Tutorial Props: Dragon Background

This background was a royal pain in the butt.

I ended up painting to paint it twice because the first version was an absolute disaster. Colour is absolutely not my strong point, so after the first try I decided to go back painting the whole thing with just black, white and brown before slowly adding any bright colours.

The sad thing is the one bellow I’d already been working on for four/five days solid till I realized that it wasn’t going anywhere, then once I’d painted over it the new version only took a day to paint. Guess my lesson is if it’s not working by the second day it’s time to re-think the painting/drawing.

What I used:

Two books I should mention here because they’re really helping me improve are two books from James Guerney, “Imaginative Realism” and “Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter”.

The second book in particular was a HUGE help!

I will do a blog post or a video at some point on the books that have and are helping me push myself to improve at some point, but for the moment I will just highly recommend these two!

And if you want to see the whole process from beginning to end here is the video:

Not too sure of what to do with these paintings when I’ve finished them though. I was originally going to use the same canvas again and again and just paint over it but I got quite attached to this one once I’d finished it (which is a first because normally I hate any new work I’ve done within a few minutes of finishing it).

I’ve hung this one over my bed for the moment, but with the future backgrounds I’m painting I’m going to see if there is some way to sell them, I was thinking of using e-bay as that way people pay what it’s worth to them only.

But I have no idea how to package something like this so I don’t know…either way it’s going to be roughly a month and a half till my next “big” tutorial is planned so I have plenty of time to think about it.

Any suggestions ?


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    This is really beautiful Klare. I love you for this. I am really a frustrated artist. (I love painting and stuff but I didn’t go for it ’cause I took Bachelor in Science Major in Biology instead of Fine Arts.) Guess I’ll pursue this after I graduated, but I’m still thinking if I’m gonna pursue this or pursue my medical career. So confused. :/ Anyway, selling it is a good idea. Also you could start building a site where you teach how to’s on painting, well this could be a paid tutorial. :)

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    Hey! I just wanted to say I really love your channel Klaire! It’s my favourite one on youtube! I really love both of your paintings that you have done and I think you could sell the first one really easily – it’s amazing! Can’t wait for your big tutorial! xxxxx

  3. admin says

    @Chen July Do both!
    Don’t think you have to choose, go for the medical career so that you have something to fall back on but do painting because you love it and pursue that independently. You have one life, don’t limit yourself :)

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    Love both dragon paintings. I would definately buy something like that if I saw it on ebay. You have a real talent. I defo think you should start trying to sell your work.



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    Hi,I love these paintings and I love to watch your make up videos as a make up artist art enthusiast and as I was watching you paint I thought they’d make a great background for a game of thrones themed make up, just an idea :)

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    Hey Klaire,
    These Paintings are amazing!I really enjoyed watching the tutorials
    you’re SOOOOOOOO skilled!
    Would you be doing a Game of Thrones Series?

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    Klaire, your work is absolutely amazing and beautiful. You are the reason why I’ve started to paint and draw again (:

    Selling your work might be the best idea so far, because you can make money on this, Klaire. You are really talented and gifted and you should take advantage of that.

    About the two different canvases, yes, you are actually quite right about the second one being better than the first … Honestly, they are both very well painted and sketched out, but in comparison you are right with your dicision.

    I love your tutorials and especially this period of dragons, I am quite a fan of those beautiful fantasy creatures. Of corse I like partically everything that you make and post on youtube, because I am also a fan of yours, you inspire me A LOT within creativity.

    So keep up your amazing work and hugs from me! ^^