Bargain Hunter: £5 and Under Candle Jars

I am obsessed with jar candles, or more precisely with anything I can smell. I have an extremely poor sense of smell and as a result I love to surround my self with things that smell nice and have strong scents as it’s the only way I can smell them.

This is going to be a series all about places I’ve found candle jars for £5 and under. In general candle jars can be quite an expensive habit so I thought this would be a nice series to start and help my fellow candle addicts.

So to start it off here are some little beauties from Matalan. I picked up 3 candles, £3 pounds each and with an average burning time of 40 hours…not bad eh!? :D

I picked 3 scents, Pink Grapefruit, Orange Scented and Berry Scented. These candles do have a slightly synthetic smell but it’s the well done kind not the “omg-i’m-burning-plastic-kind”.

Orange Scented also reminds me of some French/Spanish sweets that I would have all the time when I was little that had a sweet watermelon smell to them. The jars these come in are quite lovely too as with most candle jars, looking forward to decorating them to hold a few paint brushes when I’ve used them up.

You can get these candles here


  1. rhea from Philippines says

    Im so much into it also. Love it before sleep. I lit a scented candle, grab my book and go to bed. The aroma seems like a therapy while im reading.