Review: Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation

Disclaimer: I purchased one of the powders myself and the other was provided to me for review.

Most of the time in my tutorials only really see me wearing a skin 79 BB cream but in the summer this becomes worn almost as much as my skin 79 BB cream.

Unfortunately since I bought this foundation over a year ago I haven’t had many opportunities to wear it in England as the weather as been a little bleak, but when I went on holiday a few weeks ago this became an essential. If you live in a hot country or planing on visiting a hot country and want a foundation that won’t melt off I can highly recommend this.

On the few occasions that I did bother wearing makeup while on holiday this powder was just amazing. It was hot as hell at some points but it didn’t budge at all. You can’t really apply with with a fluffy brush though, you need something quite dense like the Sigma Kabuki brush to really buff it into the skin or it just ends up looking powdery and cakey.


  • £12.49
  • SPF 15
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • 10g

Also Lilly Lolo is one of the few brands that provide mineral makeup to really, really pale skin like mine. I tend to avoid the sun at all times of the year and always wear suncream so my skin doesn’t tend to change much and I’m generally either in the colour China Doll or Blondie.

Recently they have changed the packaging from the old dispenser (left) to the new one (right) which is much better, my first pot of this as you can see ended up having a lot of product just falling around everywhere and the new one is much cleaner.

Unfortunately Lilly Lolo still have quite a poor selection of mineral foundations for darker skin tones. Anything darker than dark beige isn’t really catered to. I also found that, quite like a BB Cream, my skin quite likes this foundation and looks and feels better after using it.

If you have heavy acne this won’t perfectly cover it as it has light to medium coverage, depending on how much you layer it. I have worn this on a few occasions when I had acne (one time even when I had a quite nasty case of sunburn) and it did a great job of covering it without irritation, and to be honest in some cases I think it helped!

I was planning on doing a hot weather makeup makeup tutorial this year featuring this product but then it occurred to me it would make more sense next year when summer comes around again so expect to see this product again then :)

You can purchase this product from the Lilly Lolo website here, or from Cocktail Cosmetics here.

Have you tried mineral makeup before?


  1. says

    I tried Lili Lolo foundations because they are a British company so postage costs wouldn’t be high for me. I tried their lightest foundations and sadly none suit my skin tone. The palest was too yellow toned and the lightest cool toned one was too dark! Shame as they felt nice.
    I’ll have to stick to Meow Minerals foundations for their colour choice (which is insane btw!)

  2. admin says

    @Mary I haven’t tried Everyday minerals, but I have tried quite a few of their makeup brushes and was very impressed :)

  3. says

    Hi Klaire, it’s about to head into summer and it gets to be over forty degrees celcius and around 80/90% humidity where I live. Do you think this foundation would work in that weather?

  4. admin says

    @Imogen I used this stuff in the Virgin Islands and it did not budge! I’m pretty sure it should work for you :) (P.S they sell samples which I highly recommend you give a shot if you’re not sure what colour you are) Let me know if it works for you! :D