Christmas Makeup 2011

Before I start this blog post I would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has been following this blog because today I hit 1000 blog followers! :D Anyway…I digress.

Something I’m going to start doing is  a blog post for every look that I do which shows how the makeup would look on different eye colours as it’s something I am constantly getting comments about.

I will be doing this for ALL of my upcoming tutorials, this way you guys can match the makeup to your eyes :)

Ugh talk about the perfect eyes for Christmas!

If you’re not too comfortable with such a daring contrast you can use more of a purply brown instead in the outer corner.

Grey eyes, lol, I bet those of you who have grey eyes though I’d forgotten about you :)

If you feel that the red overpowers your eye color too much then use more of a coral colour rather than a red on the outer corner, this should still give a beautiful contrast but without being so overpowering :)

And blue eyes…ugh the colour of my dad’s eyes!

Again like green the contrast is stunning but more so because of the clash of warm and cool colours. If you’re not daring enough to brave red/pinkish eyeshadow go with more of a coral or dark brown shade.

And lastly for those of you with eyes which are a much lighter brown than mine with more of a green/yellow tinge this is how the makeup would look on your eyes.

Hope you enjoy/d the tutorial :)



  1. Edyta Kuzma says

    You’re so beautiful.

    Q: Do you need to have a blog yourself if you want to follow people on here?


  2. says

    Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t “follow” you until now! I just noticed the actual button for that, but my Google Reader has been getting your posts ever since you started this website. Silly me!

    Anyway, I love this makeup look, I will most definitively try it, and I’m really looking forward to your new videos! I even have YouTube e-mail me every time you upload one, and I did that only for yours and Lisa Eldridge’s videos :)

    I hope you’ll have wonderful holidays!

    <3 <3 <3

  3. says

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