Arabian Dusk

I had a lot of fun with this look mainly because I got to collaborate with one of my favorite You Tube Gurus, Asahi Sasak (channel name SasakiAsahi), she is hands down one of the most talented makeup artist on You Tube!

Some of you might remember her by her old channel which was/is called ManWomanFilm, if you haven’t checked her out please do, I’m sure you’ll love her!

So now for the eye changes…

Grey Eyes

For Grey eyes I’d be tempted to go for more of the redish brown to contrast with the cool tones of the grey.

Green Eyes

Green eyes? Personally I wouldn’t change a thing, I think this looks great with green eyes.

Hazel Eyes

Again, I can’t really recommend any changes for Hazel eyes, I love it just how it is :)

Blue Eyes

The only thing I would really change for blue eyes is the waterline eyeliner, blue and blue just looks a bit boring, one thing you could do is use the purple on the waterline and the blue in the inner corner or, if you’re feeling really daring, go for an orange colour on the waterline.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial :)




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    I was just thinking about her channel the other night! I’m glad you wrote that she has a new channel, because I was wondering what happened to her. I love her tutorials!

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    I’m sure it is a great video (and the make up is really beautiful in the fotos) but here in germany we are not able to watch it because of music rights… *sigh* They’re really strict here…

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    Hey Klaire,

    Could you please reupload that video without music? Unfortunately it is blocked in Germany. I would love to watch it though :(
    Thank you in advance~

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    Hi Klaire,

    I live in Germany too and youtube won’t play your video :’-( Something to do with the music apparently.
    The colours look lovely though!

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    Hey. I already posted on your youtube wall but I really want to make sure you’re aware that your video is disabled in germany. I know two people commented that on here before me ^.^ but yeah, I really would appreciate the effort if you reuploaded with different audio <3