Review: Royal and Langnickel Silk Pro 12 Piece Eco-Friendly Brush Set

Disclaimer: Items provided for review.

The full name of this brush set is the Royal & Langnickel Pro Greenline Eco-Friendly Brush Set 12 Piece Silk…sheesh is that a mouthfull! I really think that name needs to be shortened just a tad.

I really should have reviewed on this one ages ago. I was given this one to try out at IMAT’S London last year and I’ve been testing them out ever since, so you could say I’ve had an extra long time to test them out.

When I first was given these I’ll admit the price made me put them through quite a lot of abuse to really test them, and they held up marvelously!


  • £79.99
  • Eco Friendly
  • Bamboo handles
  • Synthetic hair
  • Chrome-plated ferrules
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

If I hadn’t been told that the hairs were synthetic I would have though they were reall hair. So incredibly soft! I can honestly say the softness is comparable to the Hakuhodo brushes and that’s an increadibly high standard!

I’ve used these for over six months so I’ve really had time to figure out all the pro’s a cons. Lets start with the cons as it will be quite a short list.

  • One thing I noticed is that the case cannot get wet or the cork tends to rise and buckle.

As that’s the end of my list of cons! (Seriously!)

So lets just cover this in bullet points…

  • They don’t shed. If it does then it’s only one or two hairs at most.
  • LOVE the shape of the handles. The fact that they thin out at the ends make them really comfortable to hold.
  • Practical sturdy case.
  • Really good selection of brushes. The only one I’m not to fond of is the flat liner but that’s just personal preference.
  • Easy to clean

After I’d used these for so long and found almost no faults with them I decided to do the maths and if you divide the cost up between each brush it ends up being around £6-£7 per brush.

As you can see I have nothing bad really to say about these brushes. While they’re not the kind of brushes that you can just rush out and buy on a whim they are professional quality and are what I would consider investment brushes.

You can purchased them here.

What do you think about the price? Worth it or not?


  1. admin says

    @Patrice £800? Lol no I said £80 (and the Amazon seller I’ve linked currently has them on sale for £50 :)

  2. says

    Since I’m Norwegian it would not be worth it, if I could walk into a shop in Norway and buy it for that price, then I could see myself investing in them. But since I have to order them online, I’m going to have to pay the double of the price to get it across the border, so…
    79.99£, sure, 159.98£.. No, not worth it =/

  3. says

    I think they totally worth it!
    They are synthetic, so the would work perfectly for not only powdery products, they Should work for liquids and cremes as well.
    If I could get them for £50 or £80 I would go for it. Getting it shipped to where I live would cost me double the price or more :/
    Thanks for the review, Klaire :)

  4. admin says

    @Roaa M I should really buy a second set and put it in my giveaway box, it’s a fantastic little set!

  5. says

    Hi, these look awesome! I don’t have any brushes so I will be looking into these ones! I totally rely on your opinion!!

  6. says

    Found your tutorials over the weekend and i have to say i love them. I will never be able to do most of them but they all look really nice. Im after a set of brushes as i have really sensitive skin and did look at these but even at £50 they are slightly pricey. I was wondering have you tried the coastal scents brush set and whether you would recommend them?

  7. says

    They look wonderful, unfortunately, I would spend quite a lot for making them come to Canada.
    Is it me or the pictures in your review do not show up?

  8. says

    Thanks for the review! It looks like a really reasonable set. Which brings me to my question: In your opinion, which brushes (as in type of) would you recommend for non-professional use? How about real hair vs. synthetic?

  9. says

    OMG!!!! i love those brushes..i bet their so soft…its like a collection of beauty magic wands!!!! i dreamed that i can have those collection too…(fingers crossed)♥♥♥. A collection of that brushes..its way too expensive here in the Philippines…

  10. says

    hi..good day…imfrom the Philippines…one time ive been searching the net regarding the do’s and donts of putting make up and i bumped in to your videos. regularly , i am watching your videos from youtube and keep watching it all over and over again.Even when at the office during my lunch time…i never missed watching you almost everyday.I admire so much.You look so pretty and it was like so easy for you to put it on… Your amazing!!!!
    how i wish and i keep dreaming someday that i can have at least one of your collections too that i can use for work. How i love your brushes too. your so lucky to have all the make-up collections as much as you can have. Its really cool…. Its pretty expensive here in the Philippines. Im just an ordinary employee here. I couldnt spend that much for make-up since my first priority is to buy food fo my family. i am a mother of a 2 year old girl as well. oh how i wish one day i can have one too…..i told to myself…someday i can have them too…having those soft brushes, those make-up collection..its like a dream come true…

    I watched your videos with my little princess and she likes you too. One time , shes trying to imitate you, like putting make-up too. Goodluck to you and keep inspiring women like me….