Acid Leopard

I got the idea for this look after going through my Sleek pallets and saw the acid pallet.

I hadn’t really done anything with it since I did my Tron inspired look so I decided to do a leopard inspired look using the lovely neon colours in the acid pallet.

How would this look on my my eyes?

Because of the crazy colour combination this look is more whether you think you’re daring enough to sport it rather than if it matches your eyes.

Blue Eyes

If you’re not too keen on the whole look there are a few ways you can tone it down a bit while still being daring.

Green Eyes

The black eyeliner on the lower lid, you can just skip that step completely if you feel it’s a little to “emo” looking.

Hazel Eyes

The bright neon colours? Well you could just keep those on the lid and less winged out to keep it more subtle, just make sure you blend the edges out thoroughly if you do.

I hope you like the tutorial :)



  1. says

    Hi, please enter me :) Currently I use as a make up remover a product from Russia with green tea aroma, the brand is “La Natura” and I don’t think it is very popular. (I’m from the Baltics so we really do have unusual things around here.)

  2. Elena says

    Oops wrong post :D For this post I’d say that it’s a great idea – I have blue eyes and normally wouldn’t wear acid colours from my palette. Now I think I just might ;)