Selling my Dragon

It’s not exactly the same size as a real dragon, but as those of you who saw my video painting this know this canvas is pretty big.

So this is really just to let you know that I’m selling two paintings today. Smokey (above) and the Harry Potter painting I did for Uni (another of my old videos on my second channel).

Both are being sold on e-bay. Harry Potter will be sold internationally but sadly I can only sell Smokey in the UK (unless the buyer can arrange for the panting to be picked up and transported themselves)

The e-bay listing for HP is HERE

And the listing for Smokey is HERE

I have to admit I’m a little bit fond of this Dragon, which is unusual considering I normally hate everything I draw or paint after a few days have passed and I can see all the flaws and mistakes.

But if I’m going to continue painting these I can’t horde them, and hopefully it will go to a home where it makes someone happy and brings a little fantasy and excitement to an empty wall.

So there it is, they’ve got to got to make room for new work…hopefully some of you like them enough to give them a new home.

Enjoy :)


  1. says

    I’m so sad my walls are not empty :( I’d love to buy the Harry Potter one but sadly, I don’t have a lonely wall…

    Hopefully they will make another wall (and your wallet) happy :)

  2. Tenebien says

    Gosh, I wish the dragon wasn’t sold only in the UK.:-)
    I would love to have it… It’s incredible, you know;-)