Review: Face Front Cosmetics Pressed Eyeshadows

Disclaimer: Items provided for review.

Back when Face Front wrote to me asking if I would like to review their products I did a little bit of research into their products, the main ones everyone seemed to love being the loose pigments.

Now that I think of it I do tend to favor makeup palettes more that single eye shadows, which I suppose dose have it’s drawbacks if I run out of my favorite colour.

I was sent six of the pressed eye shadows. Apricotta, Printed, Light Source (yellow), Silver Dolphin, Unknown Planet (blue/green) and Squeeze Me (Orange).


  • Cruelty Free
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Some are Vegan
  • $12.50 or £8

One gripe I do have is that the Face Front website really don’t take good photos of their products or they photo shop them to death (I suspect it’s the latter) because when I compared the colours they sent me to what they looked like on the website if it wasn’t for the names I would have thought that they were completely different colours.

(All swatches were without primer and in one swipe)

So above you can see my swatches. One thing I’ve noticed over the past few months is that depending on how you swatch something (for example with primer, without primer, with your fingers or a brush) really changes how the swatches look.

Really good makeup is picked up well by the brush and applies better so I though my new method of showing swatches would really put the makeup to the test.

I’m not too fond of the packaging for these eye shadows over all, the way the logo is stuck on a sticker is a minor detail but the thing that really bugged me is that the packaging makes you think you’re getting a large amount of product, when in fact you’re getting a regular sized pan.

That could be because aesthetically FaceFront wanted the packaging to look like the loose pigments but it feels a bit like cheating.

This kind of sounds a bit negative but it’s not meant to, the eye shadows aren’t bad at all, some (like the Silver shade) are bad but the other sades are quite nice. Some, like the eye shadows above, I do like, the black is quite nicely pigmented and the apricot colour is perfect for a bridal look so those two might sneak their way into one of my videos.

You can but these (in the US) here

And in the UK here


  1. Peta says

    Hi Klaire,
    Facefront really do like you don’t they?
    These look okay but I don’t think I’ll get them. Thanks, as always, for the review!


  2. iyah from Philippines says

    Klaire what is the best eyeshadow to use? is it the cream eyeshadow or the powdered eyeshadows? i hope you can make another give away for this Christmas.Hope it includes eye shadows,eyeliners and most of all brushes..i wanna join again coz i dont have a collection in my entire life…hope you can also make a tutorial on the best look or makeup for the Christmas season….so much love your works…”salamat” or thank you in native dialect..