Uni Work: Harry Potter Poster

This is one of those projects that I’ve been dying to do!

Being a huge Drew Struzan fan I really wanted to attempt to do a imitation poster where I took his style and tried to replicate it in a poster.

Drew Struzan had already done the first Harry Potter poster but then for some insane reason the studio decided to go with the “standard” photography and photoshop route which I personally hate as Drew Struzan’s posters have a magic about them which modern posters just don’t have.

Anyway, enough babbling.

I started out by sketching out an A2 version of the small 45 sketch I’d drawn my idea, I just used a mechanical pencil and for the blending a paper pencil and a clay shaper.

Seeing as this was my first time using an airbrush I didn’t want to try and do the whole thing just using the airbrush.

Plus even though I’m trying to imitate drew Struzan there was no way in hell I was going to get it even remotely close to his standard so I just wanted the composition to look Struzan-ish but the painting style to be more mine but with his kind of colour choice.

I started by airbrushing the skin and then doing around 60% of the rest of the painting/drawing with colour soft pencils.

After that I used the airbrush again for shading, large areas of colour and reflections on the glass.

I finished off by applying a few finishing touches with a small brush.

Oh and I’m starting to get into the habit of having a camera on now when I’m working, a habit I’m hoping to keep up :)


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    OMG this is so amazing, stunning, fabulous, incredible, cool, artistic, etc…… what can i say, i’m speechless! No words can describe that!!!! <3<3 keep it up!

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    wow truly amazing this is so wow u r the person who insprided me to do art also i painted your painting sugar skull but i call mine inner beauty