Red Loose Pigments: Illamasqua vs Face Front

*Both products were provided for review

This post was going to be a dupes post but once I actually swatched the two products and had them side by side I realized that, while they have slight similarities, they are not dupes.

These are the kind of eye shadows that only the daring will wear but with very different prices which is why I wanted to compare them.


  • Both brands are cruelty-free
  • Illamasqua’s Berber is £15
  • Face Front’s Acrylic Apple Torte is £8
  • Face Front is Vegan and made in the USA
  • Face Front gives you 5g
  • Illamasqua gives you 1.5g

The price difference on these two is HUGE! Especially when Face Front gives you 3.5 grams more. The main thing with Illamsaqua, apart from the fact that their products in general are extremely pigmented, is their packaging is beautiful! So simple and minimalistic but still manage to have a elegant “gothy” look.

Even though I try not to buy something just for the packaging Illamasqua makes it very hard for me not to.

Berber ( I keep reading Bieber) is a beautiful orange red with gold/yellow flecks while Acrylic Apple Torte is a perfect rusty red.

Both of them apply very easily and are really easy to blend.

Like all loose pigments they can be quite messy out but this is usually made up for with the extra pigmentation.

Berber would be a much harder colour to pull of with it’s orange undertone but in general red is quite a hard colour to work with as an eyeshadow so it would be daunting for pretty much any one.

I absolutely love the yellow/gold flecks in Berber but the price difference is so huge I think I might find away to just mix together another pigment with Acrylic Apple Torte to mimic Berber. Apart from the price difference and slight colour variation there really isn’t a difference in quality with these two.

You can buy Acrylic Apple Torte(uk) here and you can buy Berber here. If you’re from the US you can buy Acrylic Apple Torte here.

Which one do you prefer?


  1. says

    Wow!!! That’s a gorgeous garnet colour. Where can you can get Facefront in the UK?I clicked the link and it went to their regular site? Love your blog! Xxx

  2. says

    They are both beautiful! But I prefer Illamasqua because this eyeshadow is more intense than the other one. :-)
    by the way, congratulation for the photoshoot with the great Steve Jetley! You look like a Hollywood star!!

  3. says

    I prefer the colour of the Face Front pigment, but i would love it more with the tiny glitter the Illamasqua has!!!It’s too much to ask, isn’t it???

  4. says

    Yeah, i agree with tayyibah. The facefront would look better on my eyes than the illamasqua, but that one looks much better and intense than the facefront by itself, just as colours.