Thoughts on a Movie: Total Recall

First things first, I haven’t seen the original and I think that’s why I liked this film.

The general consensus seems to be that this is the poor man’s substitute of the original, but given that I’d never seen the original and I didn’t have the original version to compare it to, I quite liked it.

I think people’s main beef with this film is that they were expecting an “up-to-date” version of the original and where instead presented with a film which, while it has similarities to the original, is pretty much a different story completely.

What I loved…

Loved the action scenes in this film! Fast, exciting and the special effects were impressive. The story-line I quite liked too, even though it felt like they could maybe have cut down just a little bit on so many action scenes and maybe elaborated on some elements of the story more.


Selene I love you…just not in this film.

Kate Beckinsale’s character, Lori, just annoyed me to be honest. When she was fighting it was cool, but half the time I was thinking “Woman just tie your hair up already so you can stop flicking it out of your face!” and the rest I just felt like her character was an ex model who took every opportunity to pout, flout and glare at the camera.

I really wish they’d elaborated more on the story!

We’re told so much about who Douglas Quaid/Karl Hauser used to be, but at the same time told almost nothing at all. For example how did he meet his love interest Melina who convinced him to defect to the Resistance? Hammond, more information about this character please?!

The backgrounds and scenery obviously took so much time to build and create, I really wanted them to just explore it more.

Lori? Why does she seem to have this personal obsession with killing Douglas Quaid/Karl Hauser? Does she resent the fact he’s considered the world’s best agent? Does she hate him for betraying his allegiance to the United Federation of Britain? Did he kill her mother in another life? To quote the Nostalgia Critic…explain movie, explain!


Overall I liked it, sure there where parts which I wasn’t head over heels about but to be honest this isn’t a bad movie.

Don’t expect it to be some mind twisting omg-I-didn’t-see-that-coming film. It’s simply a visually impressive action packed film which had it been named differently and not marketed as a re-make of a cult classic I think it would have generally been received well.


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    Hmmm… Naw, I don’t think I’ll see this film, but thanks for the post. :3
    Whenever I saw the trailer it just never peaked my interest. I might see it on dvd or something with some friends, but I’m not going to watch this at the cinema.

    Have to save up for the Bourne Legacy, the perks of being a wallflower and the Hobbit. =)
    But thanks to your post I’ll now know what to expect. =)

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    I liked the movie too! I saw bits and pieces of the original when I was younger, but I honestly have nothing to compare it to either. I felt the same way you do about not having enough story background. They left you wanting so much more!

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    I tell you that when you see this film you don’t understand anything at all, nothing is clear apart from the astounding visual effects. In fact, in the Arnold Schwarzenegger film you understand things such as that the bad character in the history was a close friend of the character that Collin Farrell does, the main one and that he entered the resistance to spy it, and for that they changed his memories so he himself didn’t even remember he was on the other side initially, as he was a good friend of the bad one in the film (sorry I am not able to remember character names). In the old film everything makes much more sense and there are many things that are not seen in this one, for example, the story is developed in Mars and people think they cannot breathe outside and other lies they are told to be kept in control. You should watch the other film if you are so interested in the story, especially because Lori (played by Sharon Stone) dies at the very beginning.