Tutorial Props: Dragon Egg

And now I’ve finished all the props for my big dragon tutorial series! :D

I was aiming to imitate the dragon eggs in Game of Thrones but like a genius I somehow managed to not notice that the scales in GOT were pointed and not round. In total it took me two days to do, but it’s mainly just because you have to wait for the top half of the scales to dry so realistically if you wanted to make more than one you could make around four in two days.

What I used:

  • Coconut shells 
  • Sand Paper
  • Fimo clay
  • Brown Ink
  • Airbrush
  • Blue ink (mixed with white)
  • Gold ink  

Enjoy the tutorial! :D


  1. says

    Hi Klairedelys, you are my favorite makeup , artist , hand painting person on YouTube and everything else. I also like to do all of those things but I am a little bit younger then you , so I don’t have a whole lot of experience for it but keep o creating more awesome videos and i will talk to you soon.

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    Hey Klare! Just wanted to say One quick thing YOU ARE AMAZING!!! You have an amazing talent! And i think you have a big career ahead of you!

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    You are truly amazing Klaire! Every one of your videos are an inspiration to me and I never cease to be amazed by your creativity and skills! I love your videos, so please keep them coming! ;)