Review: Organic Manuka Honey Rescue Cream

I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite moisturisers for Winter skin care. No I haven’t stopped using Enzimion, I am still utterly in love with that moisturizer, but in the winter I like to alternate between a heavier moisturizer that protects my skin from the cold and the wind more.

“Thanks to its great emollient, restorative and soothing action the formula is safe to use on dry damaged skin, sun exposed skin, sensitive and irritated skin, leaving it intensely moisturized”

I went through a pot of this last winter, well…I went through half of it then I accidentally dropped it and the glass jar kinda broke, I was a little bit shattered about it to be honest (no pun intended).

I’m sure some of you have experienced that feeling when the weather starts to turn cold and the wind just tears at your face and your normal “light” summer moisturizer just doesn’t seem to provide enough protection. This was an absolute God-send last winter and I liked it enough to re-purchase it this year and just had to do a review on it before I completely finished it.


  • Cruelty-Free
  • £8.69
  • 50ml
  • Cruelty Free
  • No GM Ingredients
  • Bioactive and Organic ingredients

Lets start off with the smell (yes I know, me and my nose) but ugh this smells sooooo good! If Dr. Organic ever made a perfume of this oh boy would I be first in line! Think a lovely honey smell that makes you feel warm and lovely, not sticky sweet.

While quite heavy it’s not the kind of heavy cream that just sits on the surface of your skin, once it sinks in your skin feels so soft and supple! You need just a tiny, tiny amount though. If you over apply this you’ll look like an oil slick.

“An intensive hypoallergenic formulation containing a rich blend of key functional ingredients including Organic Manuka Honey, Hyaluronic acid, Aloe Vera and many more”

Also if you’re thinking of getting this something you should bear in mind is that some people really don’t react well to honey on their face even though they can eat it without any problem. Just because something is “Organic” does not mean you can’t have a natural reaction to it.

My favorite time to apply this is either right before bed or when I know I’ll be going outside for the day other wise I use my Enzimion face cream, I also like to apply it all over my décolletage, your face isn’t the only thing that needs moisture, especially in the winter.

And unless you’re very liberal with this or apply on more than your face it’ll take you a long, loong time to get through this pot :)

You can either get this at at any Holland and Barret store or online HERE.


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    I’ve been looking everywhere for a moisturizer that I can put on my face before wearing makeup because I’m SOO DRY.

    Is it okay to put this moisturizer on my face before putting on makeup or are there certain moisturizers to put before makeup for dry skin?