My Favorite Art Books: Collins Complete Artist Manual

I wish I’d found this book YEARS ago. If you are only planning on getting one art book in your life get this one! In short this is the artist bible.

“A work of art in itself “- The Artist magazine

The sad thing is I’ve learnt more from this one book that I have EVER learnt about art from any of the numerous art lessons I’ve attended and my A-levels and Graphic Desing degree, which is kind of sad but just goes to show how brilliant this book is.

So now that I think I’ve stressed just how much of a holy-grail book this is lets go into details.


  • £30-£8.78 (depending where you buy it)
  • More than 1300 colour illustrations
  • Covers every different medium
  • Full of tips and tricks
  • Simple and to the point language

This covers pretty much every medium in detail, what it’s for, how to use it, how not to use it tips and tricks, and the best part of it is the writing is simple and to the point. No long-winded blabbing.

Things like how to stretch a canvas, what the symbols on the back of an Arcylic tube mean, the names for the different types of brushes. Pretty much everything you could ever want to know about the basics and the advanced aspects of art tools and techniques.

You can buy this here


  1. Mreow says

    I just got this for my guy, I thank you for the link. I bought the U.S version. I hope they are the same (picture wise and advice wise)-besides subtle differences in language.

      • Klaire says

        Oh boy I have many many more books I would recommend (this will be a large ongoing series) but this is hands down the gem of my collection :)

        Let me you if you or your BF/husband likes it! :D

  2. says

    I really love your reviews! I’m defenitly going to buy this book. I’m not in any art classes but I love to draw/paint so this book will be a great help (I hope) keep up the good work! :)