March Giveaway! :D

I was hoping to wait another week till I uploaded another giveaway but I didn’t really have a choice as I’ve been quite sick for the past 4 weeks, I’m in the last two months of Uni, and I only have one back up video (nail tutorial) which I would like to upload next week so I hope this video makes up for the lack of makeup tutorials :)

I mentioned in the giveaway video that you would be able to see some of the upcoming prizes on my KlairedeLysdotcom channel. If you haven’t found it here is the video:

As usual the rules are simple:

1. Leave a comment on this blog post saying what you would like to see me review on my KlairedeLysdotcom channel.

2. If you are under 16 years of age please ask your parents permission before entering.

3. You can only leave ONE comment.

4. The giveaway is international as always.

5. The competition ends on the 2oth of March.

6. If you are the winner and don’t reply within 48 hours of me contacting you I’m sorry but I will pick another winner.

7. I ALWAYS send the prizes by recorded delivery so that I’m sure they get to you.
Why don’t you announce the
winners on You Tube?

The reason I don’t announce the winner/s on You Tube exc. is because to enter a comment you have to enter your email (don’t worry I’m the only one who can see it) so I already have the means to contact you, there is no point in announcing the winners :)

Anyway, good luck and I hope you all enter :)


  1. says

    I love, love, love it when you do nail tutorials, so reviews on nail polish and tools, brushes etc would be fabulous!

  2. Abigail says

    Oh I do love sleek. It’s so generous of you to do these giveaways Klaire :) I’d love to see nail polish reviews as i absolutely love nail polish and would like to know about the better quality polishes but for a cheaper price. :)

  3. says

    Hi Klaire. you’re such an inspiration!

    I think you should do a review on your monthly loved and unloved products! It’d be interesting to see as you don’t always use high end makeup all the time like other makeup gurus, therefore the average person will be able to relate to your videos even more.

    Love watching your videos! <3

  4. says

    Hello :) You spoil your subscribers!! :)
    I would really love to see some brush reviews. From drugstore to high end. Comparing and finding dupes if you know of any :) xxx

  5. says

    I think it would be nice to see a review on the storm sleek pallet. Thanks :D

    Also it says that the contest ends on the 21st of February, and it’s already March. lol.

  6. says

    Klaire, you inspired me to start doing more expressive makeup. Please start doing reviews on drugstore makeups? Thank you, so so much!

  7. says

    I’d love to see a BB cream review. I really want to get one but so many have been launched that I don’t know where to start!

  8. says

    Hi Klaire. I think it would be great if you could do comparison reviews, like comparing different types of foundation or false lashes and commenting on the pros and cons of both. That would be really good because people can then get a good idea of what (for example) different foundations do, which they then can decide if they want to try them out. Thanks. Love your videos =)

  9. says

    Well it is not exactly a review but, what the used of each eye brush like, what are they best to used for plus tips. That would be great :)

  10. says

    Oh, wow! So beautiful, Klaire…
    You are seriously an inspiration ; ____________ ;
    Enter me, please, and also, as a side note…

    I’m hoping for more hunger games tutorials? (:

  11. says

    I would really like you to review the yes to carrots skincare regiment or the Formula (seriously shine free) cream… Also: we all know you love sleek… But I hear lots of people say it has mad fall out and the blushes are some times over pigmented… So I would still like you to do a review on it. I have NEVER had any sleek products :-)

  12. says

    Hey! I think I would like to see nail varnish reviews and/or eye shadow reviews!! They are like my two favourite things, so I would really enjoy watching them and they would be very useful to me!! :) x

  13. says

    I would love to see a contouring/highlighting and skin care review! You are so great at everything you do, I am a big fan.
    With love,

  14. says

    I’d love to see brushes reviews. It’s hard to find good ones where I live and I have to buy them online, so your recommendations would be really helpful

  15. says

    I’d like to see a review for the ones that are just getting started in make up. It could be a series, like Getting Started: The best brushes, the “Necessary” palettes, tools, etc.

  16. says

    hey Klaire, i know its not to do with make up but i love your work, your so inspiring and have inspired me.. i would love you to do a review on zebra eyes?? and i would love to see your drawings too. i love art and have many in my house… your fab keep doing what your doing we all enjoy :D xxx

  17. says

    I would like to see a review on what kind of face products (cleansers, moisturisers etc.) you used/have used;) enter mee<3

  18. says

    I would love to see some foundation reviews, I have lots of hyper pigmentation and am always looking for a new foundation to really make me feel flawless. Keep up the cool looks, they are so artistic and unique, I love it!

  19. says

    HI! I think it would be real cool to see you review different types of palettes! When I concider buying makeup palettes, I always look for reviews on youtube, but it is very rare that I find it. Recently, I’ve actually been wanting to buy some Sleek palettes, but I can’t find any reviews on the different palettes. Would be nice to hear what the different colors etc. looks like and which colors can be found in several palettes and so on:)

  20. says

    (I do apologize if I posted twice because an error popped up when I tried, but I didn’t see my name in the comments…)
    Anyhoo, I’d love to see skin care reviews or makeup brushes reviews. :D
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. says

    Hi Klaire, thank you so much for the giveaway and sharing your amazing talents with us… I would love to see more tutorials on lash primers and makeup removers (possibly for dry skin). Also, it says competition ends 21 Feb… do you mean March? thanks again! xxx

  22. says

    I would like to see you do a skin care routine review, (like what products you use in morning etc) This would be really helpful! :)x

  23. says

    First off:
    Thank you so much for yet another giveaway! <3
    I'd like to see really any kinds of reviews, but nail polish and makeup reviews mostly. Skincare reviews aren't that interesting since you have to test the products for a month, the whole line for better result and it's different for every skin type :) So I'd prefer makeup ones ^.^

  24. says

    Hi, I am a subbie from Sweden and first I would like to say THANKS for this wonderful giveaway, Sleek looks like an amazing brand!!
    In sweden we havent got Sleek and many other brands often featured on youtube, you can buy online but with the prizes and the fear of the makeup getting broken I havent dared to buy online and as I said it´s too expensive for me!!
    So on that thought I would love you to do reviews on Sleek and other brands that YOU yourself like the best……I think you are sooo talented and great to watch!
    Love Susanne

  25. Tourmaline says

    Hi, Klaire! i fell in love with your arts and videos on how you do your makeup and can’t get enough of watching it.

    for review, i would love to see you do a review on skin care because i never have great skin and would love to see how you take care of your skin (in case it will be helpful for me and others).

  26. says

    Hi, lovely prices this time hope I have some goodluck this time ^^. I would like to see a review on how different primers/ eyeshadowbases compare.

  27. says

    Thanks for the giveaway, Klaire!! I would like to see a review on some good drugstore lipsticks with longer staying power without drying out the lips.

  28. says

    Please review skincare. I also live in the UK and have really dry skin (eczema) so anything that could help with that would be reallyyyy helpful. thank you =]

  29. says

    I’d like you to do lots of Drug store Mascaras since there are so many on the market and it’s almost impossible to find a really good one. Reviews will always make the choice easier.

    Also, Lipsticks are hard to find because, to most of us, it’s hard to figure out which colors would look good on our skin tones, so on the review you could specify the undertones of the lipstick and what shade of skin it could fit :).
    (NYX has some great lipsticks and glosses, but again…the issue is figuring out what colors would look good :P)

    Finally, High-end Dupes for lipsticks :P

  30. says

    I would love a review on foundations! I have such a hard time finding foundations that suit my skin…I break out, they can be cakey! I have combination skin, so I cant find a decent foundation that works well!
    So I would love to please see reviews and recommendations on the best foundations, and the best way to apply them!
    You are my first watch every time in my subscription box!! Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway!!! xxx

  31. says

    You have such great skin, so I’d like to see your daily skin care routine and a review on products that work and haven’t worked for you. Thanks :D

  32. says

    I think you should do a review on….. The Hunger Games books! I saw you did a tutorial for Effie Trinket idk if you have read the books but if you have I would love to hear your thoughts on the series :)Oh and btw your rules state it ends in February but it’s march haha just a heads up :)))

  33. says

    Fake lashes and skin care … i really wish that someone like you can review those things ‘cuz it’s so hard to know what’s good or not TT.TT and testing by my self with a low budjet is impossible

  34. says

    i’d love to see reviews on eyeshadows, simply because I have a hard time finding ones that don’t irritate my eyes. Also eyeliners, because you are the perfect youtuber to review all kinds of eyeliners, metallic ones, bright coloured ones.. :)

  35. Lindsey Bell-Moore says

    I would really love skin care reviews. I’m still looking for my perfect products and every little bit helps!!!!

  36. says

    Enter me please :) I agree with Katie from above – I think mascara reviews would be really interesting. I don’t know how to tell a good mascara, since it can’t really be judged on pigment or feel. Besides the product itself, I’ve seen tons of ads for different brush types and shapes, but I don’t know which is best. I’d love to hear your professional opinion :)

  37. says

    Hey! I think it would be really interesting if you could do reviews on affordable-budget skincare products for teens who just started wearing makeup. I would like to know how you too care of your skin throughout highschool from the types of products you used :)
    Oh, and also, maybe reviews on the different type of lipstick/glosses in drugstores because most teens can’t afford $18-20+ products for their lips.
    Thanks for having this contest! :D
    Good luck to everyone and congrats to the winner!!

  38. says

    I would like to see a futuristic make up or even another zombie make up .Something that is not usual to see :P.Take care please.

  39. says

    hii :)
    i really think you sound do a review of some of your favourite makeup kits, and some skin care tips (please do some for ache….) i do find a few skin care tips but they never work for me :\ and also maybe some home made products, i always love them cause their so fun so yea :)
    Thankx 4 reading i love your videos and yea :D

  40. Linda says

    Hello! I would like you to review BB Cream. It can be any brand and any shade, although I recommend brands like Missha or Lioele :) Thank you!

  41. Devi says

    Hi Klaire, I would love to see you do a review on BB creams and maybe the difference between some Asian brands and some of the American brands I’ve seen popping up lately.

  42. says

    I’d love to see some tutorials about facial- and skincare with a lot of natural products like things you have in your cupboard or fridge. Or a tutorial how to shape your eyebrows perfectly. :)

    Btw, I LOVE your accent!! ♥

  43. says

    I think it would be amazing if you did different reviews on skin care things like Neutrogena and Clearasil, as well as any other skin care things that help to keep your complexion clear.

    I would also like to see some more drug store tutorials (like Jordana Cosmetics, I think they have an international site) and good dupes for more expensive make up and and nail polish.


    Chelsea Laine =]

  44. says

    I’d love to see you do a review on the garnier bb cream! I’m really interested in buying it but I don’t want to go out and buy it and waste my money, i’ve done that too many times before ;)

  45. nadine says

    i would love makeup reviews. i see the comment above me says limecrime and that’d be awesome. maybe some foundations, your favorite things as a whole, or maybe hair or makeup brush review. idk i’m not picky i love all beauty videos and i think yours are a bit more interesting since they incorporate art and drawings and idk they’re just better because they’re never the same (:

  46. says

    I would love to see reviews on all natural brushed and makeups. I have seen alot of the all natural but I am still not sure how good they are. I love brush reviews, they are very helpful. Thank you :)

  47. says

    I would love to see reviews on skin care! Your skin is always so clear, I’d love to see what products you use. Or foundation reviews as well!

  48. Heidiii says

    Hey, I would really like you to make a review on skincare, exspecially about combination skin, because I also have combination skin and it is really hard to find a make up that fits. thank you

  49. says

    hey Klaire ! Thanks for the opportunity!
    If I had a say, I’d like it if you’d make videos where you not only review but compare – for example you take 3 or 5 (whatever)foundations tell us what’s good and whats not and then rank them :D

  50. says

    Hey ! Can you enter me please… ?
    Thank you ! <3
    I'd love to see a review about lashes care ! I know that's weird, but I think it's important to take car of all parts of the face. Like kin, eyes, lips and lashes,…
    Thank yu so much for this giveaway !

  51. says

    I’d love to see a review on the best liquid eyeliner you have used. I’m struggling to find a good one because I too am a student so can’t splash too much cash!

  52. says

    Hi! Defo would love skincare reviews, specially problem skin, i get break outs so much, and it would be gud to see if u find anything as i have been looking for years! And nothing solves it, thanx kate! X

  53. says

    I would love to see reviews on different brands and colors of nail polish, I don’t see many reviews on it, and I know some nail colors come out differently than what you think, and some are more shiny, chip more easily, so I’d love to see reviews on different types of nail polish.
    Other reviews I’d like to see would be hair care products, which ones actually work and which ones do not.
    Love your videos <3

  54. says

    I’d love to see a video on skin care and high street foundations! :) You’re videos are always great :) and please may I be entered

  55. says

    Hi I would like perhaps reviews on the e.l.f brushes and the barry b products you use.
    Love your work and thanks !

  56. says

    I would love to see you do reviews on makeup.
    What you’ve been using, liking, disliking and what you recommend us (subscribers) buying, if it’s worth the price or not, please! I hope i win this, love you! <3

  57. says

    i would love some reviews of pail skin products(for pail skin to have pail skin) and also i really would love some foundation reviews for all skin colors and all shades, its really hard to match some skin colors(like mine) and it would be great to get some help with it!

  58. says

    I would love you to review face products as I’m trying to find a new foundation, concealer and blush lol thank you so much for the giveaway:)

  59. says

    Hi Klaire! Yet another great give away. I’d like to see some reviews on lip balms, because my lips tend to get realy dry all the time and I can’t seem to find one that realy works for me… Anyway, I love your video’s, so I’ll be looking forward to your next! ;)



  60. says

    Could you do a lip care/stick/liner reviews?! sorry for the bombardment,^^” there’s so much i would like to learn! :) thank you for the giveaway! :D

  61. says

    Since you work with a lot of ELF products, I would love to see reviews on them…which you think work best, which you don’t. I think for women or teens with a limited budget, reviews of any budget friendly makeup would be nice along with skincare as well. Thanks for the contest.

  62. Britney Alex says

    I HOPE YOU CAN READ THIS! :) Its too long!! Sadly last time I didn’t get to enter your illamasqa giveaway because it wasn’t working :( I hope it works this time) , I really wish i could meet you, your so amazing.. I live in the U.K , i think we’re close? (Guessing from your accent) Aha , anyway, i can’t wait for the Hunger Games so excited! My friend who is emma Elizabeth Gangiel won the premiere tickets for answering a HUNGER GAMES question, but she couldn’t afford to go and all her family were working! I feel so bad for her :( Thanks for this giveaway Clairs sorry for the long paragraph Lol, i’m stoping NOW.. bye? :)

  63. says

    Love your videos! You explain things so well ^^
    I’d love to see brush reviews as I’ve just started using makeup on a more regular basis and so far I’m basically using my fingers and just random brushes without having a clue as to whether they are any good or not. It works fine they way it does, but I would like to invest in some good quality brushes as I’m finally able to afford good quality makeup.

  64. says

    I would love to see you do a review on Strobe Cosmetics! They have a few different types of products from loose pigments, nailpolish, and lip jellies! Also, how about a review on your favorite gel eyeliner :)

  65. says

    I’d love to see reviews on brushes and makeup, especially if they’re available in the US (or can be ordered with free shipping promotions occasionally, like Sleek!)

  66. says

    Hi Klaire!

    I think that a mix of all kinds of products is more fun than really just one type of product (eg foundation). You could compare the products, look at the quality and price. I’d very much like a review on nail polishes by the way.

  67. says

    Enter me please! i would love to see brush reviews, eyeshadow reviews, and foundation reviews. I have been looking for a good foundation and love to see how eyeshadows work! I love your videos :)

  68. Claire says

    I’d love to see nail polish reviews, or maybe the set up of all your makeup- how you like to organize it, etc. :)

  69. says

    I would love to see some reviews on dupes really. There’s a lot of great makeup that I can’t get in Canada (Sleek and Barry M among others) but would love to know if there are any good dupes available. Also some ‘is it worth it’ reviews. In love with Nars, but with that price tag I’m always curious…is it worth it.


  70. Lorna Jane says

    Enter me :)

    Good nail varnish brands

    skin care ( products for dry skin possibly? )

  71. Rachael says

    I would absolutley love to see some foundation reviews! And if you ever try the makeup brand Mirrenesse, i would love to see your reviews on that! Thanks :)

  72. says

    I HOPE YOU CAN READ THIS! :) Its too long!! Sadly last time I didn’t get to enter your illamasqa giveaway because it wasn’t working :( I hope it works this time) , I really wish i could meet you, your so amazing.. I live in the U.K , i think we’re close? (Guessing from your accent) Aha , anyway, i can’t wait for the Hunger Games so excited! My friend who is Emma Elizabeth Gangiel won the premiere tickets for answering a HUNGER GAMES question, but she couldn’t afford to go and all her family were working! I feel so bad for her :( Thanks for this giveaway Klaire sorry for the long paragraph Lol, i’m stoping NOW.. bye? :)

    SORRY HAD TO RE-WRITE (not spamming, so sorry!)

  73. says

    Hey Klaire! Love your videos :3
    I would love to see you review eyeshadow pallettes, particulary the new eyeshadow pallette from Lime Crime and some other Lime Crime things too. Also it would be wonderfull if you could review some more stuff from Illamasqua, it seems a wonderfull makeup brand and it would be nice to see how the products really are.

    Awesome giveaway, as always! Kissu :3

  74. says

    What a super prize! I would love to see you review BB cream, high end and their cheaper alternatives. I’m excited for your new channel!

  75. says

    Hello, I’d really like to see some urban decay reviews, and perhaps some reviews for different foundations (power) and concealer. Any or all would be greatly apreciated. Thank you, have a wonderful day.

  76. says

    enter me ;) I would love to see some reviews on make up for face, as blushes, bronzers, highlighters :) also, maybe some hair stuff?

  77. Ebonny says

    I would love to see you review your favourite go to makeup items, things you can’t do without! :)

  78. says

    I would love a see your favourite makeup, the best mascara or daily skin care
    in fact, I would like to see everything:)
    Greetings from Poland^^

  79. says

    I would love it if you were to do best and worst types of products so like best and worst drugstore mascaras, best and worst nail varnish formulation, best and worst mac, stuff like that xx I love what you do!!! ;P x <3

  80. Jasmine says

    Heey !! I would love to see an ELF review because I’m planning to buy some stuff from them soon and i’d rlly appreciate your opinions (:

  81. says

    First of all, I have only been follwing you for a few days but I love EVERYTHING you do! You are so talented! I would love for you to review some beauty tips and products, especially the ones you use on a regular basis. I would also love to see you review different techniques used when applying make up. I am not sure if this is possible but I would love to see you do some art make up on other skin tones as well as African Americans. That would be great to see just so people can see how things would turn out on a different skin tone. Thank you so much. I’ve been truly inspired by your art!

  82. Farida Rampersaud says

    I would love to see your skin care routine and more effects make up like the zombie hag!!!!!

  83. says

    i’d like to see a complete Rimmel review coz Im about to start with this brand but Idk if it worth it so if you know anything abt it and can make a video I wud definitely watch it!!! :) thx <3

  84. Yvonne Jeanette says

    I relly want you to do a skin care review :D Tho i would like to see one about diffrent makeup brushes too :D

  85. says

    Heu Klaire, I would love to see some skin product reviews. I mean things like foundation, concealer, primers, … :D
    We can kinda know the eye-make up products you like by looking at your amazing tutorials so that’s why:D xxx

  86. says

    I would love to see a review on pen liquid eyeliners! I can’t seem to find any good ones without them being expensive. The ones I’ve bought in the past have always dried out quickly too.

  87. says

    To be honest, it’s kinda hard for me to find products you normally use here, in my country. And if I find them, they’re overpriced. There’s only one mac store in my city, one inglot 400km away, one makeupforever and that’s about it for highend. So I don’t really care what you review. I’ll watch it, because you never know when I’ll take a trip to England and buy ALL the make-up.:)

  88. says

    Considering that i am a teenager in high school, a video on skin care would be great. I am having some issues with my skin and being in school at the same time doesn’t really help a lot with my confidence. So yeah, a skin care video would be absolutely wonderful, thanks :)

  89. says

    Enter me! :D I’m getting ready to attempt a Slytherin look tomorrow for our school’s spirit week (each day is a different theme). I’m going to actually be using some of your tutorials in a mash-up and see what happens. :D Wish me luck!

  90. Louise says

    Hi Klaire,

    Love your channel! Keep up the good work. Would love to know how you keep your eyebrows so perfect.

    Lou x

  91. says

    I would love to see a review of your hair care products. My hair is the same length as yours. Your hair is so shinny and good looking. :)

  92. says

    I don’t have a brand that I want you to review, but I’d love if you could do one about concealer. I have trouble finding good ones.
    Like heavy and light.

  93. says

    I would LOVE to see you review some inexpensive brushes. I always find myself watching a Guru’s video and wondering what kind of brush they’re using, and once I find out the name, the brush happens to be over 50 dollars JUST for the one brush.
    I am too young for a job, therefore I can’t get my own brushes, and I don’t think my parents really want to buy expensive brushes for me, even tho they know that my dream is to be a professional makeup artist.
    Even if I don’t win, I hope you consider this suggestion.
    xoxo -Savannah

  94. says

    Hi Klaire! I would love to see a review on your new KlairedeLysdotcom channel on lipsticks and lip pens. I own only two lipsticks and both of them get whiped away so easily.

    A review on eyeshadows for sensitive eyes is another idea :-)

    Thank you sweety for making this giveaway. I’m looking forward to your review! Kisses from Greece

  95. says

    I’ve been having trouble with my skin a lot lately so, reviews on skin care would for sure be appreciated. I’ll take all the help I can get. :)

  96. says

    Hello Claire, I think all products regarding to make up and beauty are worth reviewing.. but it’d be nice if you do foundation and primer first. :D

  97. says

    I love all your vids, I love different look, rather then just the basics, I would love to see reviews on skin care, and make-up, like which ones are give the best color and cover for the best price, well again love your vids, can’t wait to see more :)

  98. says

    I would love to see reviews on products that deal with problem areas for women. Such as foundation or mineral powder for extremely oily skin. Removing facial hair. Alternatives to false eyelash glues if your allergic to latex and or have sensitive eyes. These are just some examples.

  99. says

    Please do a skin care review..especially some of the product you turn to most often! Thanks for the great giveaways and tutorials ^^

  100. Audrey McCormick says

    I would love if you could do reviews of the Barry M. products you use. Thanks! :)

  101. says

    hey Klaire :)
    i would love it if you could do some art brush/material/paint reviews, as i am taking GCSE art, and i would love to by a heap of inexpensive products.
    take care :)

  102. says

    A nail tutorial for people who have to have shorter nails for work (or should, ahem) and how to make them pretty but practical.

    margueritecore [at] gmail [dot] com

  103. says

    Hey, i love you videos.I would really like you to do some revives on lots of products but your favorite for each. It would be really useful if you could do reviews on drug store cosmetics and skin care. Thank you <3

  104. says

    I wish you would review the MUA products, are they good quality despite the extremely cheap price? A £1 eyeshadow automatically makes me have doubts but when you use them in your vids they look fab. xx

  105. says

    Hey! I love your videos, a lot of them have inspired me to try new things with my makeup! :) Everyone asks me where I got the idea and I show them your videos! I would love if you did a review on little tips on skin care and what makeups aren’t good for your skin and which one’s are. =) I would love to be entered in the contest =)

  106. Isamar says

    HEY! I’m huge fan from Puerto Rico. I personally love your work as a makeup artist.

    I will love to see a review on makeup brushes and also on cream eyeshadows and very high pigmented eyewear, how to use them correctly, and hints or tricks!

    Love from Puerto Rico

  107. says

    I’d like to see eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara reviews. Anything that has to do with eyes. Also, I’d love to see concealer and foundation reviews. Thanks for the giveaway!

  108. says

    I would loveee to see your skin care routines! Your skin is seriously like a clean canvas..I want to see how you take care of it..^^
    and also cheap drugstore makeup reviews? for poor people like me..haha..XD
    thanks for the giveaway~

  109. says

    I would like a video on skin care. How to take care of it,different things we can use to protect it. Especially for fair skin since summer is coming up ! :) Xx

  110. Tina says

    My suggestion is that you do a review on a nice (volumizing) drugstore mascara (preferably by a brand, available throught Europe, e.g. not Sleek) =P

  111. says

    I’d loooove to see an ELF review! My birthday is coming soon and I considered to buy some ELF products but I’m not really sure yet. Greets from Germany :)

  112. says

    I would love to see more of your art work… not really beauty related but still, please consider! have a good day!

  113. says

    Gosh they’re so pretty! :) A review on … make-up that doesn’t clog pores as much as regular ones? I think that would help out a lot of your viewers since most of them are teenagers anyway! :P x

  114. says


    You are too kind, such a gorgeous give away. But to answer
    your question. I would love to see drugstore and skincare products reviews
    Thank you!

    xxx Ruby

  115. says

    Hi Klaire, as Amalia said few posts ago, a review of your favourite hair-care products would be amazing. :)

  116. says

    Hmmm ideas for you to review. Skin care products and hair products is a good idea. Maybe different dupes for popular brands.

  117. says

    Hey Klaire! (:

    I think your videos are awesome, and I find you really talented.

    I have been thinking about what you could do reviews on and personally I find that reviewing the products you use for eyeshadows would be a brilliant idea. I find these the most useful and I’m sure a lot of your followers do too.

    I find that sometimes eyeshadows look quite sheer but it’s hard to find those within an affordable price range with good pigments. I have seen reviews before on kits that people have themselves, just pointing out what they like and what they don’t like, I find these very helpful too, as it’s always nice to get a true opinion from someone who knows about the products!

    I see you also do nails, and I am really excited just like a lot of other people about these foils people are using nowadays! If they are easy to apply or last a good amount of time and how cool they look. Reviews on that would also be awesome! (:

    I hope to see some reviews soon! :D
    I LOVE most products you use, it’s nice to see someone on youtube use other things apart from MAC! (:


  118. Dania says

    Hey, I love your videos! :D I would love you to do reviews on skin products! Thanks for the amazing tips and tutorials.

  119. says

    Hey Klarie,

    i would like to see some skin care reviews an some reviews for cheep fake lashes.

    :) I love your videos they are greate

  120. Sarina says

    I would kind of ant you to do like a magical makeup tutorial ^_^ with purple and gold and pink <3 thats would be so beautiful <3 and i know i'm obviously not going to win but putting this will probably do something ^_^ hope you see this

    Love love love


  121. says

    Since you have sensitive skin (which both of my best friends can relate to) I’d like to see (and hear) your reviews on makeup and skincare products that claim to be for sensitive skin (one of my friends has reactions to one such line but doesn’t tell me which). That way I’d be able to offer them some help in finding products they can use. :)

  122. says

    enter me please klaire!
    i would really like to see some skincare reviews, especially face washes that clean your make up right off!

  123. says

    I’d love to see videos about skincare and foundation for oily skin…or perhaps reviews about cruelty free cosmetics? It would absolutely love if you could do a review on a good waterproof mascara that is brown (if such exists?) because i’m very fair and black just looks kind of harsh on me, but i understand if that’s a tricky one or wouldn’t get much views or something.
    Anyway thank you for the lovely giveaway, i hope you have a fantastic day :)

  124. Christina says

    You are just so creative I love all of your looks and instruction. I would love to see more Dramatic looks! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us all!

  125. says

    I love your work!. I’ll love to see a review about your favourite foundation. Or review about foundation that you think are really good.! Thanks

  126. says

    Hiya Klaire!

    I would love to see reviews on any eyeliners that you use, specifically liquid eyeliners like the pen ones, it always seems you use good eyeliners :D ..awesome giveaway! totally envious of UK drugstore makeups! <3 Lindsay

  127. says

    I think maybe nail polish reviews! I never really hear many reviews about nail polish and It’s one of my favorite things!! :)

  128. says

    Can you review on how to pic the wright foudation and hoe to apply it, so that it looks more natural, like you are not wearing any make up at all! And what to wear when you live somewhere where it is really hot ehat kind of foudation (powder, i do not think liquid is the wright one for hot weather)do you use? loose powder, compact for more natural look? or it dosen’t matter??? thank you!!

  129. says

    I wouldn’t mind seeing some face care reviews~ like cleaners, toners, so on and so forth. Maybe some nail polishes too, seeing as I’m a totally polish freak x3

  130. says

    Hi Klaire!
    i’d love to see you do a review on brushes you use for more intricate details, in the more complicated looks you’ve done and maybe suggest which brushes are better for people with a less steady hand and such :) thankyou for reading

  131. says

    Hey Klaire!
    I would love some tutorials on skin care products that you have used, mainly because prom is in a few more months and I would love to have clean skin before then.Or a review on the sleek lip paints – dont know if they are worth buying or not :)
    Thanks xoxo

  132. Mollie Anderson says

    Hey Klaire! [::

    I love your videos, and your giveaways are always so awesome.
    You’re so so talented!
    But, Something that I would like to see you review on your KlairedeLysdotcom channel is different types of loose eyeshadow. A lot of companies are starting to make them, and I never know which one is best (besides MAC).
    So far my favorite is Sugarpill.
    Hope you can do some of these types of reviews!
    Please enter me.{::

  133. says

    Hello klaire (^ , ^)V

    I <3 <3 v <)
    I would love to see more review on skin care products because i have alot of skin's problem . for example product thats suitable for oily skin . I've found that not too many make up's gurus out there making review on skin care . So if you could do , it'll be awesome & it'll help me alot (* o *) ! SO i hope you'll make it come true .

    Do have a wonderful time around 3 <)V

  134. LittleBeez4U says

    I would really love to see a review on makeup you really, really can’t live without. Hm. And maybe a review on some makeup brushes ?
    I love your videos ! They are amazing !!
    Greeting from Denmark ;D♥

  135. says

    can you review affordable pigmented eyeshadow’s, i dont want to spend a lot of money if im just going to be playing around with my makeup to practice and most of the brands that i use either don’t have a great color selection or don’t give me the vibrant color that i want

  136. says

    Hi Klaire! I’ve been watching your videos for a while now, and I love them! You really are a true inspiration for me <3

    Thank you so much for your giveaways :)
    I'd love it if you could make reviews on drugstore products because I know most of the girls can't afford high-end products and we prefer to buy from local drugstores, so it would be nice to know what's good to buy and also what products totally sucks, haha!

    -Katia <3

  137. says

    i would like reviews on something like illamasquas liquid metals and pigments. and glitters! like cheap dupes with quality. i always struggle to find good ones….

  138. says

    I would really really really love a nail polish review! Perferably drugstore, but whatever works for you would be GREAT :D
    and I am in love with that turquoise color, by the way.
    Love you bunches!!!

  139. says

    id like you to review the inglot nail polishes i heard theyre good but i didnt wanna buy them till i know my favorite gurus love them

  140. says

    I’d love to see skincare reviews, and nail polishes! I know skincare is a bit particular because everyone has different skin, but it’s really helpful to see reviews on products that might improve skin.
    And nail polishes? Well they’re my guilty pleasure! I love seeing nail polishes on people and what they think of them.

  141. says

    Hi Klaire! I would love to see you do a review of Chanel’s VitaLumière Aqua foundation! I’m really interested in getting it but want to make sure it would fit my skin type and such. This is a great giveaway considering I have never tried ANY Sleek products! I am dying to try them! Thank you for this giveaway :)

  142. says

    What a nice giveaway! I’d like you to do a foundation review, or a eyeshadow refill pans comparative review. I love your channel, and now I’m going to spend some time on your blog too. Kisses from France!

  143. Sarah Etty says

    I would really love to see you do a review on different types of brushes you use, and which of the cheaper brands you prefer. Your looks are absolutely beautiful, keep up the fantastic work!

  144. says

    Hey, i’d love for you to do some brush reviews as it’s so hard to buy brushes as I don’t have the heftiest of bank accounts so some brush reviews would be good :) also, some eye shadow reviews would be nice, especially as you mainly use drug store products – which a lot of Youtubers don’t do.
    I love that this is Sleek, I love Sleek, Sooo good and soooo affordable :P
    Thanks, Klaire! :)

  145. says

    Like you I have dark eye’s and am always worried when trying to choose a colored contact, you always seem have great ones so I’d really love for you to do a review on colored contacts please =)
    I look forward to more amazing and inspiring tutorials.

  146. says

    Hey Klaire! Lov your work.
    Perhaps you could review some skin care products or cruelty free products that you know about and like, I would love to have more information about brands that are cruelty free… I know most people dont care… but I care… just a suggestion ;)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  147. says

    I’d love to see you review your favourite eye products. From primers to brushes to eye-shadows. From your experience, what are the best (yet affordable) products you’ve come across? What would you use them for (daily, costume, etc)? Why would you recommend them? I really enjoy watching your videos Klaire… you’ve got an incredible talent and thank you for sharing it with the world!


  148. says

    i never find a decent skin care product like a moistriser what moistrisers my skin and can keep the spots away so could you do some reveiws on skincare because i can never find anything i like x

  149. says

    Please could you do reviews on some affordable, but good makeup products please? Such as foundations, mascaras ect. I’m only a teenager, and I have no idea what products are really worth it! X

  150. says

    Hey there!
    Since I’m a student and can’t afford much expensive makeup, I would like to see videos that show how to use eyeshadows that are not very pigmented and how to make them look more vibrant.
    Thanks in advance! :)

  151. says

    I love all of your videos but what I’m really interested in are the products you use for your nail care routine. In some videos you have these gorgeous natural long nails, I’ve always wondered what you’re using! So please review all of your nail care stuff! :)

  152. says

    Hello Klaire!

    Would love to see some nailpolish reviews.

    Thanks for hosting an awesome giveaway.

    Loads of love from Australia!!

  153. says

    Thanks for hosting a great giveaway. Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell,I hope you are better now and your studies are OK.
    I’ve noticed you enjoy elf products, I’m iinterested to know what you think of their new foundation.

  154. says

    ENTER ME! and i think reviews on false eye lashes, eye shadows color and stay power, and make up for different skin and eye color and facial structure. Love your creativity! its everything you do i love! keep it up.

  155. says

    I say you should have a review of skin care and makeup that is on the cheaper side, like drug store brands. (hope my English wasn’t to bad)

  156. says

    i would love for you to do a make up review on NYX products i love them but i would love to hear what you think! and also a review on fake lashes!! thanks!! good luck to everyone!! ;)

  157. Kiki Beernink says

    Hi Klaire!

    I’d loveee love love to see a review on different kinds of eyeshadow. So for example mousse, gel, powder and regular eyeshadow and how or when to use them. Like compare them and stuff because there’s so many kinds that i just get confused! haha.

    Thanks a lot! You’re amazing.


  158. says

    I would like if you make a nail review or a hair review, i have curly hair and i don’t think i’m giving the proper care :) I love your videos. Oh and where do i can buy the aqua make up palet :) that’s all thank you:)

  159. says

    aahhh, IMATS. I’m hoping to go next year, to either NY or Toronto, though I wish I could go to the London one!!


  160. Paola says

    Hello :) I would love to see, foundation reviews and eyeshadow reviews (make up in general) :) xox

  161. says

    { I would LOVE any type of drugstore makeup reviews, things like foundations and powders would be great(: } P.s. just a heads up, the information above says the contest ends in February, :) heehee, oopsies

  162. says

    Hi :D I live in America, and some of the products you use we don’t have here. I was wondering if you could review/find american equivalents to the UK products :)

  163. says

    Brushes!!!! I have so much trouble using brushes properly wud love to know some tips and tricks.
    P.S. i think you have the wrong ending date it says February 21st

  164. says

    Hey awesome videos by the way, very inspirational!

    I’d love to see fake eyelashes and fake nails being reviewed, no one ever seems to do that.
    Brushes would be good too like what you would recomend for special effects and fine detail, or on a budget.

  165. says

    I would LOVE to see you do a review of the clarisonic (whether it’s worth the high price) Or even better another exfoliating system that’s cheaper but just as good ? Thanks for the giveaway too by the way! xx

  166. says

    Hey :)
    I would like to see mostly mak eup reviews, Drugstore make up mostly, Everything and anything from mascara to foundations to blush and eyeshadow. I think a lot of people watch your videos because you use affordable make up and reviews on affordable make up are not as common considering the make up is more affordable so its not so annoying if a product is a dud knowing you didn’t spend an appalling amount of money on it, but thats where I think you could fill that gap and provide us with make up reviews :D

  167. says

    I would like to hear your opinion about natural Make Up/ Mineral Stuff.. :)
    But in fact I like verey type of reviews, no matter what’s it about.. :) cosmetics, shampoos.. Maybe you can ask every week what others like to see after you made some videos. :D

  168. says


  169. says

    I would like to see reviews on skin care products, bushes, and individual products that you really like. Maybe do a combination of drugstore brands and name brands.

  170. says

    Hi, Klaire ! I would like to see brushes reviews and your makeup all time favorites ! Thanks for the giveaway !

  171. Maria A says

    Hi Klaire! I’d love to see you do a review of Chanel’s VitaLumière Aqua foundation! This is a great giveaway considering I have never tried ANY Sleek products! I am dying to try them! Thank you for this giveaway :)And could you also review the MUA brand from the Uk

    thanks soo much :D

  172. Lindy Beeson says

    I would like to see you review BRONZERS. Like a battle of the bronzers? I’ve been looking for some, bought one from ELF and was very unhappy with the product. I hear NARS, MAC, guerlain, all these brands but would love to see your reviews of best bronzers.

  173. says


    i would like to see a review on skin care product please, like the new luminizer, serum and moisturizer from loreal, thank you very much and take care !

  174. says

    hi klaire..i really enjoy all of your tutorials…….i would love to see a review of affordable full coverage foundations…as well as all your crazy fun looks…

  175. Jenni says

    wow this is gonna be hard XD

    Klaire, first things first:
    I’m always impressed of your creativity and talent. You’re using make-up in a way I’ve never seen before :)

    As for the question part-

    I am very pale, which means it is almost impossible for me to find a matching covering make-up; so, would you do a review on some products which are usefull for very pale skin?

    Again, thank you for your wonderful work!

    Jenni :)

  176. says

    I think, that your skin is perfect…so…
    I’d really like to know what you do with it. Please do a skin care review! :)


  177. says

    hey Klaire. i would love to see you do a skin care review video and also what type skin type you have and what you do to protect and wash with. i love all your videos so anything would be great though. please enter me!!!! i hope i win bc that is so close to my birthday and i would love to win that. please enter me!!!!

  178. says

    Hi! I’d love for you to do some reviews on hair products, products for oily skin, high end vs lower end product reviews! Stuff like that! and do some comarison videos with some dupes of the higher end brands! thanks, I hope I win!!!

  179. says

    Makeup worth the money, I don’t want to spend too much money on something and regret it later so which are worth it

  180. says

    Love your channel!
    I would like to see your review of skin care products (especially for the oily skin).
    And thx for the giveaway :)

  181. says

    I would love a review on what you consideret most interesant products, it don’t have to be just one thing, maybe you can show diferents products that you think are intereting in some way. (I’m gonna write it in spanish just because I have a feeling that I’ll not understand it!Sorry about my English haha)

    Me gustaría que hicieras reviews sobre cosas que consideres interesantes en cualquier sentido, porque son baratos y funcionan o caros pero realmente merecen la pena, y esas cosas.

    Thanks and the best wishes from Spain ;)

  182. says

    I think a review of different base products would be good… There’s a lot of “Zomg colour!” in reviews, but a good foundation is pretty much essential.

  183. says

    I would like you to do reviews on skincare and foundations :) maybe some affordable makeup brushes :) but I’m sure no matter what the reviews are about you’ll be honest and that’s kinda the point :) thank you :)

  184. says

    I would like to see reviews on skincare products, especially with mentioning which are good for different season (e.g. winter and summer best). I love nail art so seeing a review on different nail polishes would be great.

  185. Stephanie says

    I would like to see reviews on bb creams.. because i’m really tempted to buy one but i want to buy a very good one :) Thanks :D

  186. Josephine says

    I’d like to see a review on products for dry face. Products that makes your face glow!

  187. says

    I would love to see you do reviews of care products, but not just skin, nails and hair as well! I love all your videos, and thanks so much for all the tutorials!

  188. says

    I think I would like to see some skin care reviews! Maybe for products for sensitive skin? I also wouldn’t mind any other reviews. So whatever you like best! :)

  189. says

    I’d like to see a review on perfume-scented body cream. (like Giorgio) you know the ones people use to “layer” their fragrance before the final touch of adding their perfume! Thank you and please enter me! I’d love to win!

  190. says

    Hi Klair, just want to congratulate you on starting your second channel first of all and I think skincare and brush reviews would be awesome as well as reviews of dupes. Good luck with your channel and all the best!

  191. says

    Love these!! My daughter is 14 and especially likes tutorials like butterfly eyes and galaxy. She and her friends did a thing in February they called extreme makeup that featured butterfly eyes as inspiration and she created a peacock design too they were “wearable looks” for school and it was so lovely. I like them all!

  192. says

    Hi! I’d like to see reviews on brushes, foundations for different skintypes and maybe “reviews” on different trends (how you like them and perhaps tips on how to customize a trend to different skincolours, eyeshapes, faceshape, …).

    I know this is much to ask for, but I hope that you would at least consider trying these ideas out :)

    Love from Norway <3

  193. says

    I would like to see reviews on foundations and brushes. :)
    Thank you for the amazing tutorials, by the way…

  194. Rocio G says

    First off, I loooove your channel! I would love to see different eye shadow reviews, anything from low to high end. I personally love watching eye makeup reviews so that would be awesome if you did that. :]

  195. says

    this is the first giveaway i’m entering. ever! :D i think you’re lovely and your makeup is art. i’d love to see eye shadow and lip product reviews done by you, especially drug store products. hugs and kisses from croatia! :)

  196. says

    Hi:) I am a JUST starting to begin in the makeup world. I looove your channel and everything you do. To help me I would like to see you do more facial reviews, eye shadow reviews and which brand you prefer better, and last I would like to see a eye makeup completion for all of your fans:))) THANK YOU SO MUCHHH FOR READING!

  197. Zöe says

    I think You Should do Reviews on either Brushes, or [[ I know this probably seems out of the box ]] Clothing/shoes..? Because i dont see many people doing reviews on clothing… But if that wasnt what you were looking for i do say Brushes. Because thats another subject that definatly needs more love! :D Anyway good luck with your giveaway!

  198. says

    I would like to see skin tutorials…not on ance but maybe on tips for applying foundation to dry skin or what foundations offer a coverage that is good for dry skin, like in the winter. Maybe high end and drugstore versions.

  199. says

    Please I would like to see a review of your favorite foundations and powders. I’m sure I will learn a lot of your opinion. Thank you!

  200. says

    First of al, I would just like to thank you for being an inspiration for me to continue my art. You have amazing skill and it is truly motivating. Okay, enough sap. :D
    I think that you should review a range of beauty topics. The first being more at home recipes for things, like your lash growth video. This would be really cool and beneficial to watch, especially for the financially broke or struggling people(le moi). Another segment you could review would be to a “fix it” type thing, like your video explaining how to fix a broken eyeshadow. I personally love these videos because it is reassuring that I don’t have to pay to get something fixed. You could do brushes, fixing them if they fall apart, you could do nail polishes, ect. Finally, my personal favourite, you could do “what I recommend” segments in which you adress a topic, whether it be sunburns, split ends, or pimples and show us what you use to treat such things. It would be a cool way to get to know you and get a different perspective on things. Well, that is all. :) I will continue to just adore your videos, even if you don’t end up using my suggestions. Lots-o-love,

  201. says

    hey there pretty!! i would like o thank you for this upertunity and for beiing and amazing artist i would love to enter <3

  202. says

    really nice giveaway, thanks for all the great things in it.

    I would like a review about nail art brushes. I seem to have some trouble with the ones I’ve just bought. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. So a review on brushes would be totally helpful!
    Thx ;-)

  203. says

    i think you should do a review on some false lashes:) ive been looking into starting to wear them so it would be helpful so i know what to try:D

  204. says

    I would love to see reviews on your favorite products. Things you use, makeup, makeup tools, and skin care products. Pretty much everything. Heheh. I like how straight forward you are. If you don’t like a product, you tell us why and if you liked a product you swear by it. ^_^

  205. says

    I would love to see reviews on your most used eyeshadow colors. It’s so hard to find good pigmented colors that don’t wear off in an hour or so. I also would like to see your eyeliner reviews, every eyeliner that i have used has never lasted the whole day without smudging or wearing off. It would be great to also see reviews on your foundation, concealer, and eyeshadow primer. I would especially like the concealer review because most concealers that i use wear off and make a crusty look which i don’t like.

  206. says

    I want to see a review on brands that you consider that worth the money or even on mascaras that you think improves your eyelashes :)
    Thank you Klaire!!!


  207. says

    Hi Klaire! I’d really kill for some skin care reviews. Your skin seems to be really healthy, and well cleaned every though you do the tutorials that require painting your whole face and such. I’m a young teen, so my skin is breaking out, easily irritated, but overall not that bad. It’d just be reallllyyyyy nice to have some advice!
    Also, advice for light weight foundation. I’d like to start wearing it on a daily basis, however, I don’t want to clog my pores.

  208. says

    Hi Klaire! I’d really kill for some skin care reviews. Your skin seems to be really healthy, and well cleaned every though you do the tutorials that require painting your whole face and such. I’m a young teen, so my skin is breaking out, easily irritated, but overall not that bad. It’d just be reallllyyyyy nice to have some advice!
    Also, advice for light weight foundation. I’d like to start wearing it on a daily basis, however, I don’t want to clog my pores.

  209. says

    Hey! I wish you could review the Barry M lipsticks, I personally fine them beautiful, smooth and creamy, especially love the red colour! and possibly with lip pencils as well?
    Thank you :)

  210. Anna says

    I would defiantly love to see drugstore nail polish review. I am in love with nailpolish. I have 70 and i have only been collecting since June 2011. I need more makeup and i would love to win this contest because i need more makeup, I am a youngin.I doubt you read this comment but either way, hatever. It would mean alot if you did read it. :) Enter me please

  211. says

    I think you should de a review on your favourite or most used makeup and skincare products, and how you remove your makeup correctly! :)

  212. says

    A review of your favorite lipsticks and/or blushers would be fantastic!
    As always, I adore your work, you are a true artist:D

  213. says

    Just to say I love your work…it is so easy to follow. Can you please do reviews on long lasting eye liner as I can’t find one to stay on my water line for a long period of time. Also a good eye shadow primer and the benefits on using particular prodcuts. Thank you again x

  214. says

    This is so nice of you!
    I would like to see revieuws on your fondations and eyeshadows.
    Thank you again for doing this give away, and feel better soon!


  215. Victoria says

    I would love to see nail polish and skin care reviews. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  216. Jess says

    I’d love to see you review skin care products (face & body, and even hair) AND health/fitness stuff! Like vitamins, food, exercise, ect.

  217. says

    Drugstore (or E.L.F) Vs. high end reviews, seeing if the price is Reeeeally worth it for the more expensive stuff.

    Nail product reviews would be good too, I can never find decent product reviews specifically for nails.

  218. says

    Thank you for that chance. I´d love to see reviews on skin care. For me it is the hardest thing to finde some care who realy fits me, smells good and so on. I´ve tried so many products in the last years but I have´nt found the right one jet :(
    The other thing I would love would be reviews about nail polish :) I´ve tried some (at the Moment I´m in love with essie) but there are so many great colors and brands but I´m not shure which to buy :)

    Thank you and all the best for you

  219. says

    Hi Klaire I’d like you to do comparison reviews. So like the same products different brands and compare and contrast them =]
    many thanks

  220. says

    it would be amazing if you did a full review on ELF products since you like them so much, i want to know why
    all i know is that they are cheap and animal cruelty free
    THNX!!! XD

  221. says

    thank you for having the contest klaire i just love your work ,,,it great to see such inspiring art of work…..
    never stop:) and yes pick me please…….
    and yes do some review videos too…..i would love to know your opinion on product
    take care

  222. says

    I would LOVE to see a brush review on all different brands and maybe ranking them on a 1-10 order.. Also would love to see a false lash review!

  223. Jess says

    I would like to use reviews on both drugstore and high-end items, such as eyeshadows, eyeliners, lipsticks, false eyelashes, and skin care products.

  224. says

    Is this where you enter for the contest… Anyways,I’ve been folowing you for a while and I love all of your videos!! ILY!!

  225. says

    I would love to see review of skin care products, and which products are best on different skin types (oily, dry etc) and also maybe some reviews onn homemade alternatives? :)

  226. says

    Hello Klaire! It would be awesome if you could do some reviews on products for sensitive skin, since that’s not really what gurus ussually talk about. and yeah… eneter me! (:

  227. says

    Brush reviews would be much appreciated! I’m looking to buy more brushes in the future so this would help! Also skin care!!

  228. Jennifer says

    I would love to see reviews on more drugstore type makeups, as many of us do not have a large makeup budget. Maybe even show which drug store makeups could be considered duplicates of higher brand makeups, just for a lot more wallet friendly choice.

  229. says

    I would love to see a review on BB Cream or make up remover and I’m just starting in makeup so I would really appreciate it if you could do any kind of review but I would like any of these

  230. says

    First of all, I love your vids :) and I’d love to see a skincare related tut or review of your favorite products. TY! ;)

  231. says

    Loving your videos as always, I’d love some more movie/TV character make up tutorials, you’re so good at them. Besides, I know you’re not afraid to try some really different looks. :)

  232. says

    I would like to see a review of natural skin care tips, that keep my skin as beautiful as yours!! Thanks again Claire!! Love all your makeup vids!!

  233. says

    Lush giveaway! I’d like to see some skincare/foundation reviews. Your opinions on products seem really unbiased, so I just want to see some foundation reviews (:

  234. says

    Maybe you could review your favorite products of the month, or your skin care products would be nice as well!

    Thank you for the giveaway! ^^

  235. says

    I’d love to see you review mascaras, because I always have trouble finding one I really like.. That would be very helpful! Also, amazing giveaway, so kind of you!

  236. says

    Hi Klaire!

    First off I love your channel :) I think it would be really great if you did reviews on different styles of brushes and their effects (for those of us who aren’t as knowledgeable!) and also some reviews on different brands of foundations and concealers. Thanks!!

  237. says


    I love how creative you are and I love your techniques. Sometimes I would love to know where you get the inspiration from.

    I personal am unsure about what kind of cover up to use. There are different kinds and there are different brands. Certain kinds for a certain look, and some do this and other do that. Which ones do you use or like best? Is there a runner up that is as good but not the same? Would love to hear what you have to say.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway. The colors are beautiful.


  238. Charlotte W says

    I would love to see a review on nail polishes and brushes and maybe hair products :)

  239. says

    I would love to see facepaint review e.g. best application, longest lasting and best vibrant colours. Thank you for the opportunity I love your videos! :)

  240. says

    I would like to see reviews like really hyped up things from both drugstore and high end products but do different categories like skin care, makeup, hair etc. that way you could do sort of a series :)

  241. says

    hello beautiful first of all tell you that I’m Spanish, Andalusia (Seville), I’ve been following your videos a lot of months and I love you’re a good teacher in the art of makeup and art in general, do some videos magnificent I left with the open mouth of Bloo … And changing the subject and finally tell you that I would like to see videos of used products and would return to use, products you like are good especially for combination skin .. Thank you very much for reading and for the draw. Participated .. Heart kisses ..

  242. Emma Clancy says

    I would love to see a review on which drugstore makeup is as good quality as some of the higher end brands aswell as skincare products.

  243. says

    Hello! I’d love to see some foundation and brighter lipstick reviews. Since it’s Spring I normally wear a good foundation and a bright lipstick but I can’t find any good ones this season!

  244. saraleahj says

    I would love it if you could do a skin care review please! i’m considering changing up my routine and i want to find new products!

  245. says

    Hi I love your youtube channel I would love to see you do more tutorials on fantasy or special fx makeup, i love the collabo between you and nikkie!!!!! i would really love to see more!!!! Ha i subbed to you because of that collab and shortly there after you stapled your finger and i thought anyone who can do makeup that good and laugh about stapling their finger is my type of mua!!!

  246. says

    I’m with the people that vote for skin care reviews. I moved across the country to a completely different climate and my skin just can’t adjust, I’m both flaky and breaking out.

  247. says

    hmm.. I think I’d want to see a BB cream review (: That would be amazing :P Especially since you skin looks flawless anyways (:

  248. says

    Hey Klaire i would like it if you would do a anime tutorial for looking lke a anime girl
    or a ullzzang tutorial.
    Would be nice :3

    and sorry for my bad english >.< /)

    Have a nice Day <3

  249. says

    I would love to see a E.L.F review, a video where you talk about your favourite makeup products or a galaxy makeup tutorial.thank you for the giveaway! :)

  250. says

    I like drugstore brand reviews, dupes and such, because so many youtubers do a lot (or only) expensive brands and I think it’s not really necessary to have all expensive make up and also many people can’t afford to have all their make up by expensive brands. I think the best is a mix of both :)

  251. says

    Well, I’d like to see you do other kinds of reviews – like books and movies – but, if it’s strictly make up, maybe affordable make up…

    I’d love to win this, thanks for all your giveaways, Klaire :)

  252. says

    Hello! Some skin care reviews would be greate! But I thought about reviews of some products ( like fondation) that is very good for dry skin or oily skin. I have really dry skin and I didn’t found yet the fondation that does not dry my skin even more ,and this happens even if I apply a moituraising cream.
    ~Love from Romania!~

  253. says

    I’d love to see reviews on not only make up products you like, but books and films and anything else you like and would recommend (or not) to other people! Enter me for the giveaway!

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    I would love to see tutorials on how to apply certain products like nail polish, eye shadow, and how to use pigments. I’d also love to see hauls, tours, collection videos, and your favorite from that month. I think you should give out some of your favorite products.

  255. says

    I would love to watch some foundation and concealer stuff!! I pick up really bad choices and I could you some advice :)

  256. says

    Oh gosh! what should I say…
    Well honestly i would absolutely adore a skin care review mostly because You and I have similar skin tone And I’ve recently have found it hard to find what would not burn my skin, seeing as its on the pale side and every time I watch your videos i cant help but wonder how you get your skin so clean. :) I really look foreward to seeing more of your creations! Good Luck!

  257. says

    Hi dear Klaire, actually I would like to see some reviews on art stuff, maybe like paints, pencils, brushes.. But if more into make up , I would like to see reviews on some cheaper drugstore eyeshadows. :)

  258. says

    Hey Klaire,
    I would like to see reviews of lipsticks. Mostly deep reds and not just professional ones like also drugstore ones. If you could do that it would be awesome!!!! Thnx and really excited about the contest. :)

  259. says

    Hey Klaire! I would really appreciate a review on different BB creams, as I’m not sure which to get or where to get it… Could you review the Garnier BB cream as well as the ones you use? Thank you so much :)

  260. says

    Enter me! ^_^

    Video Ideas:
    *Portfolio Tour of your artwork
    *Empire of the Sun (Emperor)makeup/outfit tutorial
    *Steampunk Outfit/Makeup Tutorial
    *Drugstore nail polish reviews

  261. says

    Ahhhh thank you thank you thank you for the giveaway! I haven’t had a chance to try out Sleek, so I’m super excited and hopefully I’ll win! (:
    I absolutely love your channel and I’d love to see reviews on BB Creams since they’re going to be huge in spring – only problem is that there’re so many, its kind of hard to choose out of loads of products. Thanks so much!

  262. says

    For me it would ne amazing a review of products we can all order or via internte or in shops…I ask it because a lot of products are noa available here in italy and many other in other countryies…it’s difficult but i try to ask :)

  263. says

    Hi Klaire, I would really appreciate a tutorial on skin care, primarily for dry skin. Good moisturiser recommendations and how to get a dewy finish on the skin. I am going to be greedy and ask for a few. Highlighters – best ones to use and how to use them. I always seem to end up like Adam Ant. A foundation tutorial for dry skin would be immense and spring nail trends would also be ace. Demands out of the way…thanks for the opportunity to get some goodies. Get well soon and good luck at Uni.

  264. says

    Hey Klaire!!

    I absolutely love your channel on Youtube and I was hoping maybe you could do a video that gives advice to new make up artists like myself. I currently have my own Youtube channel but plan to make another one dedicated to the art of make up and beauty but am still only a beginner and desperately need advice on what cosmetics are best for getting the look perfect everytime. :)

  265. says

    1- How to Choose a Moisturizer? We all want smooth, glowing, flawless skin. My skin is on the dry side I cant seem to find what I like. I hope I win :)good luck everyone!!!! have a blessed day. Sending warm hugs

  266. Stephanie says

    Maybe a review of your favorite product from one particular brand (ie. Mac, NYX, Urban Decay, etc) Anything you choose I’m sure will be amazing! Thanks for such an amazing giveaway :)

  267. says

    Heyy You seem to have a lot of make up brushes, I think it would be great to have a review of your favourites … or maybe your lenses (I just LOVE colour lenses) by the way thank you for this giveway, I continue hoping of winning one day ^^

  268. says

    Hey Klaire! I’m from the US and have been dying to try sleek products! As for your reviews I would like to see that you remain just as original and creative..maybe show us your personal favorites <3

  269. says

    Makeup removers, specifically Bioderma. It comes in what looks like a big bottle, but the cost is very pricey here. I bought my sirius skin sonic based solely on your review and trust your judgement.

  270. says

    Can you please do an eye liner review… Would also like to see a review on bare minerals make up vs regular or other companie’s make up… Thanks

  271. says

    I would love to see a review on false eyelashes you can purchase from local boots or superdrug because youtube only has american or asian false eyelash review and I dont want to buy eyelashes online:)

  272. says

    I would love to see a review on Barry M. products. I am planning on purchasing a few things but not sure what, and since I live in the states, I want to make sure I get something that’s worth it. Thank you! and thanks for this giveaway! :)

  273. Emily says

    Hi, I have been watching your video’s lately and I wanted a review on which skin products work better?

  274. says

    I would love to see reviews for different eye liner brushes and what types of brushes are best for accomplishig different types of looks. I would also love to see reviews for different brushes/products that have “unusual” uses. Sometime like, “A pencil brush can be used to paint over scratches in your shoe!” or something to that effect. Thanks!

  275. says

    I would love a review of under eye concealers as I ‘ve got seriously dark circles under my eyes and they always seem to overpower my makeup and make it seem… well… tragic! Thanks for one more great giveaway! :-D

  276. says

    I’ll have to wish for reviews on anything nail-related :D I really love nail art :3
    Oh and maybe some skincare product reviews, since I’ve a lot to learn about those .__.

  277. says

    I’d like to see something on skincare.

    I often get trouble with removing eye makeup. Espacially when i did heavy make-up for dancing shows.

    Thanks a lot.

  278. says

    Your favorite foundation primer, eye and make-up remover, and skin care products for those with combination skin. Thanks ahead!

  279. says

    I’m curious as to what your review would be for different nail varnishes. I’m always trying to find better polishes to stay on!

  280. says

    Hey, Klaire! Would love to see your skin care review. WIll be really happy, if I win, cause it’s my birthday today:) Would be a nice present:)

  281. says

    Haii there, Klair<3
    I'd love to see reviews on eyeshadows and foundations.
    What i think you should talk about is consistancy, colour pay off, whether it breaks you out or not, and how well they are at staying on/ resisting certain elements like sweat.

    Thanks, dollface c:

    i love the way you speak, i feel like you should do something with your voice in the future like movie narrations or something;;;

  282. Mikayla says

    I think reviews of all your absolute favorite products, like top eyeshadows, brushes, blushes, ect.

  283. says

    I would like to see a review for people of a more pale skintone, unless it’s already been done in which case best basic black eyeliner would be awesome.

  284. says

    Hi! I’d like to see brush rewievs and skin care rewievs too (sorry for my english, i’m from east Europe, and i learn french:P)

  285. says


    I would really love to see your skin regimen & learn to see how you protect your skin while wearing makeup, how makeup affects your skin, and if your regimen changes with the changing of the seasons. So basically I would love to see a REVIEW of products that you use in your skin care regimen.

    Love your Videos :)

  286. says

    (I’m not sure if it was a glitch or what but after I hit submit it said something about an error, so i just figured I’d redo my comment since I couldn’t find it)

    I’m soooooooooo excited to see reviews from you, and god I hope to get to IMATS next year, either NY or London! :D


  287. says

    Make-up products reviews, when you do your make up in tutorials the products you use looks to have so much pigments and I absolutely love it. It would be fun to have a channel where I could watch what kind of products is worth buying and whose not.
    Thank you for your inspiring and fun work ^-^

  288. says

    I’d love to see a review of good concealers/foundations. Anything that you think’d work well with dry/sensitive skin. :]

  289. says

    i would love to see more
    -skin care reviews
    -home made “cosmetics” reviews
    -brush reviews
    -hair care reviews
    -reviews on websites and stores
    :) x

  290. says

    Hello!! I’d like you to do reviews on skincare routine and different products for oily skin ;)
    Thank you very much!! :D

  291. says

    I would love you to make like fair/light foundations reviews like what brands have a good range of shades and how good is the coverage ect. cuz i’m having trouble finding good ones on youtube :(
    And it would be awesome if you could do like some for good concealers to cover blemishes and what techniques to use for best coverage.
    maybe what colors suits certain skin shades :)


  292. Bethany L says

    I would love to see you do a review of the naked palette or the Nikki Minaj OPI collection. Great giveaway!

  293. Tania says

    Hi! i would like to see reviews on mac staff, because i wanna be a make up artist and i would love to work with mac, so thats why i wanna know more of the products. :D

  294. Katherine says

    I’d love to see some reviews on either foundations or on eyeliner, I have a horrible time finding nice ones!

  295. says

    Hello Klaire!
    You are really good are a great artist! Love your work! :)
    And you also have a very calming voice, which I love :P
    I’d love if you’d do a fragrance video? What parfumes you have and so on :)
    Thanks a lot, have a nice day

  296. says

    I would absolutely love it if you reviewed the more artistic side of you, like your acrylics and your brushes. It would add more depth to your channel, it wouldn’t be just makeup :) hope i win !

  297. says

    I think a lot of people would benefit for a review on concealers for those with dark circles and for blemishes, I know that I would!!

  298. says

    Skin care reviews because you have a flawless skin and I want to know what kind of products would you recommend for different types of skins, what’s your opinion on the ingredients etc. :) Hope you see this.

  299. Jami says

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!
    I would love to see both makeup and skin care reviews!
    So excited for your new videos!
    Have a great day!
    (wow… all those exclamation points… >.<)

  300. Miranda says

    I would love to see you do a review/tutorial on some crazy makeup ideas for prom. Something bright and funky :)

  301. says

    I would love to be entered into your competition :)

    I don’t know how relevant it would be to me as I live in Australia so we don’t get the same brands here but it would be interesting to see how the cheap brushes compare to the more expensive ones. I don’t really buy brushes as they are either really expensive (and only available in the big cities) here or really cheap (and really bad quality).

    I know drugstore brands might not have a website but if you know any good quality (and not too expensive) brushes that are available online for international sale then reviews on them would be great :)

  302. Lucie says

    Hi :)

    I’d really like to see a review on your brushes, because I want to buy some, but I don’t know how to choose them.

    Thank you for the giveaway :D

    Have a nice day !

  303. says

    I would love to win this!! My little baby niece recently took a pencil to all my eyeshadow and dug them all up and mixed them it wasnt a pretty sight haha please and thank you! ooh and i would love to see reviews on anything. Im always on the prowl for new makeup products!


  304. Amber says

    Hey! I’d love to see some nail varnish reviews because I think most of the colours you use are gorgeous and whenever I buy nail polish it always chips even if it’s meant to be long lasting.
    Also brush reviews would be great! My Mum bought me a set with loads of different brushes in for christmas but they don’t really pick up the shadows well. My Prom’s coming up too so I’d love to know of some brushes that are really good and easy to handle because I already decided ages ago to use your eye tutorials :’)
    And I hope you get well soon!

  305. says

    i would really like to see reviews on drugstore foundations.
    and just any foundation that is easier to get to than stuff like mac is.
    i would also really like reviews on face primers.
    im having trouble finding a really good one.
    and the maybelline illegal length mascara. really want a review on that one.

  306. says

    There have been a lot of new drug store gel eye liners out recently. I’d love to see you do a review on those.

  307. says

    I would say review skin care, but I think to review skin care for a youtube channel, it requires various useage of items. And you seem to be the type to stick with one specific type of skin care that works. Which in my opinion is wonderful.

    Personally, I would like to see reviews on bases. Meaning primers, foundations, BB Creams, and Tinted moisturizers. I find that out of all the cosmetic products, foundation is the one thing most women and some men, would feel comfortable going out of the house with, and apply nothing else as long as they have that.

    Apologies if that seems too detailed, but I’d like to give my reason as well as for my view on it.

  308. says

    Hi Klaire!
    I alrady love all you tutorials and reviews, but maybe you could do a little more everyday makeup (eyemakeup).
    Maybe some hairtutorials too? :)
    Love Ida

  309. says

    I’d like to see ways of organizing and of course more makeup makeup tutorials, I have not tried sleek but say it is very good, Greetings¡¡

  310. Elina says

    I would like to have a review of diverse faceproducts. especially foundations because I still don’t got the right one for me :/

  311. says

    Love your video’s :). I’d love to see reviews on alternative brushes or makeup products you can use for your tutorials that are cheaper but similar to the ones you use as I don’t have that much money for makeup but I love it :S x

  312. says

    Brilliant giveaway, as always! As for reviews, I’m not sure. I live in France so I can’t really get Sleek/Elf makeup. But anything would be fine, really. :)

  313. says

    I’d like to see foundation reviews, different finishes, coverage etc.
    Also, lipsticks! Your top 10 lipsticks and reviews, that would be great :)

  314. says

    OMG such a great giveaway! I’m so hoping I’ll win! Thanks for doing all these giveaways for us, Klaire!

    About the review, I’m still on the hunt for the perfect foundation, so I was hoping you could review some of your favorite foundations? :)

  315. Eva says

    Hi!I would love to see skin care products review. Congratulations for your work, the videos are useful and clear :)

  316. says

    for reviews, i would absolutely enjoy seeing nail care goods. as in, products that can get your nails to grow, nail hardeners, etc.
    thank you! c:

  317. says

    Hey Klaire, I absolutely love your work. I always look forward to your video’s. Think i would like some reviews of a fiew drugstoreproducts or just brushreviews.Please keep up the good work!
    Have a happy day!

  318. says

    I would love it if you can do a review on skin care and how to get rid of dark spots. I haven’t seen anything much on that. Thank you, God bless xo ~ Lori

  319. says

    i would love you to do reviews on makeup products you’ve tried high end and low end, also things like lip balms, body lotions etc (all skincare pretty much). you could also do your all time favourite makeup products, and all time favourite drugstore makeup products :D

  320. says

    Could you do reviews of fake eyelashes? And possibly discuss the different ways to put them on? I kinda have an extremely hard time doing so and maybe it’s the way I do it. As I’ve seen people doing it all sort of ways.
    Also on
    -nail polishes
    -matte eyeshadows
    -eyeliner pencils
    -gel eyeliners
    And lastly
    -skin care products, specifically facial masks.

  321. says

    Hi. First of all thank for doing the givaway. Next I would like to see reviews on makeup. Your advice to get the most of makeup without spending loads of money! kiss

  322. says

    I would like to see some ELF products reviews. You use them a lot, and I also bought some, and seems good. For example their STUDIO make-up, that supposed to be like a HD make-up. The flawless foundation and the pigment eyesshadows please!

  323. Klairelover says

    love your videos :) I would like to have a review about soap&glory. this would be so nice :)

  324. says

    your hair and skin always look amazing so can you do reviews on skincare and hair products.. And also can you do more artsy looks like you used to.. My favorites: Colour Burst and the Mother Nature look ! Please.. ohh and enter me into this awesome contest :) Thank you !

  325. says

    if you could would you mind doing a nail review! like products that you use for cuticles, what fingernail polishes that you really like, and how to keep your fingernails/fingernail polish from chipping so easily. Thanks so much for this giveaway!!

  326. says

    Hi! I’d like to see some reviews about good product for sensitive skin!
    Beginning with cleansers, moisturisers to creams and things like that!!
    Thank you!

  327. says

    First of all, hi :)
    I’d like to see reviews on your skincare products. My skin is very oily and sensitive so I’d love to hear what you think is the best products for taking care of my skin because I still haven’t found products that would match my skin.
    Greetings from Croatia :)

  328. says

    Beautiful channel Klaire, you’re so talented :)
    I would love to see some reviews on long lasting products. Which are your favorite long lasting eyeliners, eyeshadows, lipstick etc. It would be really interesting! :)

  329. says

    I would love to see reviews on drugstore makeup of any kind. I usually can only afford low end makeup so any drugstore brands would be great to know what to try!!!

  330. says

    Enter me please, I would love to see make up reviews there are so many brands to choose from. I would love to know details on the quality.

  331. Anita says

    I’d really love it if you did reviews of Japanese and korean cosmetics!! Also, Japanese skincare & makeup such as Hada Labo (skincare), Aqua Moist (skincare), Maquillage(makeup), Majollica Majorca(makeup, known for their lash expander mascara. drugstore type), Shiseido (both), Shu Uemura (both), Canmake(both, drugstore Japanese), and Dollywink (makeup known for eyelashes). Korean skincare (they also have makeup) from Skinfood, Laneige (also sells makeup), and Isa Knox. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me! I’m not a professional, actually i’m quite young, but i do adore Asian skincare & makeup so i know quite a bit from the given brands! Thanks for the giveaway!

  332. says

    I would LOVE to see you review different eye liners, more specifically gel eye liners. I’ve tried a few, but just can’t seem to find one that I like. :)

  333. says

    Hello, wow I feel like I’m talking to the computer, weird, but anyway I would love to see the different ways you can dress according to different music styles, like punk or rap. It would be very interesting to see your take on it. But ya that’s it, have an awesome day or night depending on what time it is, see I got carried away again, wow I’m bad at that, but anyway bye, love your vids :)

  334. says

    Hello :)
    Sooo. I wanted to see a review about cheap skin care products and maybe something about brushes, which I can buy at the internet :)
    My English is bad, I’m sorry :D

    Bye :) Thank you

  335. Rita says

    Hey klaire,
    I would love for you to review face products, that are not to expencive. such as creams, make up remover etc anything for the face. and some foundation and conclear reviews too, because i have very dark eye circles and can never find a good one that is not expencive.

  336. says

    I would love to see more makeup reviews.Also I love your special fx tutorials those product reviews would be great too!Your an amazing artist Thank You for sharing your wonderful videos with all of us

  337. says

    Hello Klaire! I’d love to see reviews on setting powders, HD powders, and some routine skincare products. Thanks so much for the great giveaway & all your amazing videos! I hope you’re feeling much better very soon! =)

  338. says

    I would love to see some mythic makeup looks…fairy,dragon,mermaid inspired maybe? Got a lot of celtic fests coming up and would love too see some of these looks <3 Thank you for this awesome giveaway i got my fingers crossed lol

  339. says

    I would really like you to review the e.l.f. Contour brush as well as the complexion perfection powder. I was thinkong of buyin them but i wuold rewlly like to see how they work before hand! Thaank youu!!! <333

  340. says

    Thanks for the giveaway, I love all kinds of reviews from high end to drug store reviews. If anything when you do a high end review could you try to place a product that is drug store that might be close to the same look for people that can’t afford the expensive stuff. :)

  341. says

    Hi Klair, I think you should do a review on e.l.f. products seeing as you use these products often in your tutorials. Also e.l.f. makeup is fairly cheap so it would be good to know what products are worth or not worth purchasing. I also think a skin care routine review would be worth doing, as you seem to have great skin! :-)

  342. says

    HI i really enjoy all your tutorials and I appreciate the giveaway you are doing for us subies :) The next review i would like to see is foundation for other skin types..

  343. says

    Dear klaire,
    i would love to see skin care product reviews. I have very oily skin and break out easily. I’ve tried many different things but none of them seem to be working. If you could do a review on a product that reduces the oil on your skin i would gladly appreciate it. Thank you and have a wonderful day.
    Sarah Mcwaters

  344. says

    i would love to see your skin care routine in the morning and night that would be soo cool i love your videos and i hope i win <3

  345. says

    I would love to see a tutorial on skincare routines/products for dry & sensitive skin. I really struggle with my skin and can’t really find a routine or products that suit my skin type. Also, Ive not been able to find any useful videos on you tube for this either. Need help and hope you can be the person to do that! :) xx

  346. says


    Klaire I love your style i would like to see more of turning a day look into night or very dramatic bold eye catching eyes ….

  347. Emma Elizabeth says