S.O.P.A suporting makeup companies

I’m sure a lot of you have heard of S.O.P.A or P.I.P.A, if you haven’t then I’m sure the video bellow will explain it better than I could.

But this is not going to be just a blog post about S.O.P.A this is going to be a blog post about the many MAKEUP companies supporting then, something which personally infuriates me as they are effectively declaring war on the the bloggers, vloggers, You Tubers and consumers who buy and promote their products.

In enssence what this bill would do if passed is formally declare war on freedom of speech and the internet.

I will be listing all the makeup companies that I know of who are PRO s.o.p.a. and p.i.p.a.

Why am I doing that? I’m doing it in the hopes that people will UNFOLLOW and BOYCOTE these companies

The companies are:

-Estée Lauder Companies

(I’m assuming this includes M.A.C, clinique, and origins as they are owned by Estée Lauder )



So I would like to propose a “bloggers and consumers against S.O.P.A movement”. If you are a blogger or a reader please:

  1. UNFOLLOW the companies mentioned above on Twitter and Facebook and tell them why you are unfollowing.
  2. Write a blog post on this topic and help raise awareness on this topic (also name-and-shame) the companies mentioned)
  3. Boycotte the brands. Don’t blog about them (except to shame them) and don’t buy their products.
  4. Finally sign the petition linked bellow and help stop these acts going through

Click to sign the petition!

To see the full list go here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/76607770/Updated-SOPA-Supporters


  1. says

    Thank for posting this. Dana LaJeunesse posted a link to your Blog on FB, and I quickly clicked. I am dismayed to see that L’oreal, the owner of Lancome is participating in this shameful bill. I have promoted both Lancome and L’oreal on my channel for a long time now, I have used both companies’ products for years and now find that I will have to stop using them as I cannot in all good consciousness, support anyone who would support any form of government interference in our liberties!

  2. says

    Thanks for this!

    I must say it will, unfortunately, be really hard for most people to adhere to their decision if they decide to boycott them – those few companies have almost complete monopoly over the makeup/cosmetics market.

  3. Paige says

    Thank you for posting this! I already signed the petitions and emailed my rep and senators but I’ll definitely join in on this boycott!

  4. NS says

    I never thought about linking SOPA/PIPA to makeup, but thanks for bringing it to our attention. Not using these company’s products anyway due to animal testing, but now I have another reason not to!

  5. says

    In Spain is a similar law going on here, it’s called Sinde Law. Its about copyrights. It was very followed in the world of music. Like the music you listen in a beauty saloon. The radio that is turned on in a public space or shop…
    There was also a following of this law between some websites were they shared megaupload videos, like “seriesyonkis” and that kind of stuff…
    I understand a musician who wants to be paid for the album he sells but the little money he gets is not because of piracy, is because the goverment get a high percent of the selling.
    This kind of laws don’t make any sense…

  6. says

    You would think that with all the beauty bloggers and vlogers that give free promotion and help their sales by word of mouth they would be opposed to this bill. This bill effects us the consumer which will in turn effect them. Defiantly thinking twice before I give these companies my support.

  7. says

    Yessss! Thank you so much, Klaire, for raising awareness about this issue. Just last night, I made my own blog post about SOPA/PIPA. No joke. It really makes me so happy to see you agree on boycotting and keeping these bills from passing. It really affects all of us. So thank you! <3

  8. says

    The whole thing is ridiculous. I keep hearing stuff about it, but only today did I see a video explaining it properly. I don’t know much about the internet except for what I use, so knowing now what this means is really helpful.

    I really hope these companies get some sense in them soon. I’m not going to stop using what I’ve already bought, but it’s a shame that they’ve gotten involved. I love products from some of the brands you’ve mentioned. My cousin works quite high up in the hair department for one of them.

    Of course, if this bill gets passed, they could potentially sue you just for mentioning the companies’ names in your blog. We live in crazy times…

  9. says

    You forgot to mention Coty Inc in big bold letters. They make up a huge portion of the fragrance markets, and make some of the most popular fragrance brands : Adidas, Astor, Baby Phat, Beyonce, Calvin Klein, Jennifer Lopez, Esprit, Kenneth Cole, Sarah Jessica Parker, etc.

    They also own cosmetics companies Rimmel, and Sally Hanson.

  10. says

    This “law” or whatever it is supposed to be is insane, dictatorial, misplaced – and it has nothing to do with democracy and human rights at all.

    As I live in the Czech Republic in the Central Europe, I could simply ignore the SOPA/PIPA act as most of our citizens do. But I won’t. Because I really dislike the idea that one country wants to rule them all, one country to bind them…

    Sorry, wrong story – still, somehow applicable, yes?

    Basically if SOPA passes, it means that one country agreed with itself that it now has judiciary power over citizens of other countries in other countries without any need to go through proper judiciary channels of that other country itself.

    Means if I, Czech citizen sitting in my Czech home, do something that violates SOPA, it won’t be Czech policemen that knock on my door – but metaphorical American ones that would knock down my server. That’s how it is written now. Not that I am going to be some kind of virtual Barbossa or Blackbeard, but I would still prefer the Czech guys coming and giving me an envelope, where would be a paper “You’ve fraked up, girl, the US-company is slapping you with a law-suit AND we’re investigating you ourselves”.

    And what’s that bit about national security and stuff there? It is no stopping online piracy – it’s a friggin’ intelligence, national security and anti-espionage matter. Online piracy my ar…gument!

    Okay, pardon my rant. I will go and breathe deeply in the corner – but the idea of cosmetic companies endorsing this was the last drop, really.

  11. says

    Wow this is kinda ridiculous. The makeup blogging section is so promoting for brands like these. People actually buy their products because of them blogging, now they don’t want them blogging because of piracy? Where are they going to get their money from then?

  12. says

    Thank you for posting this. I feel very strongly against Internet Censorship. I know that SOPA and PIPA have been postponed, but it’s not over. I stand firmly against all of these organizations that support SOPA. I know they’ll try to sneak the bill out again, either by the same name with slight edits or with a totally different name. Regardless, down with L’oreal, Revlon and all Estee Lauder brands. I’ve already placed a ban for myself.

  13. says

    Has anybody posted this on the Estee Lauder/Revlon/L’oreal FB pages? i’m sure a lot of people who are fans of these makeup brands wouldn’t be aware that these brands are supporting SOPA. Please everybody post on the brands’ FB pages so the rest of the fans can decide whether they still want to support these brands or not. A lot of people are ignorant to what they are actually supporting. If more people are aware of it, then more people will boycott the brands. Let’s all post on their FB pages and ask them questions about this. If enough people revolt against this, they will listen.

  14. says

    Damn Revlon. You owe the massive success of your new lip butters to the YouTube and blogger community. Supporting these bills is just a slap in the face to all of the people who promote your products without any compensation

  15. says

    Ugghh. This enrages me. When I heard about it, I went on a FB rampage and told anyone and everyone who would listen. I’m surprised not many makeup gurus have posted any videos addressing this?? Shouldn’t they be fighting for their right? I feel terrible about all of this and it’s a shame that the government feels like they need their hands in ALL of our business. -____- They need to back off and stop trying to censor everything. Censoring creativity? Come on now, that’s a little ridiculous.

  16. says

    J, I posted it on their facebook pages so all of their fans can see what they’re supporting. Let’s see if they censor that too!! Hah. I’ll update if they remove it.