Review: Each Peach Massage Bar

After having finished my second bar of this recently I figured I really should do a review on this gorgeous little bar, it smells so nice (but unlike the name suggests it smells nothing remotely like Peaches).

“With this massage bar, we have combined cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado butter and mango kernal butter”

I really should have a tag devoted to all things which smell nice, I’m such a sucker for things which smell nice (and scents strong enough for me to be able to smell in the first place).

Because these are hand made in batches some of these vary in colour as you can see above. Ooooh and just in case you didn’t know Lush have started uploading videos on You Tube showing how they make their products which are so fun to watch.


  • £5.50
  • 65g
  • Hand made
  • Vega/Cruelty-free
  • Long lasting

The tin isn’t entirely necessary but is quite handy to keep this quick-melting bar in unless you keep it in the fridge.

These bars really do last an age. I haven’t compared properly to see if a solid bar last longer than a tub of moisturizer but I’m pretty sure it would.

“The fruit oils give a lovely lighthearted fragrance that smells of summer and sun”

The minute you have it in your hand it starts to melt on your skin pretty quickly and can slip around a bit like a wet soap bar but isn’t too difficult to use. The oils in it will take a bit of time to sink into your skin though.

If you’ve applied this all over your skin after the bath/shower it seems to take less time for your skin to absorb it. But if you apply it strait to your skin in then you are going to have to give it a while (and I do mean a while) to sink in or you will stick to your clothes.

Tip: Keep this out of the sun (or in the fridge) unless you want a scented puddle.

If you’re not applying this right after a shower of bath I’d recommend you keep to applying just in areas that clothes won’t cover. Some people will hate it for that reason but I love it. Especially in the winter if I’m wearing a short skirt I love applying it on my legs and hands to protect them from the cold (and smell lovely).

The smell lasts for ages! It’s a bit like the Lush R&B Hair Moisturiser in the sense that people will think you’re wearing perfume, that’s how strong the smell it.

Ooooh and before I forget, one thing I love to do is rub this product all over my hands and then run it through the ends of my hair. It keeps my hair moisturized and you get this lovely summery whiff of lime/lemon, .

You can get this product at your local Lush or online here.


  1. Peta says

    Hi Klaire,
    These sound absolutely DIVINE! I cannot wait to walk into lush and buy one! mmmmmm! I’m not sure if I asked about this in your last post but can you please do a makeup collection and storage video but can you please do skin care as well? I would love to watch this and I think others would too! (but if you don’t want to I completely understand) . I was going to say something else but for the life of me I cannot remember, so bye for now, have a nice day!


    • Klaire says

      I’m afraid I can’t do a makeup collection video. They just cause too many issues, people getting jealous or me coming across as braggy. I will be doing a skin care routine video though :)

  2. Lauren says

    I got this at lush and I love it! I’ve used about half and my skin feels softer and smoother. The employee said its great for stretch marks too, because it’s full moisturizing butters :)

  3. says

    Hi Klaire!
    I was browsing the lush website and I came across the Full of grace moisturiser, and it sound so perfect for me as I have really dry and sensitive skin. I wanted to ask if you had tried it, because it’s a little expensive (I’m a poor student) and I’d like to know if it’s good before I pay almost 17€ for a moisturizer.
    I’d also like to thank you for doing these lush reviews. Not many products in youtube are available in Finland and I propably wouldn’t ever have heard of these if it weren’t fo you! So thank you! :)

  4. says

    I have been using this for years, it is AMAZING! Never understood why some lush products don’t get as much “hype” as others – That bar is excellent for travel too!

  5. Noelle says

    Hi Klaire! I’m sorry that this is off- topic, but I was wondering if you watched Doctor Who. It seems like something you would like and a Doctor Who series would be great to see from you. I think that it would be a great opportunity to work on your prosthetics. I also noticed that your “Zombie Hag” tutorial looks a LOT like the diseased people from Season 2 Episode 2, “New Earth,” which you did a great job on, by the way. I understand that you get a LOT of requests but I would like you to just consider a Doctor Who series.