Photoshoot at the Prince Rupert Hotel

I was contacted by photographer Steve Jetley over a year ago asking for me to model for him and we finally got to work together this week. Long overdue but better late than never right?

To say I was nervous about this is an understatement.

I was absolutely terrified! I’m fine in front of my own camera but when someone else is behind it I freeze and clam up like something crazy, so I was quite impressed that despite my horrible posture and nervousness Steve still managed to take some beautiful pictures!

The photos were taken at the Prince Rupert Hotel in Shrewsbury, it really was beautiful!

It was an old Tudor building turned hotel and since (in typical English fashion) it was raining all day we were only able to take photos in the hotel. The ones above were taken in the cellar, and the one bellow was a quick one I took for the first look.

And yes, I will be doing tutorials on the looks I did (minus the one I wore above, not too fond of that look, it just does not really work with the lashes).

My favorite look was hands down the more gothy/tribal look. Did a face chart of that one years ago and this photo shoot was the perfect time to use it.

It was quite creepy though for the second shoots, the cellar was meant to be haunted and Steve’s dog kept barking at this dark corner, found out I’m quite a scaredy-cat, kept looking behind me expecting to see a pair of red eyes. Nearly died of fright at one point when I saw these white silver eyes staring at me from a dark corner, and then Steve’s dog walked out of the corner like “what…you scared of me?!”

I know…guts of steel.

For the second night I stayed at the Lucroft Hotel and it was absolutely lovely! All the basics and in the attic.

I love attics, they’ve have always made me feel really comfortable and relaxed and the hotel was absolutely lovely, cozy and simple. Not to mention you could see all the beautiful old buildings from the window, another bonus I love about attics. (lol this is turning into a bit of a attic-appreciation blog post).

I won’t be putting all the photos on this blog post as I’m sure that Steve will want to show them on his facebook so you can see the rest if you like



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    An absolute pleasure to work with you. Amazingly talented and beautiful. Will be posting up more pictures when I get time – plus we still need to do the studio shots! ;-)

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    The Prince Rupert’s supposed to be one of the most haunted places in Shrewsbury, but it’s a lovely old hotel. I love Shrewsbury, there’s so much history and I love exploring the old buildings and looking at the little alley ways and the architecture of some of the buildings in the town. Glad you liked it too :)