Smokey Eye: Jewled Nights

And another smokey eye to add to my series. I’ve been wanting to do a dark look with purple for a while now and here it is. Oh and I got to make another title background for this video, what do you think of it?

Green Eyes:The purple on the waterline can be quite a contrasting colour (so it’ll make the eye colour really pop) if you want you can swap it for a dark green eyeliner or a black one.

Grey Eyes: For grey eyes I can’t really think of an eyeliner that wouldn’t go with it. The danger with grey eyes (especially very light grey eyes) is that sometimes the makeup can overpower the eyes, in general avoid cold colours as eyeliner.

If you want to use a different colour I’d recommend gold or copper.

Blue Eyes: Purple looks lovely with this eye colour but you can also use gold which looks so, so stunning with blue eyes.

Hazle Eyes: For hazel eyes I wouldn’t lean towards purple too much, anything remotely close to the red family can make hazel eyes look a bit blood shot, I’d recommend black eyeliner and blue.

Enjoy the tutorial :)


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    Thank you a lot for another great tutorial. =D And I really loved the title background, it fit really nicely with the tutorial’s theme and everything, great job =D

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    Amazing! I love yours smokey eye tutorials, they are always soooo good. I also love the background :)
    And I have a question – what about the giveaway? You won’t announce the winner at all?

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    hi there, awesome, you have taught me that just a little in the right places and colors is best easy lovely.
    Klaire, this may sound stupid but what cheek color if any?
    I thought it may have been goth?
    I love the read intro first, your an expert with class having fun with it.
    Some times my eyes are hazel and sometimes they are blue. I will now what-out for red tones as i choose this for my go to look to come.
    thank you

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    I looked on amazon, but I couldn’t find the Barry M eyeliners you used, but I’d really like to try them. Could you do a giveaway or let me know if you found a inexpensive source for these specific liners that isn’t amazon or ebay?
    Thanks so much!