Chart Me: A present for you ALL!

It’s taken me a while to finally make these but now they’re here and I’m so happy to be able to give you guys some free face charts for ANY eye shape.

The reason I decided to make these was after it occurred to me that face charts are always the same eye shape (almond eyes) and always on white paper which, if you are doing a look for someone with brown or black skin, is a problem.

This is my way of thanking all my lovely subscribers for watching my videos. As lovely as giveaways are for who ever wins there are always so many people who don’t win I thought this would be a good way to give everyone something :)

For the moment I will just be releasing the white face charts but each month I will be releasing all the ones I’m offering today but in a darker skin tone till I get all the way to ebony.


  • 5 different layouts

  • 4 different eye-shapes

  • Free!

  • Just download and print

You can print these, copy them, share them with friend, anything you want! The only thing I do ask is that you do not upload them on a another website. If people want them they will always be on this website to download.

And you can download the first batch of these face charts here bellow.



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    Thank you so much for these face charts, I can finally have a tool which suits the shape of my eyes and everything, and I’m really grateful that you have put of time and energy to make these, thank you so much! Great idea making face charts suitable to different skin types as well-that’s something really lacking out there. If I encounter someone who might find these useful, I’ll direct them to your face charts immediately. =)

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    Great and wonderful! That’s my reaction to these eye charts. I’m so glad to have something besides my own eyes to test out looks on. Thanks so much!!:-)

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    Klaire this is truly amazing work. For your skin tone question, would it not be easier for us to go to an art shop and buy some (or a reem of) paper that matched our skin tone and print on that? We won’t get an exact match of course, but nor will we with your print method either. Might be a more sustainable way to approach this task and we can match paper to skin tone right in the store. I am going to have fun grabbing some pale beige paper this afternoon, finding a marker the same tone as my freckles and crafting a bit of me onto your large eye charts.
    Again, thank you for this amazing work. You are as gifted as you are generous with said gift xx

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    I was really happy to see these on the FB!!! I left a comment on the youtube video making some suggestions based on what I think I would like to see.

    Just one additional comment. could you include a skin tone that is between coffee and cream but with yellow undertone???

    I live in Singapore and most people here that I work with are asian with yellow undertones, pretty much between the 2 skin tones I mentioned.

    Thank you sooo much!!! <3<3<3

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    Thank you for the charts! They’re great! I have just one question: I really have problems to tell which form my eyes have, are they more almond or have they another shape… I have the same problem with the face itself. Is it round, oval… It would be awesome if you could tell me/us (I don’t know if there are others with this problem) how I can learn to ‘classify’ our faces/eyes…
    Greetings from germany,

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    Amazing idea and, of course, you are perfect designer :D !
    This is really useful, thank you so much for it.

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    Thank you! It’s very fun to do. I have a tip about different skin colours. You can purchase different colour of paper (matching to your skincolour) and print on it…:)
    Greets from holland

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    I love your videos! I’m a subscriber, and I’d REALLY like to get one of those face charts….how do I download them?????

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    do u think u could do one for a sort of light Asian skin tone because I’m a lot darker than the cream but a lot lighter than the coffee (>人<;) thanx

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    I’m soooooo happy you did these!! Lately my best friend and i have been kindof obssed with the whole makeup thing and it’s great to try out are ideas. I was sick of trying out stuff on my skin coz it’s very sensitive so i have to be careful and cant keep on putting and taking off makeup. THANKYOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!! :D ;) =)

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    The face charts has been printed :) and I’m really looking forward to brinstorm on them :)