Vampire Makeup

Vampires, definitely one of my favorite mythical creatures! Been planning on doing this look for a while now and just because Halloween is over does not mean I’m going to hold back and not upload the more “halloween-y” type looks…or the more creepy looks ;)

The Lenses?

Can I see through them? Yes, but just barely. When you wear them it’s like your looking through a mist which kind of helps your character because you end up walking really slowly and you slightly stare without realizing it. They’re called White Screen Lenses, the ones I’m wearing are yearly (which you can buy here) but if you just want something temporary and cheaper you can get a six month pair here.

And the Fangs?

My favorite kind of fangs! I’m not too fond of the larger kind because you end up sounding like you have a lisp, so I prefer these Love Bite Fangs (their name not mine!) and I got mine on Amazon here, but if you keep you eyes open on e-bay you can grab a pair for slightly cheaper.

Hope you like the tutorial :)


  1. says

    Gorgeous make up! In my opinion the lenses are a little bit too much, some ice blue ones would fit better, but it’s still wonderful!
    But if this fangs are too long for you you shouldn’t try the Scarecrow’s normal fangs. They are a little bit longer, but looks more dangerous! I love them! And I think it’s easy to talk with them in. But maybe there’s a difference between German and English when you try to talk with fangs. :D
    Do you know the musical “Tanz der Vampire”? There was er english version of it that reminds me of a Monty Python Movie with vampires, but the german version is just great and I can only recommend it to you! (You said in some Videos you like german music, so maybe that’s something you may like too. :D)

    Greetings from Berlin

    PS: I hope I did made not too much mistakes… :D

  2. Jessenia says

    Gosh, I really do love you and everything you do! I love that you look for the cheapest options available for us. Those contacts are probably around $10 in US currency; when I was looking for Halloween contact lenses, the cheapest were 30! Unbelievable! But thank you so much for doing this! As a college student, I savor every item I can get for cheap! lol

  3. lauren says

    Hi Klaire! I love this look, its simple but very effective (: I was just wondering, what brand is the red eyeshadow that you used?

    • Klaire says

      Everything is linked in the description box of the video. I used the Sugarpill Burning Heart palette :)

  4. iyah from Philippines says

    oMG!!!! your so goood!!!! i wish you can make a tutorial on the best look or make-up for Christmas. It no ordinary day…The best day makeup will complete the whole great day….

  5. helen says

    hey klaire, just wondering if you could do a snow leopard make up tutorial with like prosthetics and stuff?
    im studying production arts in college and it would be really helpfull
    Thanks (: