IMATS London and Haul

Yes you read that right, today is the one day I will make an exception and do a haul video. But first I will be showing you some pictures of IMATS.

Unfortunately I couldn’t go to IMATS ON Sunday because of the snow but I had managed to get most of what I wanted on the Saturday so it wasn’t a total loss.

Before I forget, thanks to all the girls bellow who came over and said hi, it was really great to meet you and absolutely lovely to hear how much you enjoy my videos :)

So here are some pictures of the displays, overall there were some good ones, seeing the Harry potter prosthetics was interesting but overall I felt that last years display was a bit more interesting.

An old Leonardo Di Caprio…I still can’t decide if that’s cool or creepy.

I didn’t end up getting that many pictures in the end which was sad, on the first day I was pretty much rushing around to get everything on my list, my plan being that I would take more photos on the Sunday but the snow put a rather swift end to that theory :/

Either way, I hope you enjoy seeing what I got (quite a bit of it will end up being for you guys ;)


  1. says

    WOW! All those shadows are beautiful!
    Sorry the storm ruined your Sunday, but it looks like you had a lovely time, regardless. :)

  2. says

    Hopefully I’ll be a lucky one sometime…
    You have great prizes Klaire! :)
    I am really liking that bright yellow eye dust from Sleek.

  3. says

    Those are awesome giveaway packages..

    You spoil us to much Klaire ^^
    i’m looking forward to the next giveaway

  4. says

    You’re seriously amazing for doing these giveaways. It’s not like you have to, you do it out of kindness and everything – it’s what I love about your channel! ^_^
    I do have a question, how do you choose the music for your videos? I mean, with all the copyright infringements going on and everything, I’m finding it hard to find music to put with my videos that won’t be blocked in countries and stuff.. ^^;
    Thanks again ^_^

  5. admin says

    @Tiffa I have a few blog posts on that (search “How to be a You Tube Guru”) on this blog post and you should find it :)

  6. says

    Wow here I am :D in the first picture I’m the girl on the left
    It was such a pleasure to know you Klaire, you truly inspire me with all your amazing work! Without a doubt one of the best Youtube Guru’s ^_^

  7. says

    Oh dear. One of these boxes for my 18th birthday (in a month) would be the best present ever! O_O I’ll be using one of your make up tutorials to do my eye make up for my birthday party :)

    I wish I lived closer to London, so I could go to IMATS. The displays look amazing!

    PS.I love your videos Klaire. You’re such a talented and good person. xx

  8. says

    I would like to win because I am an aspiring makeup artist. Trying to use new products and I want to see if Illamasqua is all that great

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