Barry M vs. Makeup Forever Eyeliner

I guess this is the start of a series? I’ve been meaning to do this review since last year so here goes! :D

Oh and if any of you have any suggestions of other comparisons I could do feel free to leave suggestions in the comments.

I’ve been using the Make Up For Ever eyeliner for around a year now and the Barry M one for a little bit less.

Here are the basics:

Make Up For Ever

  • In the UK the price varies between £12-13
  • I can’t find any solid information on whether they do or don’t test so just to be safe I’m going to class it as NOT cruelty free.

Barry M

  • £3.99
  • Cruelty Free
  • Smudge proof

The price gap on these two is HUGE so you can imaging how chuffed I was was when I tried out the Barry M eyeliner and found out it was much better than the MUFE eyeliner.

And now for my video review! :D I’ll be doing these more and more so I can actually demonstrate the points I’m trying to make rather than tell you what I think, plus that way people who prefer a short-and-to-the-point video format can watch those :)


Barry M wins hands down on this one for several reasons, (which is impressive because the Make Up For Ever eyeliner is by no means a bad eyeliner).

  • Barry M is certainly cruelty-free while MUFE is quite hazy on the subject
  • Affordable
  • Barry M is a rich black colour while MUFE is a grey black

You can buy the Barry M Bold Black eyeliner in Superdrug or at their official online store

BTW what do you think about the video review? Anything I could improve on/you want to see?


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    Yay, you’re finally back! I’ve been missing your videos and blogposts :D Good review, sadly I can’t get any of those here in Norway :(

  2. says

    That BarryM eyeliner looks really nice!
    Hm..I would love to get one! I’m kinda trying to found the right black eyeliner for me :<
    nice review!!

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    Love the review, I commented on the vid so I won’t say much more here! I would love to see a comparison between mac lipsticks and revlon.

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    I really like the fact that you test the products and not just talk for 15 minutes about them.
    I love to put eyeliners in my waterline and I was going to buy the MUFe’s one. Thank you you made me save 10 € =)

    Maybe if that’s not too inconvenient, it may be good to see the product when you apply it in the morning and at the end of the day ?

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    I think the video was great, especially as you had actual demonstrations of colour, water resistance etc. as it kind of annoys me when there are reviews which merely discuss a product.
    In terms of suggestions, would you consider doing a similar comparison on something like foundations/primers? It’s just your skin always looks so flawless in your tutorials despite the fact you state it isn’t flawless naturally so it’s something I’d really like to see. :)

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    Could you make a list of the products you like to use on facepaint?
    I really would like to see your favourites and your recomendations.
    Nice review

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    Is there any way you can review canadian and USA products? All the stuff you use is from the UK and I can’t get it here in Canada! I would love to know the reviews of big name brands in Canada. Love your videos though!