorials justttt because i wanted to see the false eyelashes design and its effect. maybe you could do a brief ‘introduction’ about the effect of the eyelash design when worn. since your are a big fan of false eyelashes :D

    7. a brief warning about makeup mishaps? like “stay away from a bbq pit because heat will cause the face paint to melt”. i cannot think of any good example but i hope you get what im trying to imply , oh and how to repair if it happend

    8. Put up more singing videos please! im one of the unlucky people who discovered you had a singing channel a little too late.

    thats all, english is not my first language sorry if i mispelled, have gramatical errors. HIHI GOOD LUCK! people who wants an everyday look should go watch other youtubers. YOUR VIDEOS ARE AWESOME dont do everyday looks, they are so boring. dont contaminate your channel with boring ‘simple everyday makeup’

  396. Alex says

    I actually really like the way your blog is done. I think it would be cool if there was more than reviews. I really like hair related things, so you could do more of those maybe?

  397. Rocel Dana Mae B. Alulod says

    I would like to see something that more on make up that can be wear anywhere or more on Look of the day and more adventurous blog post :D More Giveaways :D

  398. Huifang says

    You can actually do some videos for different face shape, such as chinese, indian, thai,and dark skin people like Africa.
    Face routine video is good as well, because your skin looks so good.
    Anyway, your makeup video is amazing already. It combines makeup and art together. They look creative, nice and surprise:):):)

  399. Natasha says

    For the blog I’d suggest doing maybe Outfit Of The Days or more random doodles, but definitely more DIYs like the face scrub… more DIYs like that would be great <3

  400. Zabrina says

    I think that you should definitely do more of those extreme artistic makeup projects/series. They’re really fun, and I think they suit you better than just everyday makeup looks.

  401. Sara says

    I would love to see more hair tutorials. I love watching your videos because you have such amazing ideas.

  402. Sofia says

    I would like to see more fictional character tutorials. like fantasy and sciencefictional movies… sorry for the bad english

  403. says

    Although I absolutely adore you, I think you should make more creative videos like the one of the butterfly and I watch over and over again and never get sick of it. I am always tempted to try these videos out and you inspire me:) x

  404. Rachel says

    I….I don’t know. You already do such an amazing job. Maybe more interactive with Q and A? I don’t know I like free stuff and I like you!!

  405. Lotte says

    I’d like you to do (even) more dramatic make-up looks. I always look forward to your Halloween looks because they’re always so beautiful and detailed and I’d love to have you do more of those videos all year round :D.

  406. Michelle says

    You are doing everything perfectly on your blog and videos ,but maybe you can post skicare tips and tips on beauty . Also maybe putting more D.I.Ys , it will help people save money . In general maybe do some things that you havent done and see how it goes . Hope I helped and hope I get a chance to win .

  407. malea25 says

    I suggest you put more pictures on various topics. Your interests, passions and curiosities. I love your make-up and always happy to watch them, so do it still. Select the topic of the day and describe it.
    Polish greetings^^

  408. Hollis Marie says

    I would like to see more makeups you do, probably post pictures of like 4 makeups and let us vote on the top on maybe(: Then you could do a video on the top look.
    Thanks And I love your videos(:

  409. Sibel says

    you can make a video on how beginners can put their makeup on easily and in a short time. we like to watch your video but it is usually hard to do things like that on ourselves. make video for beginners and how you can do ur makeup nicely in a short time

  410. Cat Alexander says

    As cheesy as it is, I love everything I’ve ever seen you do. I can’t think of any improvements, but maybe some suggestions?

    You do a lot of makeup looks & reviews, so perhaps something more personal? Obviously you enjoy what you feature, but maybe top products or favourite looks? If you’ve got the time, I’d love to see another collaboration with another guru. It really highlights each person’s individuality.

  411. Madeleine says

    Hey! I really love your videos the way they’re, that’s why I watch all your videos but if you want to improve your videos you could ask your subscribers what kind of looks they want to see, a celebrity look, a party look or a transformation and they can vote. But I still don’t think you need to improve anything at all :)

  412. Karissa says

    Bright colors always does the trick to attract interest! Maybe something like that could be incorporated into your blog!

  413. Sian Clayton says

    I would love to here about, it may sound silly but, make up in relation to art. Like, do you think it is a form of art and do you think the modern style of make up is linked to modern art in anyway? Does that make sense? I’ve just always thought that make up is an art (Slapping a load of fake tan and smothering face in foundation and mascara being the equivalent of a 9 year old just chucking paint at the canvas, not really wanting to do art any justice or respect it in anyway)

  414. Alicia says

    No hold up, think this is gonna go straight through! Though it is about midnight so no-one’s here.. I like the way you do things now :) especially the recent review you did seeing as my hair thinks splits are allowed. Enter me? (not remembering if needed)Not getting the other comments seeing as I swear your description says you only do extreme/arty make up >.>

  415. Elysa A. says

    Maybe a look of the day or maybe advice/tips & tricks for make-up people of all skill levels. Also, I’d love to see more special effects stuff ranging from small tutorials and tricks.

  416. Kim says

    I think you should do more nail art tutorials! And more everyday makeup tutorials. Maybe even more hand art videos, or more collaborations :)

  417. Vesna says

    I think you can just expand your blog. It doesn’t have to be just make-up. You’re so creative that you can do like different things like make up, fashion, art, graphic design and so on… There’s different sections so people can obviously follow the stuff they like :)

  418. Shelby says

    I would like to see more DIY videos and fantasy make-up tutorials like faeries, cartoon characters, etc.

  419. Rosa says

    I think, personally mroe special effects tutorials. I really think this is soemthing that non-makeup lovers will enjoy as well, which will give mroe trafffic cosplay ones too. And more makeup tutorials that are liek yoru alce oens, mroe unique than a normal eye. You can tell i really want the stage looks, heh :) ALsom amybe yoru blog coudl be more colorful?

    sorry for all the, “what ifs”! I relaly love your tutorials for for stage makeup,sfx makeup, and real creative things. Hope i didn’t bore you to death! Bye!

  420. Noelia Angel says

    Lo siento…no se hablaringles,pero me encantas,te sigo de siempre….Lo unico que me gustaria es que hicieras mas tutoriales…el resto de tu trabajo es perfecto!

  421. Mariko says

    I think you should post more makeup looks and make a review about the products if you like it or not.

  422. FlyKanga says

    I love all your artistic makeup, I guess the only thing I would say to make them “better” is just have more of them! :-)

  423. Giovanna1616 says

    To make your Blog much more fun and interesting you can photograph your outfit/makeup of the day, or photograph your art or photograph interesting stuff you so happen to see… (people love eye catching photos). Also you can do some make up advice etc, advice for people who want to start a YT channel etc :D xx

  424. Raine Nadon says

    Edit the background. I don’t particularly like that most blows have a white background. be creative with itLet it define who you are or a characteristic you have.

  425. Cecili Lopez says

    I think you should definitely make more eyeshadow tutorials because you are extremely creative and new things are always sought out=)

  426. Heather says

    Maybe you could start doing more wearable makeup looks, I love your brightltq coloured and eccentric ones but I would love for you to start doing makeup looks that I could copy and wear! Thanks! Xx

  427. LittleL says

    techniques for begginers on video, and make-up basics here, you can say for what is every thing …

  428. Olivia says

    Makeup tips for saving money, like showing how to make your own tools, cheaper but still good makeup, etc. :)

  429. says

    I think you should improve the lighting cause sometimer I can entirely appreciate the colours when you are doing a tutorial. Love your videos :)

  430. Amber J says

    I would love to see more of your DIY and special effects stuff or maybe even some videos like tv show or movie character make up tutorials.

  431. lyvonne west says

    I love what you already do but, I personally would love to see more technical special effects, using prosthetics etc.

  432. Madison says

    Enter me, please(:
    I think your best reviews are the comparative ones. Also, maybe a day-in-the-life type thing.

  433. Veda says

    I love you’re tutorials they are awesome.
    I think you should do more things ( like you’re cyborg/termanator things that are really OUT OF THERE!) i love what you do. you are very good at you’re drawing on you’re dragon tattoo or also you’re terunator on you’re face you colored it perfect. i love what you do with all of my heart.

    i am NOT as good as you. i try but you.. way better.

  434. says

    I’d like to read about non-make-up-related/daily life stuff on your blog. Not all the time, but a bit more about you and fun/nice things you’ve experienced.

  435. Sami Lewis says

    Honestly. I think everything is perfect the way it is now. I love your looks, they never seize to amaze me. And your blog is so easy to read and colorful, :)
    Maybe you could do a few “wearable” looks. XD I’m not saying stop your arty one, no, not at all, but maybe once in a while you could do like, “natural makeup look” and stuff like that.
    Klaire, please don’t ever stop being amazing. I love your videos and everytime you post, I go all Donkey Kong and stuff. XD I love your videos so much, and not to be creepy, but I love your voice! It’s soothing… XD
    And your so pretty! Don’t stop being a wonderful person, and thank you so much for this oppertunity! Love ya!

  436. andi says

    maybe you can do some make up tutorials that would work on tan/dark skin and by the way I really love your videos

  437. Cassie says

    Thank you for doing a giveaway! The only thing I think you could do to improve you videos are maybe share how and where you get you accessories and any props you don’t make. Love your videos! :)

  438. claira says

    I like your blog just the way it is but if you are getting bord of somthing chang it I will always love what ever you do <3

  439. Bessie says

    I love reviews, but sometimes something a little personal is good too. That way we know how you are doing. Or show us what you are into at the moment, like music, clothes, or a tv show.

  440. samantha says

    could you experiment more with colour like show how well colours can work well with eachother you know with eyeshadows or do a “do’s and don’ts” for makeup now and again xxxx

  441. Korin says

    I think it would be great if you did more natural beauty stuff and information on natural beauty solutions… if that made sense

  442. Heather says

    Hi! I love your blog/videos but if you some feedback, then I think it would be nice to get some more DIY and tips for beginners videos. Also I love your special effects but I understand that they are hard and take a while so the fact that you have so many is fantastic.

  443. Lok-yeee says

    either on your blog or youtube thing you could shows us some of you favorite tips and tricks, not just for makeup other things too :)

    xxx <3

  444. Kristen says

    Hello. :) Maybe you could do makeup looks of the week and maybe do some more eccentric and fantasy looking makeup styles.

  445. Michelle says

    I would love to see a makeup of the day kind of thing, where each day if you just see someone wearing something in public or just get an idea from your head you could share it. Then maybe if it got a certain amount of feedback you could do the tutorial. :)

  446. Gabriela França says

    I think you could photograph the products and yourself in different lighting. So one picture in one angle/lighting and the next a whole ‘nother angle :) I

  447. Brittany says

    Instead of just posting reviews, why not post random shenanigans (something that happened to you that you found funny, what’s new, etc.) just to make it more personal! :)

  448. Niken says

    I think the only thing I would like to see more of on your blog is… YOU! This sounds wierd but I don’t really know too much about you. It’d be great if you spoke more about yourself and your life because I’d love to know more about you as a person not just as a youtuber x

  449. Karla arias says

    first of all your videos are amazing and very inspirational!(: you could talk a little bit louder because sometimes it’s hard to understand what you’ve said. Other than that they’re pretty good!!

  450. Wemdy says

    You should do more special occasion makeup tutorials and special occasion hair tutorials. P.S I hope I win this paleltte and if I don’t,I’s ok

  451. Courtey says

    you can improve your videos by doing more everyday looks, clubing look, lazy day looks, etc. and a vlog or to won’t be bad showing us what you do in your day, and even outfit of the day videos, you can improve your blog by putting you pictures of you fliming your tutorials, pictures of editing them, and just filling us in on when your going to be posting stuff and what your doing for the day.

    Hope this helps!! Merry Christmas!!

  452. Alyssa says

    Maybe if you did some Vlogs that would be a really cool idea, or maybe some hairstyles would be awesome too.

  453. Bianca D'Andrea says

    There isn’t really anything for you to improve on,but maybe you could do more artistic makeup because it really inspires to improve my makeup and helps me considering I’m an aspiring makeup artist.So please more artistic makeup! :)

  454. Courtney says

    I think it’d be cool if you did more DIYs. Maybe talk about some of the things you do to keep you skin and hair so healthy.

  455. Lilly says

    I love the really interesting makeup and nail arts you used to do, you should do more of those! <3

  456. Eva says

    I would love to see some make up looks for everyday, maybe with an artistic touch :) Or some nail art from time to time. Anyway I love your vids ^^

    Good luck everyone!

  457. Julia G says

    i love your videos, but i would personally make the music at the same volume or a little less than your voice? :c i always find myself turning it down quickly a few notches when it comes up! :) for your blog, maybe more nail art things?

  458. TheRubyFeline says

    I don’t know, haha, I love your artistic looks and the more intricate dramatic wearable ones. Actually pretty much all your makeup looks. Maybe enhance the appearance of the vlog, love the header but the rest is a bit stark looking.

  459. Sarah says

    I saw someone had an idea where you do a series of videos on one look – one for hair, one for makeup, and one for nails. I think that’s a pretty good idea.

    Other than that, I really like when you do makeup videos for characters from TV shows or movies, like your Game of Thrones ones. :)

  460. Patrice Nurse says

    More pictures, i love pictures and it really drives the point home, and since you get tired of reviews and make up sometime, i’d love blogs on art and home DIY’s and your life! Your a celeb you know! And ofc I wanna win, I am obsessed with this palette, id literally cry if i win

  461. Bastienne says

    You could maybe do some outfits and makeup of the day just listing the stuff you wore and putting a picture :)

  462. regina says

    I personally love ur art and. how talented you are i would always look foward to seeing new things you upload

  463. Fatima De Paz says

    I wish the lighting was better, and to give more opinion on your favorite make-up brands.

  464. says

    Maybe you could make more DIY videos, and have more crazy prosthetic transformations since your Voldemort transformation was so successful? :D

  465. Emily Ng says

    I would like to see more unique tutorials like the gross looking things xD Just tutorials that are different and not regular.

  466. Hanna says

    Hi, thanks for the giveaway. It would be nice if you could talk about more “foreign” makeup products that are not highly known compared to the Western products. E.g. I noticed you use the skin79 bb cream? Thanks again :)

  467. Leticia Wardle says

    I would love to see more videos on your other channels, I love watching how you create your props and backgrounds I find them really helpful and interesting.

  468. Aine says

    I like all your videos but i think what videos made me subscribe were your costume/halloween videos and your nail tutorials. I also like the way you edited your videos it made them entertaining. Oh and maybe some ootd videos?

  469. Ashley says

    You could do a make up vote on which make up tutorials you should do. People would love it if you asked them what they had their opinion of. And you could do make up look of the day. You maybe should do more cool nail tutorials too. If you did a nail and makeup tutorial like the makeup and nail design go together.

  470. Veronica says

    Hello! Well O really like your blog, but I think is kind of plain, I know simpler sometimes is better, perhaps it could be a little bit more colorfull, a nice background maybe, or the order in the tag list. Thanks!

  471. Marianna Dubé Marquis says

    I’ve been following you for a few years now, and I love how you polish every tutorial you do. Maybe you could do a few tags videos, to tell us a bit more about yourself and your daily life. :) x

  472. Kaci says

    I think the blog is great and the photography is very good quality. The only thing I might suggest is playing around with different fonts and backgrounds. (:

  473. Shirley says

    It would be fun to see you do tags and monthly favorites. Monthly favorites can be somewhat like a review, but not an in depth review.

  474. Michaela says

    Hi love. I like your YT videos. You are best for me, because you know how play with colours. I like see or reaad more about MUA, because I like this cosmetics and I am so interest about your shopping..try do some Vlog ;)

  475. Daniylle Whitfield says

    I’m a fan of anyone who can give me skincare advice, and upload videos with tutorials on skincare recipes that you can whip up at home as well as giving your advice on skincare products that you love and hate and why! Thanks so much!

  476. Taylor says

    I really love your blog, but how I think you could improve it is by maybe organizing things a little better? Just a little less cluttered, that’s all. But other than that, I think it’s great! :)

  477. Yaly says

    I love the new layout of the blog. You said you are getting sick of doing reviews, so why not review one item per month? You can have it in a separate section of your blog like ‘Item reviews’ lol ok I’m not that creative with names xD Anyway, I hope it gave you some kind of idea. ^^

  478. Samantha Marquez says

    I feel you can improve your blogs by posting step-by-step pictures on makeup tutorials. Links must be provided everywhere too! Like on Facebook, so we know when you post a new blog :) Love your reviews & tutorials! Great artist <3

  479. Sumali Mai says

    i think you should every once and a while use a model instead. so we can see the makeup on various types of skin tones. you could talk about what products work well with different types of skin.

  480. Elena says

    I think that your blog would be more “attractive” if you used bolder, brighter colors. I know when I’m walking through a department store items that are brightly colored always catch my attention (maybe it’s my short attention span). Also, I think you should add more tips for makeup or just art in general. I hope this helps, and thank you!

  481. Annaliese P says

    I would love to see you give some tutorials on the art you do, or videos of you working on a project.

  482. Becca says

    I think you could improve by doing a “get ready with me” type thing and for the blog, makeup tips, good makeup brands vs. bad ones etc ^~^

  483. Rebeca says

    You can improve you channel or blog by putting OOTD or some tags as the “get ready with me” type of tag =)

  484. says

    I’d like to see more art videos because i love those and they’re so different and I’d also love to see more personal videos about you bc you are quite the mystery to me but I still love you (:

  485. Gemma MacDonald says

    I’d love to see some more special effect and arty things, you’re an amazing artist! :)

  486. Sarah says

    With your videos it seems like you just speed through them and don’t really show/explain what you do so perhaps you could be more in depth about them? Especially make up tutorials!

  487. says

    I really like your reviews! I have been seeing this a lot in the other’s responses but, I think makeup of the day type posts would be cool. I also really like nail art blogs, so maybe some more about nail polish. :)

  488. selen says

    I like if you do more makeup tutorial…such as your daily makeup, tips how to get flawless dewy look with foundation, wedding makeup, bridal makeup, etc..and also could you make tutorial like wedding hairdo, bridal hairdo or something? :)

  489. Char says

    I would like to see more make up tutorials :D Maybe some more subtle stuff, as well as some colourful ones!

  490. Melissa says

    I think that you could do something like the way you came up with a look? I know that I watch your videos and I’m in total awe at how you developed it. I would love to know the early stages etc. ^^

  491. Emilija G says

    I’d make the pretty pattern from the headder image flow into the links bar and side bit to lead eye flow

  492. Tigerlily says

    Maybe a photo of the day and maybe comparing 2 products of different companies and telling us what you prefer. Also a look of the day and tell us your makeup routine and your daily routines. One other thing is what youtubers you like to watch. And more nail tutorials.

  493. josephine says

    I think you should do more artistic makeup or projects because it is interesting and fascinating to watch. Provide tips for everyday makeup like routines or care is good also.

  494. diana says

    you are so cute and you have so peaceful voice :) I WOULD LIKE TO SEE MORE MAKE UP TRICKS .. :)

  495. josephine says

    Perhaps some more fantasy makeup, and also creative wearable looks that would be awesome. <3

  496. Hannah says

    Hi there Klaire! First of all, thanks so much for this giveaway!! So I think that you could improve your videos by making them a bit more helpful in terms of every day stuff: DIY’s, your everyday makeup, outfits, and also give maybe cheaper options for some of the expensive makeup you use!
    But I love your videos!
    Thanks, XOXO

  497. Heather says

    I would love to see any hair tutorials and some more nail tutorials. Also, it would be great to see your fashion style. I love your videos and can’t wait to see more!

  498. Jenni says

    I absolutely love your artistic looks. I’m an artist myself and I love to see the different ways you combine your love of art and makeup. It is really inspiring! I thin you should do more over the top looks. Maybe a couple more that are full face rather then just around the eyes! Keep doing what your doing! your great!

  499. sophie says

    I think you can improve your blog by showing us more of your inspirations for make-up or just maybe a bit moreinformation about what you love about make-up etc … and THANKS for these WONDERFUL giveaways ^^

  500. jenna says

    i’d like tips for how to use things like alcohol activated makeup for making temporary tattoo designs and stuff like that; the dragon-slayer tattoo was amazing c:

  501. Esther says

    I think that you could do a kind of “make up look of the day” kind of thing where you show us some simple makeup tips and tricks.

  502. Jenni says

    I love your artistic looks! I am an artist myself and I really appreciate how you combine your love of art and makeup! Maybe you can do more artistic looks that combine the whole face rather then focusing more on the eyes. Keep doing what your doing! Your great! (if this posted twice I apologize! It did something funny the first time and I don’t think it posted!)

  503. Jaimee horn says

    I’m really enjoying all of your reviews at the moment Klaire, but because I’m only 13, I don’t really understand about how to do makeup on different eye shapes. Maybe you could do some blog posts about that?

  504. Margarita says

    Well, as you said sometimes just blogging about products can get a bit boring. I personally like to feel connected to those I keep track with on the internet and whatnot so I like to see some funny personal things going on in other’s lives. Oh! And maybe a bit of improvisation tips, like things we can work with if we don’t have a certain tool, brand, or application. Thank Klaire. :D

  505. Imelda Barron says

    So many blogs it won’t let me type and I would really love to get the pallet. Words all coming out wrong. :( very sadages and videos out there and tobe honesty i

  506. Anja says

    I don’t really see a reason to improve, that I can think of at the moment. Your videos and blog is gorgeous, their both clean and tidy, if you understand what I mean…

  507. Melissa H. says

    It would be awesome if you could blog your opinion of the latest fashion and makeup trends, both in the UK and the US, I like hearing people’s opinions on stuff like that. As for the layout, it looks really cool, but it’s too wide for my screen. Granted I have an older screen, but some people are really put off by that. Your Youtube videos are awesome, as always. There, I think I’ve covered all of the bases.

  508. Maria says

    A way to add in more pizazz into your channel is not only doing reviews (which I love watching), but also adding in tips and tricks that you may not be able to get into in your tutorials… or perhaps having a gallery available…or adding in some favorites you have used or like using.

    Overall however good job :)

  509. Cristina says

    you would try for you blog use more colours to captivate people :3 i like your blog but im like a fish, I like shinny and coloring things haha, and about your videos, I would like to see more casual make up, but think they are ok :) !!

  510. Kristin says

    you could do face of the day or outfit of the days on your blog. or do some more outrageous artistic looks here, ones that may take too long to film but you could take pics of them and see if people want to see tutorials for them.

  511. Mikaela Winiata says

    You could improve your blog by doing you favourite outfit for the day then out of the outfits that you do that week at you end you can do you favourite outfit out if all of them

  512. RHODA says


  513. Katherine says

    Hello Klaire! :) In my opinion, do something difficult. You’re already an amazing artist, test yourself with challenging makeup arts. For the blog, I would suggest speaking more of where you are from or what you like about life. Speak it, paint it, express it.

  514. Emily S says

    The reviews are great, maybe you could incorporate some super easy beginners tips for makeup. Also any DIY are incredible to learn about or watch!

  515. Tori Lee says

    I LOVE your videos, but one think I would like to see would be costume ideas that don’t require splurging. I always want to do some of the crazy scars or wounds, but I can’t afford to buy the nose wax to make it!

  516. Axelle says

    What about making a blog each week and talk about you as an Artist/Make up artist, tell us your ideas and show your creativity? O:

  517. Ellen says

    I think it might be nice to see more special effects tips and tricks as well as information/reviews on special effects makeup/products. :)

  518. Amanda Nelson says

    I think that your blog is just fine. It seems easy enough to navigate and looks great. I don’t usually subscribe to blogs but I do use a lot of the social networking sites. Honestly, I really love a good nail and makeup tutorial. I also enjoy reviews because it gives me ideas about products that I may over look. Unfortunately I don’t have the budget for higher end products at the moment, so more tutorials, reviews, tips and tricks on drug store brands or the more inexpensive brands would be lovely. Thank you!

  519. Lorraine says

    My new goal is to not use products tested on animals so a video based around that would be much appreciated x

  520. mlc says

    Techniques you find useful that are unique to you, or techniques you think most people maynot know about.

  521. Olivia says

    I think changing your background/filming location more often would improve your videos a bit :) The constant dark background can get a bit boring after a while.

  522. Jeremy Tsui says

    hey i m a guy and i love makeup, i dont have money to buy it yet, i wish i could win the giveaway.

  523. Elizabeth Moreno says

    I love the reviews! Maybe you could show your makeup or outfits when you go out on special occasions or any place really?(:

  524. Sara Deneault says

    Firstly thank you for the opportunity to win :). Secondly, I like your channel because you always have things on there that I’m interested in. I would love to see you do makeup on others. Using models wit different skin tones, types and problem areas. Even different features (thin lips, plump lips, different eye shapes) etc. thanks again!

  525. Thais Mateuzzo says

    I would love to see a make up tutorial for boys. My brother is always looking for videos, but most of them are very old. But personally, i wish you could make videos talking about you. What do you like to do, hobbies, work, friends, you seem to be an amazing person with an amazing personality, and I’m sure everyone would like a video like this! =)

  526. says

    I really love both your blog and youtube channel – I really cant think of anything you could improve on. Hmm maybe you could start putting pictures (not necessarily full blown tutorials) of fun creative or everyday looks. It won’t be as time consuming and we’ll get to see more of what we love!

    Anyway, thanks for the giveaway. You are amazin xx

  527. anayeli says

    i would love to see a little bit of everything nails, DIY, makeup art i don’t know all that. i love your blog for be honest i like the way it is

  528. says

    Hi, one thing that I always prefer is when people talk on their videos, instead of recording the audio after. But your videos are great! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  529. Kensington says

    I would like to see maybe an inspiration board and how you use that to create a makeup look. Thanks for all your work!

  530. Ain says

    i would love to see more tips about makeup , skin care(i really love skin care video)or fashion(if you are into it),i also want to see you do video tag such as no mirror make up challenge(i really want to see you do this). i really love to watch tag video. I also hope you will do a lot of DIY video. you could also add bloopers at the end of your video :)

    i hope you will continue making more video :)

  531. Rachael 'Gomez' Romero says

    For your blog, I wouldn’t mind seeing some color on the back drop. White is a little boring, I mean here you have all your beautiful work and its so vibrant and then you have a white screen saver. (I think that’s what its called) And I would really like to know what inspires you- not only your art work- but your make up as well. You are so talented and so inspiring. I love your work and your video’s.

  532. Elizabeth says

    I really like your blog and YouTube videos the way they are, you are very talented and you videos are very easy to follow. But to answer your question. Maybe you could do more everyday eye make up looks, or Halloween kind of makeup tutorials because I really enjoy watching your tutorials on them :). Clown vampire and scar one was amazing! They looked very real. Oh and I’m a sucker for DIY that would be fun to see!

  533. Brenna Suesakul says

    I would really like it if you would put a nice background to the page, something intricate and pretty, something that describes you.
    Please enter me in this giveaway! So excited!

  534. Jane says

    I would say keep up with the reviews as much as possible. No, not everyone will read all of them, or find them applicable, but I personally find it better to read a product review on a blog like this. Here I know that you’ve actually used the product, will be completely honest about it and are a “real” person with issues that everyone else has about skin and hair, not just a magazine where an editor could have written something in a couple of minutes.

    However, reviews do get boring. I’d say put even more of yourself into the blog every once and a while. What’s your favourite movie/book/show? Things that make your blog more personal, and let us get to know you even more. For example, what movies are you exited to see? I’m dying to see the Hobbit! What’s you’re favoutire book series? Things like that, then a makeup tutorial, or something, to tie it in to the “beauty blog” idea.

    I love watching your videos, but they seem to be more reliant on what the subscribers want. Which is understandable, but also having some of the things you love a part of it will make it even better. :)

    Cheers from Canada!

  535. Anna Isenberg says

    I would love to see more quick tutorials, ones that would take maybe 5 mins or less, that would be awesome, I love your makeup, but I have soooo little time to do my makeup. I LOVE YOU AND YOUR VIDEOS SO MUCH!!!!!

  536. krista says

    I would love it if you could do some sort of guideline for what colors look good with certain eye and skin color combo

  537. SBetty says

    I’d love to see more DIY ideas! You have a fresh and original mind and I believe that every single DIY you’ve done so far is great. This blog is a great source of inspiration to me and I wish you the best of luck in the future ^^

  538. charlotte says

    I like all the content that you put out there, but I personally found you from the how to apply false lashes video you did. I like the more practical stuff, like nail tutorials and how to vids that i can use on a daily basis. Not all the time, I love seeing the process behind the creative looks too, they truly are accessible works of art!

  539. Sam says

    I think you should do more “artistic” and complicated looks! I love watching your incredible looks like your galaxy one. I’ve watched those so many times!
    I also love watching your nail tutorials. You have different ways of doing designs and they look so amazing when finished! I’d love to see more nail art. :)

  540. Dee says

    You could do things like talking about other gurus and why you like them or something… Anywho, LOVE YOU!! <3

  541. Pamela says

    i would like to see more special affects videos, i just love it how you break everything down to show us how you do them :D thanks :)

  542. says

    Hi Klaire, I really think your videos are perfect, short and meaningful and that’s why I enjoy watching it. I would like you to do wearable makeup tutorials more often or maybe some fashion-outfit-stuff, but c’mon I really like your style already and for me it’s totally perfect! xoxo from Mexico :)

  543. Navyada says

    I love your blog, but you could improve by maybe making skin care tutorails and diy tuts! i love those! so please enter me :D love ya klaire!

  544. Amanda Lachner says

    I think it would be fun to see more face charts that you’ve done, or sketches of your ideas for makeup or art.

  545. Samantha says

    I think you should do more make up tutorials , for
    “Beginners”. And for your blog maybe instead of
    Typed reviews you can do videos. & of course you
    Could put cool graphics (:

  546. Jessica says

    I think it would be cool if you did makeup looks on other people to help show techniques to and tips to do other peoples makeup. :3

  547. anodien says

    I think some more DIY like face masks etc. Overall you’re doing a pretty awesome job so I couldn’t think anything else! :-D

  548. Anny Doll says

    Hello c:

    I believe your videos are quite nice and don’t need any improvement.

    If you’d like to do something other than reviews, perhaps art tips, decoration ideas for seasonal holidays? Your interests and how you can expound on them. Like if you’re a fan a type of style or culture, you can share your experiences! Or maybe if you attend an event or convention you can tell us why you had fun c:

    Whatever you feel comfortable with or have time for.

    Have a nice day c:

  549. Sabrina Pustovit says

    To improve your blog and videos you should do a little bit more wearable makeup and do some more beginner things like liquid eyeliner and smokey eye.

  550. Madison Martins says

    For your blog, maybe do occassional “a day in the life” type-thing? Like, something you don’t mind sharing happens that you think we might enjoy hearing? as for your videos, maybe do more nail art once in a while?

  551. Lexi says

    I suggest that you talk louder or add more body languages… Also, your tone of voice sometimes make me feel sort of bored:( how pity since your videos are amazing. Maybe adding in some lively elements would do a good job.

  552. Zia says

    Klaire, you’re videos are beautifully crafted and incredibly elegant. The only advice I can give is that I believe you should vary the type of tutorials you create. You have been making wonderful makeup tutorials lately but why not make some hair tutorials or Henna body art tutorials.

  553. Kayty says

    I think you can improve your blog by doing more updated looks and outfits. Just update ur blog more in general.

  554. Sarah Greenman says

    I think it would be cool if you did more special effects concept stuff, watching you get your face moulded was pretty damn cool!

  555. lisa199601 says

    more DIY blogging..
    i dont know… i really like your blog and your youtube videos,
    soo soo inspiring, creative.. just keep on doing it

  556. Isniharah Pangandaman says

    I want to try this. I love your reviews. Could you please do some more art related stuff? I really love your paper butterfly.

  557. Michelle Hopkins says

    Hmm..I dunno. Maybe you could review some makeup items more common here in America? I know we (Americans) can’t find a lot of the things you review here–not easily anyway–so that might be nice. No biggie though [shrug] :) Thanks for the giveaway! [fingers crossed]

  558. Yu. K says

    I think you can improve your blog by adding more content about your personal life! I’m really interested in finding out what kind of person you are off-camera, what you like to do when you’re not filming, etc.! :)

  559. Christy says

    Hi! I’m LadyInnominate from youtube. I don’t see how you could improve your videos as I can’t find a single thing I’d change. Maybe for your blog you could change it up now and then with a background of your artwork. Maybe something corresponding to a recent tutorial? Hope this helps, and thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone!

  560. Jennay says

    Hey Klaire. :)
    I like and enjoy watching all your videos. You’re creative and very inspirational :) Id love to see more makeup tutorials for different occasions that are wearable, nail tutorials. Keep up your amazing work!

  561. Kela says

    Well I really like your blog but one thing that I don’t notice on here is HAIR TUTORIALS, you’ve showed all of us on how to do great make up buy we’ve got hair to complement it too :)

  562. Ivy Le says

    there’s really not much you can do to improve your videos… theyre pretty darn great <3 to improve your blog you could reorganize it a bit i guess, but overall it's still pretty darn awesome (:

  563. Risa Gilmore says

    I think your blog should have more visible text boxes, like in the search bar, I had no idea where it was and randomly clicked around until I found it. Other than that, your site is excellent. Easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing :) Oh yeah, I’d like to enter the giveaway please! P.S How do you pick this things? I’m just curious :P

  564. Sarina says

    Maybe you should do “Nail of the week” or “Makeup Look of the week” :) I love you’re videos!! xo

  565. Eve says

    Is it possible to see you do more funky make up such as the one for the serpent look, that was bloody awesome where you used the mesh nets and all to help you create that effect.

  566. Hannah says

    I would love to see some skin care videos. You have such wonderful skin and i want to know how you take care of it.

  567. Fenrin J. Raten says

    I think I maybe add more content to your music page? I really like finding out more what music and artists you like to listen to and support and such. I remember watching one of your Youtube videos where you featured music from J’Lostein and finding her music lovely to listen to and such.

    And maybe more reviews on therapy music like youR LUSH one. Because I find candles with added music makes its really worthwhile to do.

    That’s about it really, so I hope you keep up the great work!

  568. amber walton says

    I like your Blog i would like to know more about you and your inspiration. where you get your ideas i lack imagination and would value anything you suggest.

  569. Gabby c says

    Hey Klaire! I would love it if you can do more videos on nail art and special effects . I like the way you show how to do them. I find them very helpful. I really want to win this because I lost everything in hurricane sandy :'(

  570. Cecile says

    you could improve your videos by maybe doing get ready with me videos? I know I really enjoy watching those… also, makeup and nail polish collections!

  571. Manisha says

    I think you do wonderful and amazing videos, maybe a little more variety on the makeup tutorials but apart from that you are perfect :)

  572. Huyen says

    I think videos can be improved by adding more looks with color. I noticed that recently, your eye makeup looks have been mostly with black eyeliner and black eyeshadow and it has become a little less diverse than it used to be. There is some color, but it’s usually just a little accent and not the main theme.

  573. floricel salinas says

    i think you are very talented ,love your makeup tutorials and to be honest dont know how you can improve because you are awesome….

  574. Jenna says

    This is still a really great give away so thank you:) It would be really cool if you could do like an every day or going out look that has some little detail to make it more interesting or a bit different. You are so creative so it would be awesome to see what you would come up with :) Thank you!

  575. Seleste says

    I’d love to see more artistic make up tutorials! They are amazing!!! Also more DIY’s videos or entries to the blog! :D

  576. Marci says

    I would love to see more of your special effects and “themed” makeup looks like you’ve done in the past, such as Arabic, Aztec, etc. I love all your work! :)