My Favorite Make Up and Beauty Books (Part 1)

Little fact about about me. I ADORE books! There is nothing more relaxing than snuggling up on the couch with a good or interesting book and a cup of tea. Over the years I’ve collected a little library of various books so I want to talk about my favorites.

I’ve had this book for years, before I went ahead and bought it I borrowed it countless times from my local library till I could save up the money to buy it.

This is the book that kicked off my obsession with makeup, beauty and skincare. I have bought many, MANY books all about makeup, skincare exc. but none of them cover such a wide variety of topics such as this book.

“Each chapter covers a different aspect of well-being and shows us how to make life-enhancing changes to improve health, diet, appearance, physical fitness, and emotional harmony”

Also the topics that it does cover it doesn’t just offer a few tips and just move on. For example the section on physical health it had many different exercises for Pilates, not just four or five, explained what muscles exactly it worked on all the while demonstrating and illustrating the moves clearly and beautifully.

Sometimes with books like this the makeup tips can be quite out dated but it’s not the case with this book. There are one or two looks that I think are a bit hideous (the makeup for red hair skin tones and Asian skin tones I think are completely unimaginative), but in general it covers all the different types of makeup and explains well what they are for and how to use them (or not use them).

And as for the looks in the book that I’m not fond of, well, that’s what You Tube is for :)

The last thing I love about this book is that it doesn’t just focus on Caucasian hair, skin and makeup. It uses many different models in the pictures and has sections on black hair (though a small section), which most beauty books completely overlook.

One downside is, while it has a few picture tutorials makeup for very pale skin, red hair complexions and Asian skin tones it has nothing for black skin tones which is the one big drawback .

This book is perfect for anyone who is a budding beauty enthusiast, loves DIY beauty, or just wants a pretty thorough book covering a wide range of beauty topics.

You can buy this book here


  1. Emma says

    Hmm I thought snuggling ment kissing…
    But anyway! I love this blog post (like all the others), and I will definitely look into some of them!
    Good thing Christmas is coming ;-)

  2. Maysilee says

    I watch as many of your tutorials on youtube as I can get my hands on. I’m obssesed wth makeup too, and you were, (and are), my inspiration. I’m not too bad, and my dream is to become as talented as you are, (though that’s almost impossible, I think.)I’m glad to find out what my heroine’s inspiration is! :)