Tag: Six Favorite Nail Varnishes

I’ve never really done any tags on my main channel, mainly because they tend to end up talking about more and more personal stuff which is something I just don’t want to do on any of my channels.

But now that I have my second channel I think I will start doing more of these kinds of tags as they are quite fun to do. My favorite out of these six is Copper from Bary M. Obsessed with this colour!

It’s so sparkly and pretty and just ugh! Love, love it!

What are your six favorite nail varnishes?



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    I love my silvery-purple nail polish, which actually shines with all the colors of the rainbow! I also like very much varnishes in a mint green colour. What else…? I like gold and dark red (they look amazing together!). I don’t like nail polishes which has lots of glitter in it, I prefer when it has just a shine and some sparkles.

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    To recover any nail polish use a nail polish thinner. I swear by Spa Rituals polish thinner. It can make a thick gloopy nail polish return to how it was when you first bought it!

    I too love the Silvery Lilac. I sometimes wear it over green to bring out the green colours and sometimes over purple to bring out the purple colours. So many variations :D