Social media hand drawn icons

The good thing about being in the last few months of Uni? I’m planning to share all the pieces that I’ll be doing for my final projects! :D

And I won’t stop doing this the minute Uni ends, apart from beauty/reviews related stuff I’m determined to keep blogging about my art work, it will make a nice break from makeup once in a while.

This one is a bit of a by-product of one of my projects. I was drawing icons for my business card and I figured I might as well draw some icons for my website too while I was at it.

I wanted the icons to look hand-drawn and I wanted a completely new picture for blog lovin’ as I’m not too fond of the face designs AT ALL so I drew my own version.

I first sketched out all the icons with a mechanical pencil. I don’t like “normal” pencils, I hate how they go blunt so quickly.

If I’m doing something like a portrait then I’ll use them to create highlights and shading but for general sketching I am a huge fan of mechanical pencils.

For the actual colour I was a bit stuck between choosing water colour (one of my favorite mediums) and my pro-markers. In the end promarker’s won.

Nothing exactly ground-breaking about them, but I’m quite happy with how they look in the side bar :)

Especially how they change colour when you hover the mouse over them, (lol I’ll admit I spent a good two minutes just running my mouse over them to see the colours change).

What do you think of them? Oh and what do you think of my new blog banner? I love it! :D


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    Love how the banner kinda matches the butterfly eyes profile picture you have atm. And the icons look so cool, add that personal touch x

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    I really like how they turn out x3
    Simple but cute!
    And the new Blog banner is a love <3 it's simple, but it has that details that make it diferent.

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    I’m really amazed klaire. this is really creative and smart. I like them and i like the way they cange colours when hoverred over just like you like them. amazing.. good job klaire keep it up..

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    I really like these! I have a technical question though… I have seen a lot of blogs with icons down the side, like yours has, but I have no idea how to actually do this on my blog? Is there a widget for it – or a site that explains the coding you need to implement something like this? I hope you can help (if you have time, hehe) xx

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    Umm i would like you to do a Tutorial on Katniss the Girl on fire the one where she gets interview by Ceasar on the talk show.



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    Klaire, você é de uma sensibilidade incrível!!! Faz tudo com muita perfeição e amor, por isso, suas obras, suas make serão sempre um sucesso!!!
    Um grande beijo e uma fã dos seus trabalhos!! :)