Peacock Makeup

I’ve been asked to do a Peacock makeup look for a while now and so to break up my Dragon Slayer series I thought I upload this look to brighten things up a bit.

It’s very similar to my New Years Makeup look but while that was a relatively tame look this one is a bit of a colour explosion.

My eye colour?

Because this look is such a mash up of colours it really suits any eye colour, but if you want to personalize it to your eye colour all you have to do is change what colour eyeliner you use either to match it or use a contrasting colour to make your eyes pop.

Blue eyes: Blue, gold or a coppery red.

Grey eyes: Silver, gold (any colour really will compliment grey eyes except for redish tones)

Green Eyes: Green, blue, coppery red, gold or even a metalic dark purple if you can find one.

Hayzle Eyes: Avoid reds but you can use gold, green, blue and dark green.

And now for the tutorial:


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    I love that this can be changed to make each person’s eyes look their best! Thank you so much for putting the different colors eyes on here! If possible I would love to see a anime makeup tutorial, they are so much fun! Thanks again!

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    wow this is really amazing☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

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    Not only is the make-up absolutely beautiful but you are as well, it really takes someone with a beautiful face and skin to pull this look off as great as you do. I will add to that it doesn’t make a difference as to what color your eyes are, this will look so very pretty with any eye color I think. God Bless :)

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    :) i absolutely love ur vids i use to hate make-up till i saw u then i started with make-up but in Aussie we don’t have all that awesome make-up so if i win or not i still love you:)) ive subbed by the way