Tutorial Props: Baby Dragon Skull

For one of my upcoming looks (Dragon Slayer) I’d had this idea in my head of having a dragon skull resting on the end of a sword, I’d already decided to to paint a large background for that tutorial so a little dragon skull wouldn’t be so hard…right?

It ended up taking around 4 days to make and I have to figure out a new way of making a mold because I nearly broke the final piece several times from trying to get it off the base, that was till I accidentally knocked it off the table and it snapped in half :(

What I used:

  • Children’s Modeling Clay
  • Cake Decoration sculpting tools
  • Liquid Latex
  • Talk powder
  • Fimo Air Light Air-Drying Modelling Clay
  • Air Brushing on a mixture of brown ink and water to “age” smokey jr.

First thing I did was make the “base”, a rough mold of what I wanted the skull to look like. I didn’t want to go for the chunky heavy looking skull that a dragon would have in Western art, rather I decided to go for something that looked like a cross between a reptile/crocodile and an Asian art dragon with a long thin snout and long thin teeth.

Once I had made the base I covered it in about 3 coats of latex so that once it had dried it would create a protective layer between the Fimo Air clay and the modeling clay, making it less likely to stick to it.

While it did make it easier to remove it wasn’t easy to get the clay off once I had sculpted the final skull on top. What I ended up doing was cutting it out one section at a time so than I didn’t break anything, got to find out a better way to do that…

One thing that occurred to me that once I’d finished making it was that I could have taken a stipple sponge over the whole thing to add a bit of texture instead of smoothing it down a bit by blending it with water and my fingers, but hey, lesson learned for next time :)

Here is my video showing what I did:

And at the end of this tutorial I’ve also included a rough draft of how I want the intro clip that I made this skull for to look like.

What do you think?


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    Looks so cool! Really creative, nice detail. Can’t wait to see the video that goes with this art.;•>

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    Had you thought about making it like a plaster cast? I don’t know a great deal about it, but it was a thought.

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    Przepięknie ci to wyszło :) (I see that Marta, from the first comment, is from the same country as me :D)

    It’s beautifully done! AMAZING!

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    This is a pretty sweet video….thanks. I especially like the delicacy you are able to impart to the finished object…fine and delicate, like a small bird’s skull, or a gecko’s (wee lizard).

    You really are a romantic…take a look at the Komodo dragons of SE Asia for a naturalistic version.

    And the teeth material ? I guessed inverted false fingernail material…? I think the contrast in colour you give to the teeth is important ….you’ve made them shiny/pearly, which seems appropriate…

    And lots of people write talc, as in talcum powder….and do not bother with a ‘k’.

    with respect…

    chris w

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    Komodo Lizards/dragons…that I mentioned earlier,

    Here are some:-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DoV-LVzAP1c

    Anatomically your dragon is soooooooo elegant, sooooooo idealised, almost dreamy…but, hey, what the ?????

    And, yes, your ‘intro clip’ maintains/foreshadows the illusion through the colours and proportions you use, and via the frame speeds

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    i love this idea. Quick question, Klaire. if fans want to contact you, how should we??? and how can we? ur contact page is business only. I want to contact u about something and dont know how. please send me an email w how to contact u. Thanks!!