How to apply Vampire Fangs

After last weeks vampire video I got allot of requests on how you actually apply vampire fangs. It’s really not difficult once you’re shown how to do it so I thought I’d do a tutorial detailing how to apply them. The fangs I like are called Love Bites (which you can get here)

A few tips…

  • Don’t freak out when you first try to remove them after molding them to your teeth. The trick is to slide your nail behind the top of the fang like a leaver and then pull away from your teeth while pushing down.
  • You can drink with these but be aware that something like wine has got a tendency to stain them.
  • Keep those spare capsules. Sometimes the mold gets worn out, so you can just scrape out the previous mold and re-mold it to your teeth again.
  • Sometimes the mixture can “splodge” around the tooth when you apply it (as you can see a little bellow). Don’t worry about it, just wait 30 seconds for the fang to hold to your teeth and you can peel that overspill away .

Hope you like the video :)


  1. Peta says

    I’m not really into vampires but these fangs look so cool!! I’ve only ever seen the whole mouth ones that look like a mouthguard….